With 150+ newsletters, you're bound to end up with *a lot* of rejects.  Especially when one of your authors is overly dramatic and overly emotional.  So here's renegade angels, teary good byes, and who knows what else.  This time my comments are not only in italics but also green.  (Except in the cases where there were huge blocks of just my comments, then I nixed the italics for easier reading.)  Just to make it that much easier for those of you reading this.  Which, by the way, if you are reading this I'm touched.  How devoted are you!?  Wow!!  Enjoy!  :-)

God bless,


Sometime Post JABB 74- Why Jenni Shouldn't be Allowed to Watch "Beauty and the Beast"

JABB 81 or Around There- When Caffeine Attacks ~ JABB 91- Cancellation Ending ~ JABB 104- Christmas Carol Take Two

JABB 108 or Thereabouts- TBAA's Pending Finale ~ JABB 106- Jenni's Letter to Andrew ~ JABB 122- Halloween mishap

JABB 154- Andrew and Jenni Watch the "HOTB" Trailer... Alone ~ JABB 154- Jenni Hulks Out... Apparently

Thoughts on JABB 163 aka "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" ~  Thoughts on JABB 166 Option 2 ("Poor Mrs. Manion...")

JABB 167- On the Deck of "Titanic" ~ Thoughts on JABB 169

Sometime Post JABB 74- Why Jenni Shouldn't be Allowed to Watch "Beauty and the Beast"

Reading this I'm not sure why I even have it.  It makes no mention of John Dye or Andrew!  I kinda suspect this was never supposed to be an actual newsletter.  Perhaps just something posted onto the Dyeland Map to explain how people get around Dyeland and between Dyeland and the world.  Regardless, there's so many story flaws in it now it can only go here!   (Comments from 1-3-05)

"Okay, I know I put it in one of those boxes over..... there!"   Jenni excitedly pointed to a stack of boxes at least 4 feet high in the attic of Dyeland Castle. 

"You're going to have me help you look through all those boxes, just for some old book?"   Audrey asked with a hint of annoyance. 

"Aww, come on!   It's always fun to look through old boxes.   Besides, it's not just 'some old book', it's an old scrapbook.   I can't even remember why I would have packed it away." 

"Well, it's nearly five all ready.   If we want to get through all those boxes and get to sleep at a decent hour we better get going."   Audrey pressed. 

The two women walked towards the boxes and began to sort through their contents.  An hour went by with little conversation except the usual "I can't believe we actually kept this piece of junk." or "Hey, I remember this!"   Suddenly, Jenni let out a cooing sort of "Awww..."    

"What is it?"   Audrey asked as she looked over at what appeared to be an unremarkable chunk of brick. 

"It's from when I first met Vincent.   It's from the first tunnel I ever stepped into.  I remember it like it was yesterday..."   (The authors would like to kindly suggest that you imagine the following scene in either black and white, with a rather misty appearance, or in your favorite "This is a flashback" camera technique.) 

Here's why I think this was never supposed to be a real newsletter.  I mean I realize I wrote way too much about Vincent at points but this...  This is really long!  For all I know, I coulda just been writing this for my own amusement. 
Jenni walked slowly around her favorite place in her home town.   It was an old part of the city, it still had many old buildings, and was set up with all sorts of twists and turns.   It was a good place to get lost in.  (The Old Market.  If any of you ever visit, you *must* go there!)

"I hate high school!   If I could get home-schooled you'd better believe I'd do that in a second!"   Jenni mused to herself.   "Or... live underground like on 'Beauty and the Beast'.   That'd be cool.   Just nice people no stress, just peace and quiet.   Lucky TV people..."     (Actual thoughts I had frosh year of high school.  I seriously had dreams that Vincent would turn out to be some relation and I could go live with his clan and never go to formal school again!  Obviously I improved my opinion of my high school but sure am glad now to be finished with it and college!)

Jenni continued to walk about aimlessly when something caught her eye.   It looked to be a inconspicuous tunnel but the darkness inside it almost seemed to be shimmering and spiralling.   She walked a little bit closer, then closer still, until she finally, shyly reached out towards the entrance.   She jumped back, shocked, when she realized the hand that she had stuck into the tunnel had disappeared.   She picked up a brick and threw it into the portal.   It disappeared!   She glanced nervously around, gulped, and jumped into the tunnel.  (Way to travel #1- Going through magic door to other place.  This is the means by which Dyeland was supposedly found.  Think the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia.)

Once inside she started to look around.   She became aware of movement in her pereferial vision but her eyes still hadn't adjusted to the dark.  

"Hello?" a soft male voice said. 

"Umm, yeah.   Hi I umm.   Not sure what umm...   Weird."   came Jenni's mumbled reply.  She suddenly remember the small flashlight she had clipped to her purse.   She turned it on and shone it towards where the voice had emerged.    

"Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   Jenni shrieked when she got a good view of the other person in the tunnel. 

"I'm sorry, my appearance.   It must be quite a shock.   I'll be leaving."    

"No!   Oh my gosh!   This is crazy.   See, okay you belong on TV.   I must have gone crazy.   Maybe I'm asleep!   That's it!"   Jenni then began furiously hitting herself in hopes of awaking.   When that failed she continued to babble.   "Oh my... then I guess I've finally lost it.   But... I feel fine!   Unless... oh my gosh!   You've gone insane!   You've completely cracked!   I've heard of this.   Actors play these roles and they get too emotionally involved and then they start to believe they *are* the character.   Poor man.   Mr. Perlman, I really must insist you stay here, sit down, and I'm going to get help.   Do you have family I can call?   A therapist maybe?"   Jenni suddenly looked very concerned for the man in the tunnel.  (Why I felt I'd be able to keep my sanity enough to try and deal with a crazed man my father's age is beyond me now.  I woulda flipped in real life.)

"No, my name is Vin..."  

"No!   Your name is Ron!   You're an actor and I have no idea how you ended up in Nebraska (although I guess if Kevin Costner can come, so can you!) but I'm getting you help.   Good gosh, the show ended nearly 8 years ago, Sir!"

"The show?   It was based on me but..."   he suddenly stopped, feeling any explanation would not be understood by the frantic girl.   "I'm afraid you must have me confused with someone else, miss.   I'd really better go."   With that the man turned around, shaking his head confusedly. 

"Absolutely not!   Don't you have children to support?"   Jenni started after the retreating figure and managed to grasp a clump of hair.   (I do like that I took time out of my mini-breakdown to remember the children.  LOL.)  She gave it a sudden pull. 

Surprised and in slight pain, the man let out an alarmed growl. 

"Okay, ummm, see...   You shouldn't be able to do that because... umm... they add that in during post-production.   And how in the world did you get that wig on anyway?   It really should have come off when I pulled it."   Jenni suddenly began to feel slightly dizzy. 

"It's not a wig." the man answered. 

"Then you're... real."   Jenni began to sway around in various directions.  The man reached for her shoulder to steady her.   Then he jumped back when she started laughing maniacly.   "You're real!!!!   Oh my gosh!   This is awesome.   Okay, so what do you think about Othello?   Or...   Guenever!   Or Mr. Rochester!" 

With a bemused look, Vincent pondered how exactly this girl's mind must work.    

Beyond the obvious fact that there's absolutely no good reason to include a scene of that length that doesn't in any way involve John Dye or Andrew... it just doesn't make sense in light of stuff from later newsletters.  Namely, that Vincent is Jenni's cousin by marriage and also her godfather.  Also, I'm pretty sure we've always just kinda pretended the show BatB never existed.  Of course, I do think I contradicted myself a lot on when they met.  Count it as my Monica and Andrew first meeting continuity issue.  :-)  Whatever I was trying to do I was not content to stop there...

(You may now resume normal imagining). 

"You pulled his hair!   I can't believe that!"   Audrey said laughing. 

"Even worse, you see this brick?" 


"It's the one I threw.   Just missed his head by an inch or two."   Jenni explained blushing slightly. 

"Priceless.   You've spent so much time defending Vincent from the likes of Kiwi and it turns out he had you to be most afraid of!   It's a wonder he didn't scream and call *you* crazy when you met." 

"Yeah, well, it's not as if you're all grace and poise when you meet people unexpectedly, either!"   Jenni responded with a smile. 

"I resent that!"    

"You resemble that...   I remember when we met face to face..." 

(You know the drill.) 

A teenaged girl sits in front of her computer late one night typing.   The following words appear on screen. 

Ferdo0204:   Liar! 

SERAPH***:   I swear to you!   I can sometime find ways to get places with out planes or anything.   I ended up in New York once when just a second earlier I'd been in Nebraska.   I met a really good friend there, too. (Way to travel #2- Willing yourself to any location as long as you know it's whereabouts.)

Ferdo0204:   Fine then, prove it!   You have my address.   I'll give you five minutes to get here!   LOL 

SERAPH***:   I'll try. 

SERAPH*** has signed off. 

"I should have listened when people said there were tons of crazy people online.   The girl thinks she can 'beam' herself places or something!   I can't believe I'm writing that newsletter with an honest to goodness crazy."   Audrey mumbled to herself as she glanced at the clock.   "Only four minutes left, Jenni!" she said to the empty room.  

Amused, Audrey sat staring at her computer, waiting for a defeated Jenni to resurface online. 

"Hmm... nice place you got here!" a voice suddenly spoke. 

Audrey noticed a figure reflected in her computer screen and her eyes started to get bigger out of disbelief.   Slowly she spun around in her chair to face the girl she'd been speaking to only moments before. 

"Hi there, Aud.   So, pretty convenient, don't you think?"   Jenni asked. 

"Haha.   Very funny.   Who are you and how do you know Jenni?   And who let you in the house anyway?"    

"Audrey, I'm not joking.   It's me." 

"Fine, umm... if you're Jenni then you should be able to tell me... what does JABB stand for?" 

"Aud, come on.   That's easy.   John/ Andrew Bucket Brigade." 

"Fine, too easy.   Umm...   Fine, then.   How did you get here?" 

"I don't know actually."

And neither do I.  Dyeland is pretend.  I see no reason to make up a reason why we can just sorta travel about as we like.  Fantasy, people!  Later a third way to travel was alluded to: being sent there assumedly by God.  So in a couple newsletters we'll have people suddenly appear, confused to find themselves other than where they just were.  Anyhow, that story was an exceptionally long way to discuss fictional magical travel!

JABB 81 or Around There- When Caffeine Attacks

What can I say?  Clearly I'd had one too many lattes or cappuccinos or what have ye.  Here was my way of working it out.  (Comments from 1-3-05)

The holidays are over and things have quieted down in Dyeland but it can't last long!  Vincent's still at his home in New York leaving Jenni to her own devices. Several other Dyelanders are hopped up on left-over Christmas chocolate and Monica's made one too many trips to the Café.   In short, with out parental (or pseudo-parental) guidance and under the influence of caffeine, Dyelanders are about to go crazy.   As such, we present... 
Top Ten Crazy Things to Do in Dyeland when Your Guardian is Away and/or You've Had Loads of Caffeine 

10.   Invite Andrew for a quiet, relaxing walk in Mystical Mountains.   Make your way towards its border with the Forbidden Forest.   Run over the border about 10 feet and enjoy the ever-so-adorable panicked look Andrew gets as you enter the danger zone 

9.   Take over the Planetarium and instead of projecting constellations, project your favorite pictures of the AOD. 

8.   Hang out on Adam's island and make friends with the turkeys. 

7.   Form a mob (a friendly one, of course), track down Ms. Williamson, and demand that she send Andrew to jail.  (I just plain don't think I'll ever get over the fact that that episode never happened.  Sometimes I think I should have "Still waiting for Andrew's murder trial..." on my grave when I die.  But then people would probly think some guy named Andrew murdered me and had got off.  And that's just not quite the hilarity intended.)

6.   Steal a bumper car from Laughingly and drive it through Dyeland all the while screaming "Johnny Angel" at the top of your lungs.   (We request that you refrain from bumping into people and animals). 

5.   Have a massive water gun war in the newly constructed tunnels beneath the city.   (Please refrain from using Windex in place of water as one high-ranking JABB official did in the past). 

I was just about to type out that that last one must have been Audrey but then I remembered that, yes.... yes my cousins and I had one time had a fight with a Windex bottle.  And I believe a can of air freshener was also involved.  This was the same night we spent an excessive amount of time putting large marshmallows in the microwave and seeing how big they'd get before they popped.  Sigh...  good times.  :-)

JABB 91- Cancellation Ending

Okay, as we started #91 we were unsure about whether TBAA would be picked up for a 9th season or not.  And we apparently knew we'd be pressed for time when the actual announcement was made.  So we wrote two endings.  Fortunately, we ended up getting to use the one that had a 9th season.  Had TBAA been cancelled after season 8 here's what people would have got in their mailboxes:  (Comments from 1-3-05)

(A sizeable group has gathered around Andrew and laugh as he tells about some of his assignments and for some they cry.)

Andrew:  Now, what's been going on here?

Jenni:  Ooh!  Audrey found a leprechaun!  Well, actually I heard him first but she saw him... but then he disappeared. 

Andrew:  (laughing)  A leprechaun?  Really and did he grant you three wishes?

Audrey:  Uh no...  That's genies but...  Actually the less said about the leprachaun the better.  We can save that story for tomorrow.  Now let's concentrate on happy things.  Oh, Matt came home.  (Audrey motions towards Matt and his family as Jenni once again turns red.  Audrey gets a devilish look.)  You actually missed his grand entrance, Jenni turned a lovely shade. 

(Andrew laughs and Matt approaches the group.)

Matt:  Yes, I'm afraid I unwittingly stole your hug, sir.

Andrew:  Please, just Andrew.  I don't believe we've met.

Matt:  No, I moved away before you all came here.  It's greatly improved.  I'm dying to know what's taken place since I left.  So much has changed... but for the better I think.

Andrew:  Well, where to start?  Kidnappings, witness protection programs, elections, brainwashing...  (laughs)  We may be here all night.

Jenni:  Fine by me...  I don't think I could sleep from the excitement.  A whole month since you were here and now... you're back!

Andrew:  Okay, then who should tell our story?

Audrey:  You tell it best.

Andrew:  Eight years ago there was this TV show...

Okay that was all in the 91 everyone saw.  Here's what people didn't.


(The sunlight begins to peek through the curtains of the ballroom.  The crowd, though somewhat dwindled, still looks at Andrew as he finishes the story).

Andrew:  Finally the show had ended.  There were tears but everyone knew that those eight years had made them better.  They had become friends, they had grown, and they would never be the same.  Sometimes they would hear a dove coo and they would think of Monica or Tess or Andrew.  (Obviously am very glad we weren't made to use this but I did like that sentence.  Cause I do think of them everytime I hear a dove coo.  But I'm not gonna get weepy about good byes.  There's plenty of that later as you'll see.)  They'd think of the angels and think of the One who sent them.  They knew the show had ended, the actors had moved on, and the TV was no longer on every Saturday night.  But some things never change.  They still had their friends with whom they could reminisce or to whom they could bring their problems.  (I'm writing this commentary now in January 2005, over two years after this story was first written.  And I just gotta say how true these words have proved to be.  I still have so many friends that I can count on and hope now I'm always eager to help them out.  Truly a blessing.)  And in this place, Dyeland, which they had built with dreams and wishes they still saw their angels.  When they got lonely or scared or even when they just got very quiet, they would remember and hear "God loves you."

And there it was.  One year later we wrote a real good bye to TBAA in JABB 110.

JABB 104- Christmas Carol Take Two

Okay I could say we rejected this because we'd all ready parodied Mr. Dickens but considering we did it again in JABBs 126 and 127, that obviously was not the reason.  So let's take a look shall we?  (Comments from 1-3-05)

4 Months Earlier

(Apparently meaning 4 months before December 2002 which was when this was going to be sent)

       The Roseate Theatre in Dyeland had long been built, cleaned, and furnished.  The Theatre had been Jenni's pet project and she regretted that, except for a few small productions, it had hardly been used.  With Audrey's help she hoped to see this changed.  The time was perfect to begin planning a Christmas production of some sort.  However, as the two princesses sat in an office in mid-August planning the play they immediately ran into problems.

"Figures, the one year we really need an actor is the year John can't come for Christmas at all.  Not that I blame him."  Jenni said dejectedly as she hung up the phone.

Clearly this is quite old as we seldom refer to John in a way that suggests we know him anymore.  Cause we don't!  Granted, we don't know Andrew either but I think we can be allowed some creative license.  :-) 

"Yes, his schedule is always so busy and it's not as if he can just tell people he needs some free time.  'Excuse, but could I possibly get some time off to star in a production in a magical land that bears my name?'  I think not."  Audrey laughed to herself at the confusion such a request would make.

I did like that line.  Haha. 

"Well... surely we can get someone else to star..."  Jenni began going through a mental list of the men who lived in Dyeland.  (A very short list I might add.  I believe it's something like 6 total).  Suddenly, her thought process was interrupted by a knock on the door and Andrew walked in.

"Hey!  Great news!  I just found out I'm supposed to hang out here off and on for a few months."  Andrew smiled. 

Audrey and Jenni glanced at each other and started grinning.  Andrew was scared, very scared.

December 20th

After months of planning, the Christmas play was about to begin.  Everyone was quite proud of it.  They'd been able to write it, make sets, sew costumes, and memorize it all with in four short months.  Granted, while writing it they had borrow considerably from another story.  The directors whispered a prayer as the curtain rose and story began...

And here's what doesn't work.  Okay Andrew's supposed to be playing Eben but other than that this has zero connection to TBAA or any of John's work!  I mean you take out the section above and it doesn't even look like a JABB newsletter.  Just a story!  Nonetheless...


Eben hurried into his house Christmas Eve.  He'd grudgingly let the poor sap of a human that worked with him go home early.  Sometimes he wondered why God had sent him on assignment here on earth, and for such a long period of time.  He had done very well in heaven.  Some said he was the most organized angel in all of creation.  Even Charley (Ha!  Rhymes with Marley and Eben is taken from Ebenerzer.  As in Scrooge!  Am I talented or what?!?  Sheesh...), his boss, could not hold a candle to his abilities to keep track of the humans.  All had been well in his department.  Yet... things had begun to change towards the end.  As time went by instead of putting away the files, Charley and Eben had begun reading them.  At first they did so with pity but gradually it turned to disgust as they read all the misdeeds.  Finally, there came the fateful day that Charley, with out the blessing of God, descended onto Earth to "teach these humans a thing or two".  Eben had thought it a fine idea but had decided to stay in Heaven to read a few more files and decide what unsuspecting humans would fall victim to he and Charley's next visitation.  But there was no next visitation... word came later that Charley had fallen.  And Eben was sent to earth in the form of a human and had remained so for twenty years. 

Eben entered the house and prepared himself a simple meal in front of the fire place.  He was just about asleep (weariness being one of the worst parts of being human, he thought) when his entire room was filled with a red glow.  Startled, Eben looked around him and finally his eyes met those of the long-fallen Charley.

"Charley!  What brings you here?  How good to see you!"  Eben rejoiced at seeing his friend.

"Whether it is good or not remains to be seen."  Charley answered as he hovered near Eben.  "For twenty long years I have suffered my punishment."

"Punishment?  But did you not choose to go to the other side?"  Eben asked.

"Yes, it is a punishment of my own choosing and a punishment that day by day you come closer to choosing.  For you there is still time.  Time to make peace with humans and with God."  (This is all ready stupid but I can't fault my theology.  This story says a lot about what I personally believe but that raises the question... what's my belief system doing in a joke newsletter?!)

"Really, I've been thinking about that but don't you think it's all kind of ridiculous.  I mean... what kind of Supreme Being takes so much care about so wretched a group.  I can't say that I haven't ever wondered if maybe you were ri..."

"Silence!" Charley interrupted, "You will say something which you will regret.  This night three spirits will visit you."

"Spirits?!  Please tell me you mean angels.  Why not just say angels, much less frightening." 

"I do not mean angels, at least not like you have known.  The first will arrive at midnight.  Good bye Eben, choose wisely."  With those words Charley and the red light dissapated.


Eben had stayed up, startled by his encounter with Charley but finally exhaustion triumphed and he fell asleep.  But at midnight he was awoken as his entire bedroom was permeated by the whitest light. 

"Are you the spirit fortold by Charley?"  Eben asked as his sheilded his eyes until he could adjust to the light.

"I am" said the spirit.

"And what are you spirit?"

"I am the guardian of the Past, but tonight we are concerned only with Christmas." 

Eben finally took his hand away from his eye and was finally able to discern a young girl dressed all in white.  She seemed to be dressed in a mix of all those styles that had once been favorable through the past 2000 years.  "Take my hand" she said as she walked toward the window.

"But I can no longer fly, I am human now." 

"Take my hand" the spirit said again.

Eben was surprised at the force of the words and did so.  Before he knew it he was standing in a shelter for the homeless.  He knew it at once.  It had been here God had sent him when he'd first become human, the day after Charley had fallen.  Eben gasped as he saw himself, twenty years younger smirking in a corner.

"You had thought you had been sent there on assignment, did you not?" 

"I did, I never would have guessed God would have made

And there I was apparently distracted and never did return to it.  Anyhow, so Eben fell to earth and was rendered homeless.  You would think he'd be humbled, have sympathy for the human condition, etc.  But no.  Because Eben is inexplicably a bad angel.  So he gets through that phase, somehow gets his own business, is cruel, etc.  But of course eventually sees the light.  Yay Eben and what a waste of time.  LOL  The story never went any where and I think JABB 104 is a vast improvement.  However, the name Eben did resurface on the JABB YahooGroup as our resident villain/demon. 

JABB 108 or Thereabouts- TBAA's Pending Finale

Here's me.  In case you can't tell most of these rejects are solely my own since if Audrey or my other two co-presidents ever wrote ridiculous stuff, I never saw it.  Again this one's really short.  I think as time went by I got better at telling what was a dead idea before I wrote and wrote and wrote...  (Comments from 1-5-05)

Hi all,
Welcome to the second to the last pre-TBAA finale issue.   Does that make sense?  We're not even sure what that means.  Well, there's only this and another issue before TBAA goes off the air.  That doesn't mean JABB will immediately disappear.  Our anniversary isn't until July and, by gosh, we're going to celebrate that anniversary.  (Here's where I actually believe I'm going to be able to cut the cord to JABB in July 2003.  LOL!  What a laugh!  Guess who is still here in January 2005!!  Seriously, glad to be here.  I mean who would want to miss out on all this "Heart of the Beholder" fun!?)   But more on that later.  I'd like to announce that after TBAA goes off the air, as a way to cope, we will be having an election to elect a president of Dyeland.  Andrew is, of course, running for re-election but we also have some other candidates.  (For the record, Andrew did win.  But currently Dyeland has no president since he stepped down after Eben started a mud-slinging campaign against him.  Plus did we really need a president?  Who knows, if we get really bored we can always hold another election.)  Again, more on that later, but we just wanted to give people some notice.  Now, onto the issue!

Hi, this is Jenni and I'll be the first to admit TBAA's impending departure was a shock to me.  So... I may have done some kinda bizarre things.  I just really want to continue to see Andrew on television, so I wrote to the producers of some current TV shows with the following ideas.  (Please know I didn't truly.  While I adored Andrew, I fully appreciate John's desire to take on other roles.  But that doesn't mean I don't wish for a reunion movie.  :-)
1. Dear VIPs at "E.R.",
I have watched your show for years.  It is really good.  Well, it was really good but, I've gotta admit, I think it's going a bit stale.  (I was starting to get really frustrated trying to watch this cause I'd invested so much time in it and felt I should keep watching but...  I do still watch ER, for the record, but nowadays it's more playing in the background while I do something else.)  I mean how many times can a person really watch Luka mentally deteriorate or see Romano go from decent in one episode to despot in another?  (Course, Romano is dead now.  And in what was either a really cheesy, really ironic, or really both sorta way.)  It gets redundant.  So do I ever have an idea for you!  You may have heard that "Touched by an Angel" will be leaving CBS.  I for one think you should hire John Dye and have him reprise his role as Andrew on your show.  He can give everyone updates on all the doctors and med students you have managed to kill off on the past few years.

And ER promptly woulda been cancelled.  LOL  No matter, I watch "Scrubs" now.  I bet they could find a nice lil cameo piece for John as Andrew...  Or how about John as Dr. Cox's long lost brother?  Elliot's uncle?  An eccentric patient?  Really, anything would do!  :-)

JABB 106- Jenni's Letter to Andrew

Right...  So this was originally supposed to be a JABB newsletter.  From around December 2002 or January 2003.  And I was gonna get Aud to write one, too.  And they were supposed to be *funny*.  Because that's what we do at JABB!  I mean, sure, we have our serious moments but c'mon!  So, I've mentioned this letter to people before.  So now, straight from Andrew's scrapbook where it sits written on daisy stationery in an envelope with daffodil cut outs on it and with dried lavendar sprinkled inside it is...  Jenni says good bye to Andrew.  Out of respect for the highly emotional 20 year old I was I'll refrain from making smart comments til the end.  (Comments from 1-5-05)

Dear Andrew,

It's been over seven years since you became a fixture in my life.  Tonight I found out that era is drawing to a close.  I'm sad that things have come to an end but happy they lasted as long as they did.  As time goes by and you take a hallowed place alongside Dorothy's Scarecrow and the Brothers Grimm and all the guardians of my past, here are things I want to remember about you.

I want to remember you speaking to a young boy whose father had been stolen away in Auschwitz.  A voice of kindness in a place of unspeakable hatred.

I want to remember you fighting intolerance for a man with AIDS.

I want to remember you helping an artist's deteriorating hands to grasp a brush as he made his final good byes to his family.

I want to remember you cradling a young woman as she breathed her last in a dark alley.

I want to remember you dancing with your umbrella.  Something of a child in you, still joyful with all you'd seen.

I want to remember a spirit who saw hatred but showed only love.

You saw us at our worst but you loved us anyway.  You are truly the son of your Father.
I will remember you.


So that was my good bye.  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry all over again typing it up.  I should make it clear that by the time I got to the start of the litany of "I want to remembers" I knew it was no longer suitable for JABB.  As for the reference to the Scarecrow, I'm not sure why but I adored him when I was like 4.  I was convinced I'd grow up and marry him.  Looking back I have no idea why but he was my longest lasting imaginary friend.  Actually that phase and this Andrew one have a lot in common which is why I mentioned him in the letter.  Anyhow, I continued writing cause I guess it was my way of recognizing that, in a way, a chapter of my life was ending.  TBAA had been with me from age 12 to 20.  It was kinda scary thinking that one day it'd be clearly designated as "the past."  Obviously, it continues to be very important to me but as time goes by there is a certain childishness that I brought to episodes when I first watched them and even to the earlier newsletters that I wrote that I can no longer access.  So I guess, in a way, I was not only saying good bye to Andrew but also the person I was in the days he appeared on the air waves.   But this is neither the time nor the place to get into all that.  Let's move on.  :-)

JABB 122- Halloween mishap

Really, really didn't get very far with this next one.  (Comments from 1-3-05)

Hi all,
Before we get into the actual body of the newsletter, we'd like to give you a heads up on the next issue.  In about two weeks, we will be sending you our Halloween-themed issue.  It will be a story and with in it we will hide the titles of TBAA episodes through out the 9 seasons.  A prize from Amazon.com will be awarded to the winner.  So start studying those episode titles!!  :-)  Now... onto this issue.
Due to some rather crazy and unfortunate circumstances in Dyeland, we feel it's best that we not celebrate Halloween.  (I believe those "crazy and unfortunate" circumstances were due, in large part, to my fictional counterpart nearly eloping with Eben the demon in order to prove to Andrew she was "over him".  Or some such thing.  Really sometimes over at the JABB YahooGroup it all just gets so crazy I can't recall!)  Andrew's had enough to deal with with out adding a few kids dressed as grim reapers into the mix.  So, we've decided to have a costume party and erase all mentions of the word "Halloween" from the celebration!  (Looking back I hate, hate, hate that I actually wrote anything like that.  And sure enough come JABB 123, we do have the Dyelanders foregoing Halloween.  And I fully admit it was my idea.  But now... why, oh why?!  If you wanna celebrate Halloween why should a pouting angel determine the way 100+ people behave??  So by the next year, we had a Halloween party in Dyeland for those who wanted to come and my inner child was appeased.  :-)     Unfortunately, our efforts to rename the day have been less than successful...
Top Ten Rejected Substiture Names for Halloween

10.  The Holiday Formerly Known as Halloween which We Can't Say Cause Andrew is a Wimp

We just felt that was mean.  And a bit too lengthy really...


Clearly the renaming effort was  wildly unsuccessful since I only came up with one.  LOL  I don't even think I sent this to Aud cause I thought it was too much of a dead-end!

JABB 154- Andrew and Jenni Watch the "HOTB" Trailer... Alone

I began drafting this issue while I was watching the trailer for John's latest movie, "The Heart of the Beholder".  I was really psyched to have something to be inspired by again!  Hadn't happened since TBAA's finale!  Here is what I wrote at that point.  Since I was writing alone, I only took on the emotions and reaction of my own fictional counterpart and Andrew.  I asked my friend and fellow JABBer Jess to pre-read it for me before we sent it out.  I also asked whether she thought adding a third person into the scene might be worthwhile.  Frankly, I felt much better about having Jess in the scene.  Less weird and awkward.  :-)  But anyway, here's what it looked like when it was just Andrew and "Jenni".  It starts out the same but then you'll see differences.  (Comments from 1-12 and 17-05)

Now that that’s done, as I said, a few days ago I happened upon the following scene. Jenni sat in an office in Willowveil, merrily checking her email or some such activity when Andrew came in to retrieve some document of some sort. Really it’s not important why he was there. What matters is what happened next:

Jenni: Hey Andrew, can I help you with anything?

Andrew: ::rifles through filing cabinet for a moment:: No thanks, got what I need right here. ::heads out::

Jenni: ::shrieks giddily::

Andrew: ::turns back to her anxiously:: Jenni, what, what happened?

J: The “Heart of the Beholder” trailer is on the web! Ooh I hope it has lots of John scenes in it.

A: Wow, can I watch? I’d like to see what John’s been up to since “Touched” wrapped. I haven’t seen him since shortly thereafter.

J: Sure, pull up a chair.

A: ::does so and looks expectantly at the screen::

J: Here goes… ::hits play:: Ooh! The Arch! I love St. Louis.

A: Yeah, quite a city.

J: ::blushes:: They look like a happy couple… Aww… kinda endearing.

A: Isn’t there usually dialogue on these things?

J: Yeah, that’s why the website said it wasn’t final. They haven’t added that all in yet.

A: Ah, I see. Oh hey, there’s John!

J: Gah! Why’d that man make a gun sign at John?

A: I have no idea. Yikes. Fire… bad memories. ::shakes head::

J: Aww… ::pats his hand comfortingly:: Booth? 
(Later added JWB's full name cause thought not everyone would immediately grasp simply "Booth" as the assassin of Lincoln)  I’m sorry, Andr… Oh my… Oh. That woman with John, err, Manion… she’s not wearing any… ::turns bright red::

(Here's where Jess entered in what became the final version.)

A: ::looks a bit ill-at-ease:: This is awkward…

J: Well, at least Manion doesn’t totally look like you d… Oh my! Did he just shove that woman? ::looks at Andrew questioningly::

A: Yeah, yeah he did. Gotta give the guy credit. This doesn’t look to be a particularly easy role.

J: Yeah… yeah he’s a great actor. ::stands up and yells at screen:: Run, lady, run! Bad Manion, bad!

A: ::looking unsure whether to laugh at his fellow viewer’s animated reaction or do his stunning concerned look for the lady in the movie::

J: Ah! Scary guy with sword!

A: Scary’s right. Wow, John’s looking a little frightening himself there.

J: Yeah he really does. I’m impressed. I wonder why those people are tilting their heads like that?

A: ::decides he’s not going to say anything::

J: Aww! No! Now the formerly happy couple is fighting. A lot.

A: Oh that’s paintball. I was really confused for a second.

J: No kidding. Oh boy there’s Manion again. AHHH!! GUN GUN GUN! ::unconsciously grips Andrew’s hand in shock:: He’s got a gun! He’s gonna shoot that lady! 
(This is the part I really wanted Jess' opinion on.  Wasn't sure if gripping Andrew's hand was the way to go.  She said it was cute but did question the following. )

A: Ow.

J: No!

A: Ow.

(As Jess pointed out, Andrew probly wouldn't make much of a fuss over this.  So I cut the "Ows" but left the hand gripping.)

J: It’s over… Ah! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… ::releases grip on Andrew and notices own white knuckles:: I’m really, really sorry. Really, really sorry.

A: ::moves hand a bit and then grins:: It’s okay. Well that was… quite the experience. ::blinking a bit::

J: ::lamely:: Uh huh. ::Awkward silence for a few moments, Jenni closes out of video program, stands, shuffles around a bit, then begins to giggle. Then laugh outright.:: Well, John’s definitely getting to stretch some acting muscles he didn’t playing you.

A: Uh yeah, that’s for sure. That was a bit surreal… I mean, I admire his abilities as a performer and the movie looks to be worthwhile and with a message that needs to be delivered and… everything.

J: ::smiles, thinking he looks especially cute a bit flustered:: I was supposed to meet Monica at the Café now, you got any where to be?

A: No, not for… ::checks pocket watch:: 45 minutes and… 5 seconds.

J: Well, then c’mon you dear, old brick. Orange juice and ginger ale, my treat. 
(I love that.  Dear old brick.  Read it in a Lucy Maud Montgomery story.  So that's gonna be a new gimmick on JABB.  Every so often Jenni or someone else will give Andrew a nice new nickname.  Lemme know if you have suggestions!)

A: Brick? I’ve not heard that term used that way in years even.

J: I’m bringing it back. Now, I just hafta say… As far as John’s inspired-by-true-stories characters go… I like you much better than Manion.

A: ::laughs:: Well, thanks.

J: Any time. Now we gotta go and stop Monica before she orders another latte. ::leaves the room, Andrew follows::

I think adding Jess made it a lot less stilted and more fun. 

JABB 154- Jenni Hulks Out... Apparently

This part was never, never, ever supposed to end up in a newsletter.  Just FYI.  When we were writing this, Jess suggested that when the group leaves, Jenni pulled Andrew with her.  Jess, of course, clarified what she meant (just that Jenni sorta lead him by the elbow as you see in the final version).  But at first I thought she literally meant Jenni should yank him outta the room.  So I told Jess what went through my mind when she said that.  So here it is, Jenni has just called Andrew a brick, he's amused by the old slang.  Jess is preparing to depart with them to the cafe and then: 
(Typed out 1-17-05)

Jenni: I’m bringing it (the term brick as a trusted person) back. Now, I just hafta say… As far as John’s inspired-by-true-stories characters go… I like you much better than Manion.

Andrew: ::laughs:: Well, thanks.

Jenni: Any time. Now we gotta go and stop Monica before she orders another latte.  ::Jenni spontaneously yanks Andrew out the door and into the hall::

Andrew:  Whoa!  What the heck... 

Jenni:  Uhh... Me Jane, you Tarzan?

Andrew:  Haha.  But seriously, I'm a good foot taller than you and no offense but... I think probably stronger so... how are you yanking me any where?!

Jenni:  I don't know!  Jess said it would be cute!! 

Andrew:  But... it just doesn't make sense.  Like I said, I'm taller and...

Jenni:  'Little' again! nothing but 'low' and 'little'!

::Andrew looks confused::

Jenni:  William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Act 3, Scene 2.  Hermia to Helena who has just called her short. 

Andrew:  Oh okay. 

::awkward silence::

Jenni:  I don't think this is working.

Andrew:  I'm sure Jess meant something else. 

Jenni:  Yeah, let's go see.

Thoughts on JABB 163 aka "Nor Iron Bars a Cage"

I've had several occasions in this past year to flip through the various JABB Newsletters from beginning to end.  A couple of JABBers have told me they've read them all in order (obviously not in one sitting).  This is a feat I've never quite managed.  But I do bounce around and read here and there and often find myself with the thought...  "What the bleep was I thinking when I wrote that?!  What was my mental state?  Was I medicated?!" and even sometimes "Wow, I really like that.  Wonder what was going on in my life that enabled me to write something actually kinda nice there."  Or even "How'd I come up with that?  A friend's comment?  It just popped into my mind?  I worked for days on it?  Did I even write that or did someone else?"  Well, unfortunately much of that is lost somewhere in the recesses of my mind.  But I decided I might as well start recording what I remember.  So now this page is "The Author's Cut and Commentary", featuring not only alternate scenes but my thoughts on what ended up written.  Not sure if this is of any interest to anyone besides myself but I fear if I put it any where but here I'll forget where it is!   My first entry in this new commentary as opposed to cut mode is from the murder trial story I wrote.  Mostly it's just how I decided what parts characters would play in it.

First, I do want to make clear that a few JABBers did help inspire parts.  For example, it was Jess' idea that her character (also Jess) would organize a group to support Andrew.  So FAN (Free Andrew Now) was born.  I'm also pretty sure she suggested that Jess get in trouble a bit for a pro-Andrew outburst.  If not and it was my idea, I hope she was okay with it.  :-)  She also gets one of my favorite non sequiturs in JABB: Ton of join sloth.  And she can consider Andrew's expression of gratitude to the fictional Jess at the end of the story as also an expression of my gratitude to the real one.  She was one of the few that gave me any guidance for her character and she also graciously pre-read the story for me.  Thanks, Jess (the real one)!  :-)

Second, Monica's pretty miniscule lil role.  Well, to be honest I just don't find her easy to write and by having her be a newspaper reporter that didn't really matter since there's a certain non-emotional, impersonal style to newspaper articles.  And... well, she was the star of most TBAA episodes.  I was letting Andrew shine here. 

Third, Tess served as Andrew's lawyer.  This seemed logical enough and I really admired her as a lawyer in "Smokescreen."  But, again, it was kind of a case of "Well... Tess should be in here somewhere uh... well, Andrew doesn't have a lawyer yet!" 

Gloria, far from what I would have guessed, was the only non-AOD whose part I thought was actually very memorable.  I don't dislike the character by any means but neither do I have a great affinity for her.  But she just seemed to effortlessly come out as the bumbling defense witness.  It was also fun to write since it involved getting nostalgic about TBAA episodes.  And I actually got positive feedback about her part!  People especially seemed to like the Ecstasy reference.  Actually, come to think of it, I got more than usual amounts of feedback concerning JABB 183 which contains references to heroin.  Clearly I need to bring up drugs more often!  ;-)  Okay, back to TBAA's youngest angel... Gloria was also special to me in this story because her introducing Andrew to the Hildegard CD made LJA's part of the story possible.

Now a few words on Adam.  I'm fairly positive I had him delivering the sad news of Andrew's arrest from the earliest drafts on.  Mostly for the reason that I wanted initial disbelief from the Dyelanders and Adam would easily elicit that since he's known for being humorous.  I wanted him around as a foil to Andrew who, I felt, would be largely serious and dramatic in the story.  Plus, I felt Andrew would initially be a lil cranky having found himself jailed and I know based on "The Sign of the Dove" that Adam was more than capable of shrugging that sort of attitude off.  What I don't really remember plotting out but seemed to just sort of happen by accident was Adam's functioning as the sort of "den father" of the "girls."  I guess writing about someone named Adam, growing up in the Judeo-Christian tradition as I did, the father associations were unavoidable.  And,
yeah, I think he really was living with them during the course of the trial.  I think I was tempted to make a show of Adam having a guest house on the property just so no one raised their eyebrows at the male AOD sharing living space with a bunch of women.  Cause I thought people might be upset by that even though, clearly, one couldn't come up with a more innocent set-up.  Still, some people are just appalled by the idea of non-related males and females living together and I didn't want to get emails over it.  But, in the end, I probly wisened up and realized that was ridiculous and no one on JABB would care.  If they did, no one told me!  Propriety ended up being my starting place for another character...

"Nor Iron Bars a Cage" was, I think, the first time I was ever proud of the writing I did for LJA.  Up to then it seems to me she just swooned over Andrew and acted pretty goofy.  There was no realistic base to her because she was really supposed to be a sitcom-y, ridiculous character.  But then any sitcom character I have any affinity for has a solid, serious base to them it seems.  They have a history and motives that drive their actions.  And I knew if I was going to be able to continue to write the character with out despising her, I'd have to give her that.  So with "Nor Iron" she actually had some sort of serious mental process driving her actions (or inactions) and, as such, I found it possible to write a scene between her and Andrew that wasn't completely for laughs.  The fact that the idea for her part came partly from one of the scenes from "The Passion of the Christ" that I actually liked did sort of force it to be serious.  ;-)  Plus, I had to face the fact that she (and hence myself who shares her birthdate) wasn't a teenager any more (eeek!).  She had to grow up and, it seems to me anyway, that in growing up we almost can't help but start to see ourselves through society's take on what's acceptable.  Most likely she would come to realize as she aged that camping out on Andrew's porch was not only quite pathetic but downright shaming.   So... here she was with the same feelings but now a sense of propriety and reputation that kept her from acting out as she used to.  So she pulled away for the reasons I had her state and all this that I thought she'd probly never state out loud, least of all to Andrew.  In fact, this story may be the one and only time in JABB where Andrew initiates physical and verbal contact with her as opposed to the other way around (at the end of the story) because she had withdrawn so much.  Anyhow, it was nice to write a serious conversation between the two for once.

Finally, the star of this story... Andrew!  Also the character whose reactions and emotions I spent the most time considering (think years).  Seriously, from the first moment I read that rumor about such an episode I thought off and on about how Andrew would feel.  How his assignment would unfold, etc.  I ended up starting with initial dismay and even bitterness for him.  My thinking there was Andrew was really blessed on TBAA.  He lived in Heaven, ever in the presense of God's love!  Well, in JABB not only does he have that but also Dyeland where he is singularly adored, surrounded by natural and architectural beauty, and showered with praise, love, baked goods, attention, etc.  Whether he likes it or not.  :-)  Now, I don't think any of this would ever turn a gentle, compassionate spirit like his into a spoiled brat.  But... it just may make those prison walls seem a bit more confining and blah.  And possibly lonelier...

Now, I don't think Andrew would forget God was with him but when (in JABB's universe) he's so often surrounded by other corporeal entities, I thought that might make finding himself isolated and physically along harder to cope with.  So I have him if not encouraging then at least not protesting the Dyelanders' presence in town.  He also experiences some surprise that LJA does not come to visit him.  I thought that made sense.  I don't think, in normal circumstances, he would be overly concerned about where she (or any Dyelander to be honest) was in relation to himself as long as he had no reason to think they were in danger.  But possibly in this heightened sense of being alone he would.  I hope I was on track there.  Or may be it was just simple curiousity that someone who seemed always to want to be around him suddenly seemed to avoid him.  In any case, I did want to make clear that he was very grateful for the Dyelanders' attentions.  So he's pretty well bursting with gratitude in the final scene of the story.  But in what I hope was a naturalistic, carefree sort of way. 

Eventually Andrew gets called to the stand during his trial.  This ended up being the lengthiest conversational scene involving Andrew, I believe.  Actually it was probly the longest dialogue scene in the story period.  I figured, having God and truth on his side, Andrew would be pretty calm.  Even able to laugh a bit.  As much as one can and remain respectful, I suppose.  It was also really important to me that God come into that testimony.  I thought it was also important that Andrew stress God in his later conversation with the prosecutor, Sinclair.  I felt this was necessary both to explain what later happens to David Sinclair and also to cover any lingering misconceptions people may have had about how I wrote Andrew's mental state.  I didn't want his feelings of loneliness to be equated with feeling abandoned by God.  I don't think Andrew ever felt that in this story.  Whether he will in the future in another story... I guess we'll have to see!

So that's why the cast of characters featured in "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" were written as they were.  I wish I could remember whether I always intended the murderer to be someone involved in the trial or not but I don't.  And part of me really wants to know what the verdict was.  :-)  (Typed out 3-4-06)

Thoughts on JABB 166 Option 2 ("Poor Mrs. Manion...")

So I'd reviewed "Heart of the Beholder" whilst, for the most part, keeping a firm grasp on reality.  But this is JABB and, I find, it's hard for me to stay away from Andrew and fiction for very long.  So I wrote a piece about Andrew and a sullen Lady JenniAnn contemplating one vital (to her) accessory worn by the lecherous Eric Manion.  A wedding ring.  Cause everyone knows when a girl's fretting over the roving eyes of males it makes utter and complete sense for her to seek her asexual love interest for comfort.  :-)  No really, I suppose it does make sense.  In any case, I really was struck by that darn wedding ring.  And thinking about this poor, possibly fictional woman.  However, I would have kept that all to myself or at least a close circle of friends if not for... I miss Andrew being all wise and comforting and angelic!   I missed seeing him talk about God and love and smile that certain way.  But, alas, TBAA has ended.  I was left with only my own imagination and I wrote this up so, at least in my mind, our wise and comforting and adorable angel would be back.  And I figured may be some others missed him, too, so this ended up not on my Livejournal but in JABB.  Cause whether you give a care about LJA or Manion or HOTB, I think Andrew's lines and actions here are pretty fitting to the character we loved on TV.  I hope so, anyhow!

Another reason I wrote this one was cause, to be honest, I really felt this need to depict the Andrew/LJA thing as functional.  On the
JABB YahooGroup and to a lesser, but still evident extent, in the Newsletters I've made it pretty darn obvious she's in love with him and he will never, ever, never, ever, never (ad infinitum) be in love with her or anyone else.  (Unrequited love is a big favorite theme with me.)  As a result, I think it's often come off as a really maladaptive, dysfunctional non-relationship.  But at some point I decided I wanted to present Dyeland and its inhabitants as a close circle of friends.  So here the angel and his admirer have a pretty normal conversation, even some friendly teasing, and he actually helps her out and she doesn't go on an anti-men downward spiral.  Plus, hello!, it's Andrew throwing paint around!  That's quality entertainment in my mind!  LOL  Also, I think there may be some foreshadowing in their final exchange but I won't say for sure (mostly cause I don't know for sure).  ;-)  (Typed out 3-4-06)

JABB 167- On the Deck of "Titanic"

I'd decided I wanted to have another contest.  But if I tried to hide TBAA episode titles one more time I was gonna scream.  About that time the American Film Institute was having a special about famous movie quotes or something like that.  So I decided it'd be fun to write a story where various JABB personalities aped famous movie scenes.  Then people would have to submit the name of the film being mimicked.  Well, it didn't end up being that fun to write.  But I soldiered on and finished it.  I asked for people to suggest scenes and as an example wrote the following.  
(Typed out 9-7-05)

Adam and Andrew made their way to the bow of the Aurora Mist. Amazingly, the boat's bow was empty of Andrew's hangers-on. While Adam looked on with
amusement, Andrew stepped onto the railing of the bow, held his arms aloft, then began to pump his fist into the air and shouted 'I'm king of Dyeland!'"

So there we have Andrew aka Jack Dawson and Adam as... well, whatever Jack's buddy was named.  I admire my own common sense in NOT using the *other*  bow scene.  Cause I personally do not need the mental image of Andrew looking all gooey eyed at one of Dyeland's regulars.  Unless, of course, it was Lady JenniAnn.  LOL  Just kidding.  That would be sooo wrong.  Even as it is the scene's kinda grating.  "King" of Dyeland?  Scary.

Thoughts on JABB 169

So JABB 169 marks the first time I ever "left" JABB.  To be fair, I still was around the JABB YahooGroup as much as ever.  Even worked on the webpages for a bit.  But, except for two notable exceptions, I did not really write JABB during that period.  I had the newsletters pre-written and ready to be sent every two weeks.  So I literally just signed into the JABB account and hit "Send" and that was the extent of my JABB newsletter activity for three months.  It was a "hiatus."  It sounds goofy cause JABB certainly isn't hard work.  But I just wanted to see, for future reference, what it would be like to not sit down and write JABB every couple weeks.  And I also planned to not really play Dyeland on the JABB YahooGroup during that period.  So Lady JenniAnn needed to go away.  And I think, if you're reading this, you can probly guess who it was hardest for her to leave...  And, for me, this was probly the second or third hardest issue to write.  It's still difficult for me to read cause now I know exactly how hiatus played out and that it didn't work exactly like I expected and that while I was writing about this fictional good bye a real one lurked only months away. 

In the part of that issue after the LJA/Andrew good bye scene where the real me takes over, I mention being scared that when I returned I'd find myself so changed that I wouldn't be able to do JABB any more.  It didn't occur to me that it wouldn't be my life that would change so drastically but that something would happen that went to the core of the TBAA fandom.  Reading Andrew talk about change and LJA resisting the idea and wanting things to stay, forever, the same seems almost prescient now.  Because when I did come out of hiatus it felt like JABB had changed forever and, possibly, was not going to be able to continue.  I can't fully explain why, at first, Charles Rocket's suicide seemed to toll the end of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade but it seemed to. 

On the contrary, when it actually came to returning from hiatus, it seemed even more important to keep JABB going.  To keep showing appreciation for the show that told us to have hope in the face of tragedy and grief.  And it seemed important to keep Adam around, even beef up his role.  I'm still not, months later, sure why I felt the need to bring Adam into JABB more.  I guess after Mr. Rocket's death and recent events in my own life, it's become really clear to me how important it is to remember those we've lost and to make our lives, at least in part, an honorable legacy to them.  And also to remember that good byes are really just "See you laters." 
(Typed out 3-4-06 and 3-11-06)

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