The Carpenter's Stories

In February 2014, following nearly a year of anticipation, Andrew at last finds himself directing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar at a community theatre in Manhattan.  After a great deal of turmoil, the cast thinks they've hit the end of the road when the actor playing Jesus bails on them.  Only Andrew knows that the man coming to take over the role was born (approximately 2,014 years ago) to play it.  During the nearly two months that follow, Joshua strives to teach and remind the cast, crew, and audience that God loves them... he loves them... and they are never alone.

While Joshua figures into several stories found on these pages, the following stories and others that may make their way onto this particular page have to do with his time with the Dyelanders and others during the Spring of 2014.  As time and inspiration hit, I may add one shots from that period here.  For right now, we have...

The Carpenter

May the Road Rise to Meet You
(A story written by Kim about the gang's St. Patrick's Day party.  This story was incorporated into "The Carpenter" but here you can read it separately.)

Someone who Urgently Needs a Shelf

(In the chapter "Healing" in "The Carpenter," John told Yosef that someone urgently needed a shelf. 
In this tale, Heather tells the story of the shelf and the folks who needed it.)

The King
(This story picks up within hours of "The Carpenter.")

One of our members, Heather, was kind enough to put "The Carpenter" into Kindle and eBook format.  Thanks, Heather!



The St. Patrick's Day party invitation:

Kemara's poster for the show:

Program (Warning: It's a lil spoiler-y so definitely read the story before looking at the program.)

Program #2 (My thinking is this one woulda been printed after the show wrapped as a keepsake for the cast and crew.)

Ama's Lullaby:

Heather kindly set the song to music.  Thank you, Heather!

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