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Through out JABB's run there has been material that was left out of the newsletters for various reasons.  However, that's not to say a considerable amount of time wasn't spent writing those "rejects."  Seemed a shame to just delete them or leave them on a neglected diskette or CD-R somewhere.  In addition, I wanted a place where I could talk about the inspiration and history behind various JABB newsletters.  So I created "The Author's Cut and Commentary." 

Since the creation of "The Author's Cut" there's also been an increase in non-newsletter Dyeland stories and other content being written.  These are works that were never intended to be part of a newsletter but instead written by myself or a fellow JABBer just cause we wanted to!  Those have found a home here, too.

I've been maintaining this area for several years now so it's broken into parts based on the year written.  Please follow the links below to navigate through this section of the site.  Enjoy (or not)! 

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The Author's Cut Part One
(February 2000 to August 2001)

The Author's Cut Part Two
(December 2001 to August 2005)

The Author's Cut Part Three
(October 2005 to July 2007)

The Author's Cut Part Four
(December 2007 to
November 2008)

The Author's Cut Part Five
(November 2008 to February 2011)

The Author's Cut Part Six
(March 2011 to May 2015)

The Author's Cut Part Seven
(May 2015 to Current)

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