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Many of the ideas below involve getting your work into a JABB newsletter.  This is an email we send every two weeks or so and they make up the bulk of the JABB site.  I should point out that "newsletter" is misleading.  It's not factually based.  JABB is really a creative, imaginative writing effort inspired by John Dye's career.  But I'm a traditionalist with many things and since we called the first issue a "newsletter", only seems right to continue using the term.  But anyhow... here are ways you can get in our newsletters and/or on our web site.

Hope to hear from you!
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Ways to Get Your Name in JABB

1.  Write to our advice columnist Dear Annie Dru.  Share a real fannish problem or make one up!  You can see examples of what people have written to Annie Dru in Newsletters 56, 64, 72, 92 and others. 

2.  Have a question about JABB or just want to quiz its authors on life issues?  The JABB authors would love to answer it in our "Ask a JABBer" feature (formerly "Ask a JABB Co-President" and then more recently "Ask the JABB Sisterhood")!  Whether it'll be a good answer or not you'll just have to see.  ;-)  Find contact info for us here.  See some previous "Ask a JABB Co-President" installments here and here.

3.  Write something yourself for JABB.  Have a fanfic, amusing anecdote, or Andrew/other characters from John's filmography related joke to share?  We'd love to see it.  But we do have some guidelines.  Please visit Guidelines for Creative Contributions to JABB.  Or, as always, email me (Jenni) for clarification.

4.  Contribute a poem or story to our Poems and Stories page.  The poems and stories are ones we've either written ourselves or that remind us of the people we've met in the fandom or themes from John's career. 

5.  Have your own web page?  You can let your fellow members find it by sending us the link so we can add it to JABB Member Pages.

6.  Move to Dyeland!  Or at least pretend you have.  :-)  Dyeland is the imagined home of various JABBers' fictional counterparts.  You can view the Dyeland Map and if you'd like to be added just fill out this form and email Jenni once finished or if you have questions.  Please note that the
Dyeland Map takes hours to work on.  We ask that if you have a place added that you actually play along with us and don't just add something for the sake of adding it.

7.  Tag our graffiti wall.  Details on how to do that can be found on the wall's site here.

8.  Send in a question for the "Ask Andrew" feature as seen here and here and here!

9.  If you're a new member, you might consider introducing yourself to the group by preparing a few sentences about yourself to put in an upcoming newsletter.  May be about how you came to be a John Dye fan, your hobbies, favorite music, movies, etc.  Please keep in mind all newsletters end up online so do NOT include anything remotely traceable or confidential.  If you've been with the group for a while and just feel like re-introducing yourself that's cool, too!

10.  Take a page outta my book and write "You and You Write JABB."  I've gotten a few issues out of my old journal entries.  Maybe you can, too!  If you ever journaled or blogged about TBAA, maybe you could do something like "Jenni and Jenni Write JABB."  Click here for an example.

11.  JABB has started its own subjective episode guide for TBAA.  It's not a scene-by-scene synopsis thing.  Cause,, etc. offer us that so why do a repeat?  Instead, it's more our thoughts on the episode: serious and goofy.  If you'd like to participate in building this section of our site, please contact me!

Make us laugh...

Or make us sad...

Just feed our obsessions!!  :-)


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