Some of these are standard abbreviations used on the web.  Others are ones that we use amongst ourselves only or that began with the greater TBAA fandom.  Regardless of their origins, we're including them all here.  Mostly for the benefit of any newbies. 
If you have anything to add, please notify me,

AN- "Author's note."  This often pops up in Dyeland emails to designate when someone slips outta character and says something as their real selves.  It could also be an explanatory note before or after a story.

"Beauty and the Beast."  The CBS series starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.  Many of us were/are quite fond of it.  Occasionally the abbreviation will be used to denote any incarnation of the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast."

BTW- "By the way"

IMO- "In my opinion."  Sometimes it's IMHO to mean "in my humble opinion."

LB- Lady Beth from Dyeland.

LJA- Lady JenniAnn from Dyeland.  Andrew also abbreviates it to Laja. 

ML- "Moonlight."  A show CBS foolishly canceled after its first season.  Some of us JABBers were fans.

OMG- "Oh my God/Oh my gosh"

QOTD- "Quote of the day."  I send these nearly every week day.  They come from a calendar TBAA released some years ago.

ToD- "Tour of Duty."  A series about Vietnam that aired on CBS in the late eighties to early 90s.  John Dye appeared in the third season as Doc Hock.

TPTB- "The powers that be."  Often used to mean people in charge of a corporation or TV show.

WGSE- "Worst guest star ever."  Because I don't like referring to the actor who played "Zack" in the finale due to some of his behavior in real life.  So this acronym makes that a lil easier.

***Please note that we often refer to TBAA episodes by abbreviations.  Because it would take a long time.  I'm not listing them all here but typically they're just the acronyms.  For example, TVL is "The Violin Lesson," TDDUP is "Til Death Do Us Part,"  etc.

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