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(adjective) Attributed to an object, something that reminds one of Andrew
Sample usage: That gold pocket watch is very Andrewesque.

Andrewiffic- (adjective) Very Andrew-filled, heaping with Andrew experiences
Sample usage: She watched "The Journalist", "Til Death Do Us Part", "Beautiful Dreamer", "Sign of the Dove", and some "Promised Land" episodes Andrew was in. Then she drank a bunch of ginger ale and chatted about Andrew with some friends. It was a very Andrewiffic day for her.

Andrewish- (adjective) Similar to Andrewesque but here attributed to a person or an action they've performed that's similar to Andrew.
Sample usage: When he found out that guy was using his telescope to spy on people, he whacked it a few times with his bat. It was a very Andrewish thing to do.

Anti-shipperish- (adjective) Anything that does not veg with the current fascination some people have with romantically linking Andrew and Monica or any others of the angels.  JABB itself is anti-shipperish and, dare we say, so is Touched by an Angel
Same usage: Nicole made an awesome music video putting Monica and Andrew scenes against the decidedly anti-romantic Faith Hill song "Dearly Beloved."  It was the most awesome anti-shipperish thing I've seen since Yvette's "This Ship Should Sink."

Brother(s) Whatawaste- (noun) My (Jenni's) twist on the Father Whatawaste phenomenon.  Fr. Whatawaste is a Catholic joke term generally meaning a priest who is way attractive.  I think it can also mean a priest who woulda, behavior-wise, made a great dad and husband were it not for the whole vow of celibacy thing.  On a whim I referred to the AODs as the Brothers Whatawaste one day and have tossed the name out a few times since.  Cause they're way attractive and would make awesome dads and husbands if not for the whole asexual angel thing.
Sample usage: Oh my gosh!  Did you see Andrew sing that lullabye to Jacob?  And he was wearing a flannel shirt at the time!!!  Sigh... He's such a Brother Whatawaste.

Button forgetfulness- (noun) Term coined by Nicole to describe Andrew's habit of leaving his top buttons undone, much to the delight of segments of the TBAA viewing audience. 

Dyelandish- (adjective) Attributed to a person, place, thing, or mood that reminds one of Dyeland or compels one to write or imagine Dyeland.
Sample usage: At the store I saw a miniature ceramic castle and it was so Dyelandish that I wrote a Dyeland story as soon as I got home.

Impressive- (adjective) Just what you've always known it to mean.  The reason it's here is because for us at JABB this word is inextricably linked with Adam and, thus, Charles Rocket in "My Dinner with Andrew."  Pretty much whenever we read or hear it, we hear Adam saying it in our minds. 

JABBerism- (noun) A word or phrase often used/created by members of JABB.  It usually can be found in the dictionary. ;-)
Sample usage: So of all the words and phrases we've coined here at JABB, what's your favorite JABBerism?

"Love the Lovely Angel"- (phrase) Often used by Jenni starting around 2003.  Originally inspired by one of the Bridget Jones books by Helen Fielding wherein Bridget gushes "love the lovely man!" 
Sample usage: Andrew was so cute taking care of that baby!  Sigh...  Love the lovely angel!

Probly- (adverb) The way the word "probably" sounds when spoken by Jenni.  Therefore, it is also typed that way by her.
Sample usage: If I was standing in a field and Andrew started to disappear, so help me, I'd probly tackle him!

Shipperitis- (noun) One of the most deadly diseases that could incapacitate a Dyelander.  Lucky for all of us this has not breached the land of Dyeland.  Basically it compels people to write shipper fiction or other projects.
Sample usage: She wrote some wacko story in which Andrew and Monica fell in love while in the Bahamas.  Drat that shipperitis!!!

Supramortal- (noun/adjective) This pre-existing though rare word was adopted to describe those entities that are not quite immortal yet live beyond the average lifespan.  For example: elves, vampires, and other beings of myth.  In the Tolkien-verse, elves can die in battle or of a broken heart but otherwise lead very long lives.  So, to us, they're supramortal.  On "Moonlight" vampires can be beheaded or burned as well as a few other things but otherwise can also have very long lifespans.  They, too, would be supramortals.
Sample usage: I'm so glad Mick's a supramortal!  If he wasn't then I woulda really panicked when that horrid serial killer he'd been investigating shot him!

Swan boat- (phrase) Inspired by the story of Petra, the German black swan, who fell in love with a swan boat.  Petra was so enamored that when she was taken to the local zoo for the winter, they had to take the boat, too.  While at the zoo Petra met and became attached to a real male swan.  But that swan ditched her!  At the time of this writing Petra was waiting to be reunited with the swan boat.  Jenni felt that Petra's story was a good example for those of us single Androolers.  Just cause Andrew may not be real doesn't mean he's inferior to a real guy.  Andrew is our swan boat. 
Sample usage: Iím Petra, Andrew is the swan boat, the cad swan are the guys people try to set me up with to bad results, and God is the zookeeper who figures itís best to leave the swan to her delusions cause it keeps her happy.  And the swan boat doesnít mind.

Ungether- (adverb) When two people are in an one-sided romantic relationship (i.e. unrequited love).  Typically for ungetherness to exist, Party A has to have a sustained, committed and monogamous attachment to Party B.  Party B does not experience the same attachment to Party A and may feel anything from discomfort to acceptance in regards to being ungether.  To reiterate, two people who are ungether are not romantically involved in the sense of dating, marriage, and everything that goes with those.
Sample usage: LJA wouldnít consent to a blind date with my cousin because she considers herself and Andrew to be ungether and so she isnít dating at all.

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