Guidelines for Creative Contributions to JABB

JABB welcomes and appreciates submissions of creative material (stories, top tens, conversation pieces, etc.) related to Andrew, TBAA and the career of John Dye from its members.  However, we do have some restrictions.  They are as follows:

1.  While each member is entitled to their own opinions, JABB will not publicize, provide web space for, or offer in its newsletter mailings any “shipper” fiction.  Jenni is opposed to such stories and as is funded by her, she cannot in good conscience post such stories there.  Also sketchy are human/angel romance stories.  Those will be addressed by Jenni and possibly others on a case by case basis.

2.  Absolutely no stories featuring real people (except historical figures) will be accepted.  That means no currently living or recently deceased actors, musicians, etc.  We realize JABB did have some stories featuring TBAA actors in the past.  We stopped that years ago and have officially filed it as one of those “back when I was young and foolish…” things.  It will not be continued.  If you have a question about who constitutes a historical, and thus acceptable, figure; please contact Jenni

Please note this does not mean references to actors and musicians are disallowed.  Having a character say “So I was listening to my Harry Connick Jr. CD and…” is okay.  Having Mr. Connick interact with characters in your story is not. 

An exception might be if you’re writing a story that expands upon a TBAA episode that featured a real person (i.e. Celine Dion in “Psalm 151.”)  That sort of thing would need to be considered on a case by case basis.

3.  While we at JABB believe it's important to confront and deal with difficult issues; stories featuring gratuitous violence, excessive foul language, and explicit sex scenes are NOT appropriate for inclusion in the newsletters or on the web site.  All content decisions will be made at Jenni's discretion.

4.  Nothing libelous, that seeks profit, that promotes hatred of any person or group, that seeks to incite violence or other crimes, or seeks to harm any individual or group will be considered.

5.  Nothing that could be seriously construed as the promulgation of rumors about John Dye or any TBAA cast member or really anyone will be considered for inclusion.  Neither will anything that could be perceived as an invasion of privacy.  If you thought we were protective of Mr. Dye before, we're even more so now. 

6.  Please keep in mind that sometimes JABB Newsletters are written in advance and designated to be sent on particular days.  Therefore, please don't submit anything with the assumption that it will be included in a newsletter on a particular date unless you have cleared it with Jenni.  Something may already be planned for that date. 

7.  As stated above, is funded by Jenni.  As a result, she has to feel morally justified about everything that goes on there.  Any decision she makes is final.  They are plenty of fiction submission sites, blogging sites, etc. where you can post whatever you like.  But JABB is not one of those places.  You have a right to freedom of expression but Jenni and others at JABB have a right to operate their web space as they so desire.


(Photo Credits: The photograph used on this page is from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  It is not being used to seek profit.)