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The purpose of this page was originally to help new JABB members to learn about the people, places, and things of JABB's past.  (If you're new to JABB/Dyeland stories, going to the Andrew entry is probably the best place to start.)  But I suspect it's mostly used by yours truly to remember past events so I can write with as few continuity errors as possible. The entries give information that may be important as it relates to present or future issues. Numbers in parenthesis at the end of an entry denote content in which the subject is mentioned in passing, merely alluded to, or no story-related information is given. Complete references are not given for some entries as they are too numerous. Characters are listed alphabetically based on their first names*, except when discussed as an entire family (as with the Du Bois or Mason families). Another exception would be characters who always go by their titles a la Lady Beth or Sir Toby.  In those cases they are alphabetized based on the first letter of their title.

Originally, I had limited this Encyclopedia to only newsletter-based information.  However, several years ago, I decided to start including plot material from the Author's Cut stories.  I decided the best way to integrate that information was chronologically based on when it was written.  So if an AC story was written on March 18, 2008 then it will be mentioned between JABB 241 (sent March 9, 2008) and JABB 242 (sent March 22nd) even if the story itself was set in June 1999.  Or something like that...  As time wore on, I started slotting AC stories wherever it was most convenient and/or made the most sense.

As of 3-28-06, avatars of JABB members and their characters were added.  This just seems like a good way to give a personal touch without putting up real photographs which may not be wise.  Please don't imagine that Dyeland involves the live-action angels running about with cartoon characters a la Roger Rabbit.  Unless you like that sorta thing in which case... go right ahead.  ;-)  Otherwise, the Dyelanders are supposed to be flesh and blood.  I'd like to get back to this since it would be a nice way to keep myself straight on what various characters look like but I need to find a new avatar program.

Come 2020, this page is pretty massive.  After several years of glitches, it finally started doing really weird stuff that I couldn't figure out how to fix so I had to re-do the entire page which wasn't super fun... and it may not have been full-proof.  So if you notice anything glitchy, please contact me at jenni at, replacing the "at" with @, of course.  Thanks!

And now in 2022, I've decided to no longer note when someone/something is mentioned in a excerpt from a story.  Eventually, the entire story will be documented here so there's really no reason to make separate mentions for every excerpt.  Plus, this page has started glitching again and I don't see any reason to make it even longer for so little benefit.

Have fun!

*Except Manion.  Grr...

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1632- The year Andrew tells the girls he began to hate Halloween in N78.  Recalled in the "200 Things I Have Learned from JABB" list found in N200

333- Andrew's apartment number in "A House Divided."  For whatever reason I really like this piece of trivia.  Enough to mention it in the poem in N175.  This is also Joshua's apartment number in N404 and "The Carpenter."  It's also Shelby's number when she participates in a feis in "Glad Tidings, Part II."  In “Chrysalis,”  Andrew books this room in a hotel for use in an anti-human trafficking rescue operation.  The apartment number comes up again in N517 which contains a scan of Andrew's Season 6 scrapbook.  Joshua and JenniAnn stay in hotel room 333 in "Remembrance" which she teases him about a bit.  In "The Messiah," the Friends are gathered in a hospital waiting room labeled 333 while awaiting word on Joshua's condition following a shooting.


AAA- Anti-Androoling Elite. See N16. Group started on the TBAAngel list to combat Androolism. Audrey posed as a member hoping to infiltrate the group. Why it's AAA as opposed to AAE, I haven't the foggiest!  Wasn't my group, of course!  (N25)

Aaron- The angel of death whose story Audrey tells in N78.

Abigail- In “Chrysalis,” she's introduced in a flashback to Mary of Magdala's backstory.  Abigail is the nurse/mother figure for Lucius, a Roman centurion.  She helps care for Mary after she suffers a mishap and eventually moves back to Bethany with her.  In "The Messiah," Abigail appears in a flashback to Yeshua's ministry.  She's accompanying Mary as she follows him.  Abigail is present when Mary adopts her daughter, Yemimah.  In N564, Mary and Lucius are sent to Manhattan by Joshua.  While Mary works as a counselor, Lucius keeps house and Mary reflects on how Abigail impacted him.  Figures into a trope in N572.  Abigail is alluded to in a trope covered in N577 In N582, in honor of All Saints Day, I re-ran some story scenes involving saints.  Abigail was featured.   In "You'll Never Walk Alone," Lucius credits Abigail for his growing up to be a respectful man.  *Abigail

Abby- Fictional co-president of CABB in N134/CABB 1.

Abby- This Abby is Andrew's adopted daughter in the abandoned Dyeland finale.  Think of her as a sort of prototype for Belle.  Thus far, excerpts of the Dyeland finale, featuring Abby, can be found in N485, N514, and N518.  *Abby

Abby Martin- Daughter of Pastor Mark Martin and his wife, Isobel, in N313 ("Safe").  The Martins take a young rape survivor, Erica, into their home.  As Erica's schoolmate, Abby takes the younger girl under her wing and becomes a sister to her.

Abra- One of the villagewomen in Nogah who travels to the safety of El-Chanan in "Shadowlands."  Abra is alarmed when her husband, Bahadur, is missing on "moving day" but, thankfully, he is quickly recovered.

Abraham- You might remember him from the Bible.  :-)  Abraham makes a brief appearance in "Chava."  Andrew saw him after taking one of his assignments Home during the Holocaust.  God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:5 figures into that story a few times.  In N483, Micah tries to comfort Tzipora following Yeshua's death by telling her he rests with Yosef and Yohannan along with Abraham, Isaaq, and Jaqob.  ("The Carpenter," N459, 476, "The Messiah"*Abraham

Abraham Lincoln- According to the TBAA episode “Beautiful Dreamer,” he was Andrew’s first assignment as AOD. In N51 Andrew uses his meeting with Lincoln during a presidential debate. In N55, both Andrew and an agent show up at the Dyeland Halloween party dressed as Lincoln. In N114, the Andrews of various seasons get together to discuss their past and future. Andrew of Season 5 recalls the Lincoln episode. Jess asks Andrew to prove his identity by telling who his first assignment as AOD was in N159.  Andrew correctly answers with Abraham Lincoln.  This assignment is brought up in my Season 5 poem in N170He, among other of Andrew's most celebrated assignments, is mentioned in N181's "La Vie 'Angel' Fan."  Some of Andrew's Promotion Day well wishes found in N190opt2 include references to this president.  Several of the bad Promotion Day gifts listed in N245 concern Honest Abe.  Accusations that Andrew didn't do his best to save President Lincoln would ruin the AOD's political campaign and upset he and his supporters according to N256.  An Andrewopoly spot is named for him according to N269.  In N272, I confess to thinking about "Beautiful Dreamer" whenever I see images of him.  In "The Penny," a short story found in N298, Shelby is at first disappointed when she learns about Andrew's assignment with President Lincoln but then helps him make peace with that "failure."  One of the possible responses in N301's quiz involves telling 4th of July partygoers about Andrew escorting him Home.  In N326, Andrew visits with the Tunnel children about taking Mr. Lincoln Home.  N353 features reflections on "Beautiful Dreamer" by Cindy and Rebecca along with a story I wrote that alludes to Andrew's time with President Lincoln.  In N368, I suggest Andrew could just go and get advice from President Lincoln were Andrew elected.  Inspires travel bingo item in N384.  In N411, Honest Abe is one of the reasons Kim cites for liking "Beautiful Dreamer."  Figures into a couple quiz questions in N466He's mentioned in the JABB history test found in N500.  President Lincoln gets his own page in Andrew's Season 5 scrapbook featured in N503 Andrew mentions President Lincoln when asked about his favorite assignment in N542.  In N574, I briefly discuss why Dyeland stories don't often feature historical figures like Lincoln outside of those taken from the Bible.  In N603, I attempt to answer the question "If God knows everything, why does He send Andrew on assignments where the outcome is unknown to Andrew?"  The example I used was the Lincoln/Booth case.  (N84, 100, 119, 121, 514)  *Abraham *Lincoln

Abundant Living Home- A retirement community in NYC where Joshua volunteers, particularly with Bingo games.  First mentioned, though not by name, in N404.  In "The Carpenter," we learn that Olivia Olsen, Owen's grandmother, resides there.  She's befriended Joshua during his volunteer stints.  The cast and crew of Jesus Christ Superstar eventually invite the Abundant Living residents to a performance.  In N426, residents are invited to a special Christmas concert at St. Genesius'.

Acinom- N35. JABB master to Yerdua and Innej. The two girls leave her to look for Werdna.

Ada-Marie Stanford- Clay's and Kylie's firstborn, Adam's niece and namesake.  Her rather exciting birth is part of an epilogue in "The King".  Adam delivering Ada-Marie is mentioned in JABB 444/CABB 22.  Ada-Marie, though unnamed, makes an appearance of sorts on her uncle's birthday in JABB 473/ CABB 24Uncle Adam is grateful for her in the Eighteen Things for Which the Friends and Dyelanders are Thankful list in N476 In N479, Kylie is very pregnant with her and enjoying her expectant Christmas.  Snuggling with his baby niece is Adam's favorite way to relax per N486Kylie mentions leaving Ada-Marie alone for the first time in N489.  Thankfully, she was with Uncle Adam.  She's mentioned in her uncle's Nov. 2017 update in N505N506 features her first Christmas... and her last one as an only child!  In "Broken Hallelujahs," Ada-Marie and several of the other little Friends spend Valentine's with Joshua.  Later, she attends a party with the Friends in the Fields of Gold.  N531 gives a brief recap on several characters, Clay, Kylie, Ada-Marie, and Felix included, focusing on the arrival of baby Felix.  N558 provides a year-end update on Adam, Kylie, Clay, Ada-Marie, Felix and many other Friends.  In N559, Ada-Marie celebrates Christmas with Joshua, her family, and the Friends.  In N586, Ada-Marie and the rest of the Albany crew get a Christmastime visit from Joshua.  The Stanford family also gets two surprise members.  In "A Thousand Years," JenniAnn cites a six-way meltdown that occurred with Ada-Marie, Felix, Maisy, Belle, Avi, and Evie when they had to part after a rare COVID-era playdate.   (N532)  *Ada-Marie

Adam- First angel of death, portrayed by Charles Rocket (N3). In N7 he is mentioned along with Andrew and Henry as having started a disco/rock band (also alluded to in N11). Debated with Andrew as a member of Hydra political party, N51 and 53. His platform was pro-Halloween and proposed no taxes.  He had a strange disappearance come up during the debate. Later he would come to Dyeland and try and scheme his way into presidential office before coming clean. Protector of turkeys. Makes peace with Dyelanders in N55. In N64 Audrey and I speculate about creating CABB (the Charles/Adam Bucket Brigade) had JABB not come about. He plays a part in some of the fictional TV shows described in N65. In N68 he appears in JenniAnn's dream in which he is assigned to an imprisoned Andrew. Yvette is announced as his advocate in N75. In N79 he comes to a meeting with Vincent and JenniAnn to discuss the plot against JenniAnn. He meets Vincent for the first time. Sells meatless turkeys in N81. Represents Andrew in court in N82, in a dream sequence. Walks in on a wacky party during which Andrew has changed into a Luke Skywalker costume and John is impersonating Elvis in N87. During a prank issue he is made president of Northern JABB in N88. In N89 he commiserates with Charles Rocket about disrespect from some Androolers, as a result a picnic is celebrated in their honor. In an idea that, thankfully, was never used, Andrew dies and Adam takes over as President in a list in N92 of bad JABB ideas. Also in N92, Annie Dru guesses that Adam would go after Andrew if he ever harmed an animal or encouraged the activity. The AOD rock band is mentioned again in N97. Annie Dru and JenniAnn gush about his long hair in N106. Trying to pull off a French accent, he serves as a waiter at the Farmhouse in N107. Later, repentant princesses serve him dinner. In N116 he alone celebrates JABB's anniversary with Andrew by drinking ginger ale and chatting. In N118 Andrew asks him for advice on how to deal with Audrey and JenniAnn when he walks out on their movie night. In N120 he and Andrew star in new TBAA episodes at the request of two psychologists trying to aid their patient. Attends the Dyeland Halloween party in N123 and confronts a grim reaper that turns out to be JenniAnn. Tries to prevent two turkeys from attacking Andrew in N125. One of the main focuses of CABB in N134/CABB 1.  The AOD band resurfaces in N147.  Joins Andrew for orange juice and ginger ale in N149.  Is ordained in a Triple S as described in N150.  Tess recalls spending a New Year's with him in N153.  Tries to pass off his turkeys as dependents in a Tax Day top ten in part 2 of N161.  To him falls the miserable task of informing the Dyelanders of Andrew's arrest in N163Opt1.  Later in the same issue, he visits Andrew in jail to comfort him.  Played Tevye in a failed production of Fiddler on the Roof according to N164.  Takes over the Lando role and betrays Andrew in JABB's N165 Star Wars issue.  Referenced in a song from JenniAnn's dream in N167 and has to take over one of Andrew's assignments. In N171 he and Audrey redecorate JenniAnn's bedroom while she and Andrew turkey-ify his TV room with the help of Trading Spaces designers.  Audrey also mentions his penchant for turkeys in her top ten in the same issue.  Tells about how the frosting-flinging feud at Andrew's birthday party erupted in N173.  Mentally serenades Audrey with "Sunrise, Sunset" during her wedding in N174.  On October 17th we all learned of the passing of Charles Rocket.  CABB 2 was written in his honor and contains memories, including his portrayal of Adam.  The site is in progress and I'll be adding tributes as they come in.  If you'd like to add anything yourself please email me.  Yvette wrote a touching fanfic, "The Living Legacy," about Adam that can be found on CABB 2.  In the wake of Mr. Rocket's passing, I pondered Adam's vital place in JABB in N177 Opt 2.  Teaches Gloria about football and plays a game in N177 Opt 1.  Adam and his turkeys escape to Dyeland Chapel on Sadie Hawkins Day in N178.  Adam and his "turkey-like substance" are mentioned multiple times in N179, a Thanksgiving-themed issue.  A couple items in the top ten found in that issue involve him acting quite strangely.  Tess balks at his fruitcake consumption in N181.  In the same issue he and Andrew make a surprising discovery when someone falls off Andrew's roof.  Adam, singing show tunes in the street, is mistaken for a drunk and temporarily put in jail in N182Opt1.  Andrew bails him out.  Adam helps JenniAnn get Andrew to a surprise party in N182Opt2.  JenniAnn shares her initial disappointment over Andrew replacing Adam on TBAA in the same issue.  Teases Andrew about some of his antics in TBAA fanfic in N183.  Andrew shoots back by finding a fanfic wherein Adam seduces Gloria.  Balks at Todd's plan to turn he and Andrew into calendar pin-ups and jokes about changing his name to The Adamster.  All that and more in N184!  I recalled some of my favorite aspects of Charles Rocket's portrayal of Adam during my address in N185.  In "The Uninvited Guest" (N185), Adam meets Andrew for ginger ale and dinner and some moral support.  Andrew sings his praises in N186.  Adam's encounter with Alexander is recalled in Irish limerick form in N187.  To Margherita's dismay, Adam is unbothered by a Dyelander's strapless apparel and thinks only of fishing at Lazy Lake in N188.  The coming of spring prompts Adam to behave in certain ways according to the top ten in N189.  With Henry, he sends Andrew a Promotion Day note in N190opt2.  He receives two Trialies in N192, one for driving the Dyelanders around and the other for his Elvis impersonation.  In N193, I'm somewhat stunned that the journal entry I wrote after first seeing "An Unexpected Snow" did not specifically mention Adam even though I remember thinking he was hilarious at the time.  He's called in to serve as the historical expert for Dyeland's production of The Crucible as told in "For Thou Art with Me" (N194).  With the Dyelanders, he learns about Andrew's activities during the era of the New England witch trials and also learns a little about what he means to the Dyelanders.  While he, Andrew, and Henry are interviewed by Lady JenniAnn about the AOD Band in N195, Adam reveals that he founded the band.  Attends Dyeland's summer camp's end-of-the-summer dance and also freaks out about bikinis according to N196opt2.  When a tornado hits during Dyelander's anniversary celebration, Adam suggests the party goers tell their funniest Andrew stories to pass the time in N197.  When it comes to his turn, Adam tells about pulling a prank on Andrew shortly after they met.  Goes on an anti-corset campaign and suffers further annoyances in the Jane Austen-themed N198.  I mention his "My Dinner with Andrew" return in N199.  In CABB 3, several of us JABBers shared our favorite memories of Charles Rocket's various projects.  Adam figured into many of our recollections there.  Yvette spoke about how she related to Adam, Karen recalled his saving Alexander, I recalled his inspiring during a couple trying circumstances, and Liz spoke about her brotherly feelings towards the premier angel of death.  Recalled in the "200 Things I Have Learned from JABB" list found in N200.  Adam starts a football game at Andrew's birthday party recounted in N201Opt1.  Prompts Lady JenniAnn to suggest bypassing birthday cards featuring scantily clad women in N201Opt2.  In N203, I suggest creating a PowerPoint presentation highlighting his defense of Alexander.  Adam convinces Andrew to attend the Dyeland Halloween party in N204 and chooses their costumes.  Adam goes as King Arthur and Andrew as Sir Lancelot.  This, naturally, delights the Dyelander ladies.  I wrote a poem about his interactions with Tess and Alexander in the episode "An Unexpected Snow" which can be found in CABB 4.  Various incidents involving Adam acting very bizarrely make a list of things that will never happen in JABB found in N205.  At Lady Beth's prompting, Lady JenniAnn states that she sometimes finds it difficult to think of Adam as vulnerable in N206.  Adam figures into a few of the items in the drinking game in N207.  Attends Andrew's Christmas party in N208 where he performs the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song along with Andrew.  Adam's performance of "The Music of the Night" ranks as one of the "Top Ten Most Romantic Events to Happen in Dyeland" found in N212.  In N217, Adam teases Andrew during his date in the comic strip Yvette created.  CABB 5 features a top ten about what TBAA woulda been like with more Adam episodes and also an interview of Adam given by Yva and written by Yvette.  In N219, I state that singing "Jackson" with Adam is bound to get Tess riled.  Todd tries to discover whether Adam and Andrew intend to take him up on his AOD calendar offer in N220.  A concerned angel is outraged to learn that some (aka JenniAnn) call Adam "Luscious" and shares his/her outrage with the Angel of Angels in N221.  Featured in a couple of the really horrible Dyeland finale scenarios listed in N223.  In N224, Adam recalls seeking out Andrew after returning from the Vietnam War and the resulting football game.  LJA suggests helping him wrangle turkeys in N226.  I recall Adam's actions with Alexander in "An Unexpected Snow" and the way that impacted my life in CABB 6.  Yvette especially remembers Adam in "Fear Not!" in the same issue and how comforting his interaction with Serena is.  Liz also recalls Charles Rocket's portrayal of Adam, remembering especially his warm smile.  Adam is asked to write a school absence excuse note in N227 and using the opportunity to protect turkeys.  He also figures into a few of the school tips found in that issue.  While the other Dyelanders shop for gifts for Andrew on his birthday, Adam sets out to protect turkeys in N228.  Comforts angry Dyelanders by singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings" during his JABBy acceptance speech in N229.  Later in that same issue he also stands up for them against a bully.  The Dyelanders come together to throw Adam a surprise birthday party in CABB 7.  Adam receives several thoughtful gifts from this friends.  In Yvette's story in N231, Adam attends Willy's Halloween party dressed as grapes.  Later, he performs with the other AODs.  Andrew writes about Adam's hair in N232.  In N233, a Thanksgiving dinner hosts writes to Dear Annie Dru asking how to manage a turkey dinner when Adam's one of the guests.  In the same issue, Adam lists things he's thankful for.  In "Dream", Mick finds Adam watching over the young girl the P.I. was hired to find.  An astounded Beth offers to take the seemingly homeless angel to a place of worship.  In "Great Spirit", Adam comforts LJA when someone passes onto her a frightening view of the afterlife for those who commit suicide.  He assures her what she's been made to imagine is untrue and then consoles her when she reveals a secret.  In N235, Adam and Henry tease Andrew when he has to wear a Nutcracker costume during an assignment.  Unfortunately for them, they end up joining him.  I imagine how he, Andrew, and Henry would decorate a clubhouse in N237"The Masquerade Ball and Other Events" reveals that Adam was assigned to Andi and watching over her during the months when she was estranged from everyone else in Dyeland.  Later, Adam joins the rest of the AOD Band in wearing 1950s clothes at the party.  LJA interviews Adam about compassionate love in N239 and has some amusing and touching exchanges with him.  You can decide what instrument Adam plays by completing the madlib in N241.  Ditches "Dyeland" to pursue a movie career in N243.  In N245, I suggest making a booklet of him and other Dyeland fellas if you're gonna get stuck without access to JABB.  Adam, via Yvette, places two want ads in N246.  The first for help with turkey care and the second for a hot air balloon pilot.  Figures into my "Nor Iron Bars" recap also in N246.  Whilst trying to catch the menacing Emcee in the act in N247, Adam cracks jokes about the linens being launched from Andrew's balcony window.  Adam turns out to be the one who actually apprehends the Emcee.  In N248, I decide that an Andrew and Adam spin-off featuring a baby left on their doorstep would be fantastic!  Yvette's 2nd comic in N249 recalls Andrew's Adam-like hair.  In N250, I suggest writing songs about him or discussing him with a friend in order to get through severe weather scares.  Not surprisingly, Adam nets a few mentions in our nostalgic look back on 10 years of JABB found in N251.  N252 posits that if Andrew's mid-2008 beard had started a craze, Adam woulda been just fine cause he looks awesome with a beard.  One of Sarah's many visitors in "Make This Go On Forever."  Also in that story, Adam nearly ends up taking Josef Home.  Sarah is amused by his stories about his turkeys and touched as he speaks about his assignments.  Creating nicknames for him and turkey ballroom dancing are two Adam-related Olympic events discussed in N253.  The same issue also suggests Adam would search Olympic Village to ensure turkey was not served.  CABB 8 is full of remembrances of Adam's and Charles Rocket's impact on us.  It includes an Adam tribute video and essay from me, a comical guide for an Adam robot from Yvette, and a reflection on Adam's legacy from Liz.  Highlights include Adam's love of turkeys, his brotherly attachment to Andrew,  and the way, even now, Charles Rocket and his characters still brighten our days.  In N254Opt1 I'm grateful that I didn't include Adam in my Andrew blackout.  Promises to be at Andrew's birthday party in N255.  I speculate, in N256, that a President Andrew would enjoy pardoning turkeys because of his friendship with Adam.  His observed birthday is celebrated again in CABB 9.  There's a gift giving guide for him, birthday notes from some Dyelanders, and a story by Yvette in which Adam dreams that he's become Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels.  When Andrew shows the Dyelanders his new mini-van in N257, Adam notes his friend's disappointment and does his best to cheer him by pointing out that they can fit all the AOD Band gear in it.  The Dyelanders run into Adam while Halloween shopping in N258.  He was at the store interviewing for a job as the store Santa.  He aids the Dyelanders in helping a little boy find his mom.  Later, Adam attends the Halloween party dressed as Gulliver.  N259 features a top ten list about Adam's and Andrew's run for the presidency of Dyeland back in 2000.  It features revelations like that they produced their own attack ads about themselves, voted for each other, and that Princess JenniAnn was temporarily angry with Adam.  In N262 he does an amazing job as a store Santa Claus and brings many to tears.  Listed as one of Andrew's emergency contacts in N263.  Andrew interviews Adam about "celestial love" in N266.  After rescuing one of his shirts from Alexander, Adam shares about how love is universal and connects everyone.  Yva pens a fake TBAA script that has Adam and Andrew acting like The Odd Couple in N269.  Eben makes it seem like Andrew's passing responsibility for Dyeland off to Adam in N270.  In N271, Adam struggles to get Alexander out of his pen so he can repair it and is later astounded to find all the turkey pens fixed up.  Among the Dyelanders who visit Cora, Vincent's mother, in "Origins."  I imagine good ol' Adam supporting everyone and heading up a star-studded musical event to aid an imprisoned Andrew in a top ten found in N274.  In N276, Nicole and I ask the 8 Ball about our chances of getting Adam and Andrew to move into the empty house next to mine.  In N277, Andrew suggests Adam might help Eli dig up embarrassing things from his past.  N279 hints that a T-shirt designed to include Adam's nicknames is in the works.  In addition, Adam asks to have a nickname added to Andrew's shirt.  Figures into a couple of the Dyelanders' responses to the mock-Rorschach test in N280.  Adam's impact on our lives is mentioned by Liz, Yvette, and I as we give tribute to Charles Rocket's life in CABB 10.  It also contains a link to the in-progress Adam Nicknames shirt and a story by Yvette in which Adam and Yva find hope and healing in the wake of tragedy.  Figures into one of the party games from Andrew's birthday found in N282CABB 11 features birthday notes Dyelanders wrote to Adam as well as a newspaper article about his party and gifts.  In N285, he attends a Ren Faire with several other Dyelanders.  While there he shares a story about a duel he and Andrew once had and gets a bit angsty over the turkey legs on the menu.  Later in the story he dresses as a Ghostbuster for the Halloween party.  N286 finds Adam working as an NYPD detective cooperating with the district attorney's office to try and solve a series of attacks on the homeless, attacks that strike close to home since Andrew is among the homeless during that story.  When the story concludes in N287, Adam reveals his identity to Joe (his assignment) and is present when the attackers are caught and arrested.  However, his relief doesn't last very long when their last victim, Andrew, is rushed to the hospital.  In N291, I suggest putting "The Root of All Evil" onto a flannel-themed DVD set thanks to Adam's flannel shirt in that episode.  I insist he's better than Adam Sanders in N292.  In N293, we learn that Adam devised "Spin the Bottle- Dyeland Style."  In the same story, he's interviewed about love and humor.  Adam figures into loads of the favorite JABB members we compiled for N300.  In N302, I suggest a couple things that he and Andrew might experience during a Caribbean cruise with the Dyelanders.  Stupid Qs and As in N306 involve Adam's shoe size and twin...  Along with writing remembrances of how Adam touched our lives in CABB 12, a few of us also came up with lessons we learned from him and other Charles Rocket characters.  Adam joins many of the other Dyelanders on a cruise in N307.  Among other things, he and Andrew conspire to prank Tess during their times in the Bahamas.  As that story continues in N308, Adam designs a "tattoo" for Andrew and later organizes a scavenger hunt for his friends to distract them when things get a bit rocky.  CABB 13, celebrating Adam's birthday, contains Andrew's answers to questions he's asked about Adam.  In addition, there are some stupid questions and answers about Adam.  In N311, I share about how important Adam, Andrew, and Henry are to me.  His sentiments are taken into consideration in the Halloween costume top tens found in N312.  He, Eli, Henry, and Andrew have a sort of AOD pow-wow during the course of N313 ("Safe").  In addition, Adam becomes Andrew's designated driver when the later becomes too upset to drive.  Adam's wonderful...  In N314, I recalled hallucinating his beige sweater and Adam also figures into a couple items on the list of things Dyelanders were grateful for on Thanksgiving 2010.  In N315, Annie Dru handles questions about AOD Band wrapping paper and Adam's ability to play Santa.  N316 has Adam once again playing Santa at the Dyeland Christmas party and, later, Andrew imagines his buddy taking up the role for years and years to come.  Adam is referenced in one of the alternate titles for the TBAA episode "The One that Got Away" found in N317.  In "On This Side," Adam goes to get Andrew (who was on an assignment) and brings him back to Dyeland to help their friends grieve John.  In N320, Adam is interviewed along with Andrew by JenniAnn on how love figures into their work as angels of death.  He attends Andrew's 11th Dyeland anniversary party in N322 and helps prep a scavenger hunt for Andrew.  Adam must deal with space invaders in Dyeland in N324.  ;-)  Right...  In N325, Andrew and some of the girls are headed to NY to see Adam perform in a folk concert.  Cleverly uses some reverse psychology to get the Tunnel kids to sleep in N326.  The recipe in N327 mentions Adam holding back a Dyelander when they try to leap into Andrew's chair during his trial.  Adam, feeling musical, and Rose happen upon the surprising scene of JenniAnn cutting Andrew's hair in N328.  In N329, Andrew mentions Adam knitting.  He is present at the Dyelanders' 4th of July barbecue in N331.  In N332, Cindy writes of being confused by Adam's presence when she was expecting Andrew due to watching episodes out of order.  In the same issue, I wrote of seeing Andrew during John's very first appearance on TBAA and wishing he was Adam... then later doing a complete 180.  In CABB 14, Rebecca and I share some favorite memories of Adam and Yvette wrote a story following Adam as he counsels an assignment.  Adam is implicated in a crop circle appearance in a stupid Q and A from N335.  In N337, Adam ponders the state of Andrew's birthday candles, prompting Lady Beth and LJA to consider Andrew's plan to age.  We celebrated another of Adam's birthdays in CABB 15 with a list of reasons we're grateful for him and a quiz.  Dressed up as Hagrid for Halloween in N340, Adam tries to make sense of a sudden change in Andrew's life.  Rebecca mentions Adam's interactions with Alexander in "An Unexpected Snow" when she shares her TBAA-related holiday traditions in N341.  I also mention a poem I wrote about the AOD and his bird in that issue.  In N343, Adam gets dragged into Andrew's hypothetical caffeine addiction.  Gets a special mug in N346.  Attends Mick's birthday celebration in N348 and is also in Mick's wedding party.  N349 references Adam's work in "The Root of All Evil."  During a party for Andrew described in N350, Adam shares about Andrew's latest haircut.  In N351, Andrew recalls Adam's "Hallelujah" duet with Rose.  Gets dragged into my THC turkey logo whine in N354.  In N358, LJA confides to her friends that just envisioning Adam or another of their beloved AODs with the victims helps her when she hears of a terrible crime or violent event.  In N362, Andrew rereads a letter Adam had written him during a time Andrew and LJA had been on the outs.  Later in the story, Adam and LJA make plans for very important deliveries during Andrew's absence.  In JABB 363/CABB 16, I speculated about how much different (less good!) my life would have been had Charles Rocket not played Adam.  The origin of "Luscious" used for Adam is discussed briefly in N364.  In addition, there's a snippet about Adam having an assignment as a lawyer there.  CABB 17/ JABB 366 marks another celebration of Adam's birthday with a celebratory top ten and an ode to the AODs.  In N368, I suggest Adam be VP to President Andrew.  Per N371, in a pinch Andrew and Adam will use fruitcake as footballs.  In "Abide With Me", Adam tries to help his friends stay calm while Andrew is being held as a POW in Afghanistan.  Later, Adam works within the Army to try and find Andrew and his assignment, Max.  Upon their return, Adam becomes Andrew's physician.  Violeta has lots of questions after seeing Adam play Santa in N372.  We also learn there that Adam brought the big, fake Dyeland ballroom Christmas tree to them.  Later, Adam brings Max a very important message.  In N373, I once again mentioned how I initially didn't like Andrew because I wanted Adam back.  Adam travels to Orlando for a vacation with ten other Dyelanders in N376.  In N377, Andrew thanks Adam for finding him in Afghanistan.  According to N378, being able to give detailed accounts of Adam's and the other AODs' facial hair is a sign you may be a Dyelander.  In N379, Joshua tells Andrew about how, but for one January night in 1987, Adam would still be searching for his fellow AOD in Afghanistan.  In N382, I listed his "Sign of the Dove" stint as a reason to be happy about the S7 DVDs.  In N383, I suggest lines both unlikely and likely to be spoken by Adam in a hypothetical Dyeland finale.  In "Chava," Andrew reveals to LJA that he's spoken very little about his assignments during the Holocaust, not even with Tess, Monica, and Gloria.  In "Chava," Andrew reveals to LJA that he's spoken very little about his assignments during the Holocaust, not even with Tess, Monica, and Gloria.  In "Chava," Andrew reveals to LJA that he's spoken very little about his assignments during the Holocaust, not even saying much to Adam, Henry, or Eli.  Andrew describes a movie he jokingly says Adam and the other AODs should sue over in N386.  Snapped a photo of Andrew and herself that LJA is really fond of per "Ivy."  In N391/CABB 18, I shared reasons why I'm glad Charles Rocket was born and many of them tied into his performance as Adam.  It also contains a goofier list of ways to tell if Adam and Co. have stopped by your place.  N392 contains a description of a class he teaches in Dyeland.  Adam is present for Andrew's birthday celebration in N393.  Unlike many of the folks there, he realizes it's Andrew's final birthday before he starts aging.  JABB 394/CABB 19 celebrates Adam's birthday with some wishes from his fellow angels and Dyeland friends.  It also hypothesizes on what sorta role Adam might play in Dyeland's governance.  A handful of the trivia questions in N395 involve Adam. In N396, Adam surprises his friends by showing up dressed as Hagrid to join them for some Harry Potter themed trick-or-treating.  In N397, Adam spends an hour reassuring his turkeys that they can "fear not" during the Thanksgiving season.  "Shelter from the Storm" mentions Adam and the other AODs, along with Monica and Arthur, being on assignment in the Philippines following the typhoon.  In N399, Adam lists turkeys, good friends, people's reactions upon getting Home, and more as his favorite things.  Adam leads the group in a game of Philosophical Questions following Thanksgiving dinner in "The Truth."  In N404, Adam joins Henry and Eli in welcoming Annabelle with gifts.  Andrew gives a shout out to Uncle Adam in his address in N405.  In N407, I suggest other musicals the Dyelanders might try after JCS.  I predict that Adam as Tevye would lead to waterworks.  In N411, I explain how "An Unexpected Snow" led to Adam's inclusion in Dyeland.  In N413, Adam joins Andrew and Arthur in answering a number of questions about his work, hopes, fears, family, etc.  Unsurprisingly, turkeys nab some mentions!  Writing his questionnaire and the others makes it onto my list of favorite memories from JABB's 16th year found in N415.  N416 contains a description of his knitting class at Androoler U.  In "The Carpenter," Adam is cast as Pontius Pilate and the Apostle James in a production of Superstar that Andrew is directing.  With Joshua playing Jesus, Adam initially struggles with his role but all becomes clearer when he discovers that he has a past with Kylie, the young woman playing Claudia, Pilate's wife.  During rehearsals, Adam and Kylie become close which proves lifesaving when her abusive husband returns.  In "The King," Adam's friendship with Kylie and Clay deepens despite changes.  In addition, Joshua promotes him.  In a flash forward, Adam is the first to meet a very special person.  In N418, Adam offers a Labor Day related hint.  In N419, Adam, Eli, and Henry send Andrew birthday wishes and ask/demand to babysit Belle.  N420 contains a celebration of TBAA's 20th birthday so Adam figures in a bit.  In JABB 421/CABB 21, Adam's birthday was celebrated with messages from friends and a quiz.  It seems, per N422, that Adam, Eli, and Henry dressed as rock trolls for Halloween 2014.  Adam attends a ceremony at the veterans' hospital and the Dyeland Memorial Day cookout in "New Beginnings."  In "A Stor Mo Chroi," Adam makes good on his promise to Joshua.  He consoles Monica after she discovers that Arthur fathered a child but Adam also forces her to look at the matter realistically and selflessly.  In N424, Kylie and Clay write Adam a thank you note for being their friend.  He, in turn, co-writes Andrew, JenniAnn, Arthur, and Monica to thank them for making him an uncle.  Adam (and his TLS) gets you considerable sips in N425's drinking game.  In N426, Adam joins the entire JCS crowd in celebrating Christmas with Joshua and his family.  He also resumes his Santa gig with Kylie as his Mrs. Claus and Caleb appearing as Buddy the Elf.  In N427, Adam shares his New Year's resolutions to be a great stage husband to Kylie... and not tell her he went ring shopping with Clay.  Adam is more my type per 2003 me in N428.  Huh.  In N430, Adam helps settle things when Andrew and Violeta get into a heated discussion about "fixing" Silly.  Adam reveals that Joshua has given him the responsibility of counseling troubled angels.  He does this via a knitting therapy group.  Mary's and Silly's offspring would provide needed wool and Adam's charges could help care for the sheep.  In "Friend of My Soul," in a flashback, a critical Adam visits Andrew during his breakdown when he hid away from the Dyelanders.  In "The Never-Ending Road," Adam is a bit miffed over Kemara's mom's interpretation of the Friends.  Later, he discusses plans for Kemara's and Sean's wedding cake with them.  In "Here is My Heart," Adam attends Kemara's and Sean's wedding and reception.  In N431, during his annual address, Andrew congratulates Adam for his good work with his new responsibilities and charges.  In N434, I express my longing to see Adam's long hair.  Per N435, Adam's production of meat-like substances is carbon free!  Adam is among those who greet Kemara and Sean when they arrive for Seder in the Tunnels in "Morning Has Broken."  Two days later, he joins the Friends in celebrating Easter in the Fields of Gold.  Adam brings one of his famous cakes to Ivy's party in "A Graduation Surprise."  In "Glad Tidings, Part I," Kemara gushes over Adam whose meat-like substance she can continue to enjoy during her pregnancy when regular cold cuts are discouraged.  In "Shadowlands," Adam retrieves Max and Violeta from the comic book store and brings them to the hospital to be with Andrew after JenniAnn is shot.  Later, he spends time at Willowveil keeping an eye on the place with Clay and Kylie.  He leads a prayer service for JenniAnn in the Dyeland Chapel.  One of the answers in N439's Father's Day word search.  In N442, I reference Adam's, Clay's, and Kylie's triad anam cara relationship.  In "Hope and Healing," Andrew and JenniAnn are concerned for Adam after Clay and Kylie get married.  While there are bittersweet moments, Adam has a great time when the Friends go on vacation in North Carolina.  He ends up watching Belle for a night.  JABB 444/CABB 22 contains a few little known facts about Adam.  It also mentions that his recreational therapy classes for angels are now going full-force.  In "Crumbling Walls," Eilish meets Adam for the first time and talks knitting with him.  In "Triad," Adam is slightly out of sorts on Clay's and Kylie's wedding night but Joshua helps him through it.  After a talking to from Kylie, Adam begins to fully enjoy his honeymoon with the couple which includes visits to the Finger Lakes, Disneyland, Henry Doorly Zoo, and more.  JABB 447/CABB 23 celebrated Adam's observed birthday with an interview by LJA covering his AOD work, recreational therapy program, honeymoon with Clay and Kylie, and more.  In it, I also shared my thoughts on the Adam-centric story "Triad."  In "Forever and Always," Adam lends Emma and Peter his car for their date night during the NC trip.  Adam visits with Kemara and Sean when they wake up the morning after Nen's and Tzila's attack in "Glad Tidings, Part II."  Kylie shares her thankfulness for Adam in N450.  In N451, Andrew and JenniAnn decide how to handle Santa with Belle in part due to Adam's annual appearances as Santa.  He also figures into a few of the tropes discussed there.  In N452, Adam continues his tradition of playing Santa at True Light, the Phoenix, St. G's, Willowveil, etc.  Shares his hope for 2016 in N453.  Andrew alludes to Adam's meeting Behnam in his State of the Dyelanders Address in N454.  In N457, Adam writes to the Angel of Angels for advice on supporting Clay and Kylie who are trying to get pregnant.  Mentioned in a trope in N459 and his hypothetical saint patronage is also listed.  Found to be a Gryffinclaw hatstall in N460.  Hypothetical presidential candidate with veterans-focused agenda in N462Adam cedes his freedom to Kylie's unborn baby in N466.  He also figures into an American history quiz question found there.  Featured in the ABCs of the Dyeland Stories found in N470.  In JABB 473/ CABB 24, Adam spends his birthday morning and afternoon with Kylie who helps give him a very special present.  Participated in the Eighteen Things for Which the Friends and Dyelanders are Thankful list in N476He's among the Friends helping at the safe house in “Chrysalis.”  He also briefly reprises his role as Pontius Pilate.  In Pia's “Sinners and Saints,” Adam, Clay, and Kylie attend Halloween 2015 as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie, respectively.  In N479, at the Friends' Christmas party, Adam and Clay claim that Kylie's pregnancy cravings are causing them to eat more.  He’s cast as Archibald in The Secret Garden in “These are My Dreams.”  I suggest a podcast for him in N486.  He also shares his favorite way to relax there.  Kylie mentions leaving Ada-Marie alone for the first time in N489.  Thankfully, she was with Uncle Adam.  N495 reveals that Adam had to start making lamb-like substance for Passover after Violeta freaked out.  It's also mentioned there, in a scene from the abandoned Dyeland finale, that Adam was with Catherine during a difficult surgery.  Figures into a Dyeland-themed quiz in N496Figures into some of the work-related tropes listed in N497N498 suggests a birthday gift he might give Andrew.  He's mentioned in the JABB history test found in N500.  In N502, Rose is concerned about screening a spooky movie at the Willowveil Halloween party lest it offend Adam and the other AODs.   I gave an update, as of Nov. 2017, on Adam in N505.  Adam again dons the red suit and beard in N506 on Christmas Eve.  Prior to that, he helped decorate Kylie's and Clay's church.  Adam briefly takes over Andrew's computer in N508Figures into a winter trope described there.  Inspires an item on N509's list of 55 lessons I've learned in thanks to John Dye.  In "Cupid and Psyche," Adam attends the Friends/El-Chananites picnic.  N511 lists possible superhero alter-egos for assorted Dyelanders and Friends including Adam.  He gets mentioned in the Irish-themed tropes discussed in N512In N514, in an excerpt from the abandoned Dyeland finale, Adam is among the angels who gather in Dyeland to bid Andrew farewell.  In N522, I shared Andrew's Season 7 scrapbook which references Adam.  Adam and Kylie are among the Friends who helped prepare Avalon for Benson's burial in "Immortality."  In "Broken Hallelujahs," Adam reprises his role as Pilate in JCS and comforts Kylie and other Friends when the Catholic sex abuse scandal hits close to home.  N531 mentions that some of the angels from Adam's recreational therapy program help Andrew with his carpentry work.  It also notes he's been doting on Ada-Marie as she adjusts to being a big sister.  In N533, Adam and Kylie again don their Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes for the FS party.  In the "Checking In" portion of N537, Andrew and JenniAnn recall the night Adam chaperoned them upon the former's return from Afghanistan.  In the "Sacred" part, Wahkan hopes Andrew will talk to Adam about taking an additional angel into his recreational therapy program.  In N542, Andrew answered a question about his friendships with Sam, Adam, Monica, and Tess.  In N544, I shared some of Andrew's scrapbook pages about his angelic friends including Adam.  In a story excerpt in N549, Takoda mulls over his volunteer work with Adam.  Adam gets a mention in the Season 9 poem in N552.  In N553, I mention a plotline I considered concerning Andrew and JenniAnn getting tricked into believing Adam had fallen.  In N556, I revisit a Thanksgiving poem about Adam, Tess, and Alexander.  N558 provides a year-end update on Adam, Kylie, Clay, Ada-Marie, Felix and many other Friends.  In "The Messiah," Takoda reminisces about his work with Adam.  Later, Adam attends Bible study with the Friends and properly introduces himself to the Khalids.  In N559, Adam resumes his Santa duties during the Friends' Christmas celebrations.  He also joins several of the male Friends in singing a song to honor John during the group's Christmas caroling party.  In N564, JenniAnn wants to contact Adam when Andrew injures his back but a proud Andrew is less enthused by the idea.  In N567, I provide a link to an Andrew and Adam themed jigsaw puzzle.  Figures into a trope discussed in N568Figures into N570 where I examined how the Hays Code might have changed Dyeland stories.  In "God in the Gloom," Adam takes part in the Friends' virtual JCS Q and A.  In N579, he shared a couple facts about Andrew in honor of his observed birthday.  In N580, I imagined that Adam might be leading Zoom knitting classes during COVID.  Mentioned in a random trope I covered in N584 In "You'll Never Walk Alone," Takoda tells Joccy about how he came to be in Adam's recreational therapy program.  In N596, Violeta asks JenniAnn a number of questions about romance, sex, and anam caras which brings up brief discussion of Adam, Clay, and Kylie.  In N597, JenniAnn surmises that Andrew lashed out at Adam during the assignment with Ben Mason because he was really angry at God but Adam was safer.  In N605, Andrew suggests JenniAnn start a therapy program for angels, similar to Adam's.  Mentioned in a spooky Dyeland trope discussed in N607In "A Thousand Years," Adam visits Willowveil the day after Andrew and JenniAnn return to the hospital.  He takes part in the group therapy Jamie is working on with Aziraphale in JenniAnn's stead.  In N626, in a Pride Month edition of "Ask a JABB Co-Founder," I address the question of whether Clay, Kylie, and Adam are meant to represent polyamory.  There isn't a clear answer.  In "The Shepherd," Adam reprises his role as Pontius Pilate in JCS at St. G's.  He excitedly welcomes another Claudia when Kylie decides to go part-time.  In N638, I share characters' favorite Christmas traditions and playing Santa is Adam's.  In N647, I explain a bit about how I chose his last name for the Dyeland/Asteriana stories.  Adam comes up in the first random trope discussed in N652(N26, 46, 52, 70, 74, 94, 95, 114, 146, 176, 190opt1, 196opt1, 218, 238, 275, 290, 298, "In the Palm of His Hand", "The Altar", 347, 353, 365, 385, "The Coffee Summit", 400, 409, 445, 492, 518, 601, 642, 646) *Adam

Adam Sanders- Not to be confused with Charles Rocket's Adam, this is John's character in The Perfect Weapon.  The meaning of his name (some variant on "man") is discussed briefly in N17.  I reviewed the movie in N20.  Subject of a poem in N156.  Sends a certificate for free karate lessons from his brother to John via Andrew in N184.  In N270, Eben-as-Andrew suggests that the Dyelanders become the John/Adam Bucket Brigade named after this fellow.  Yvette and I briefly pretend to talk to him N292.  Figures into the John's birthday test in N347.  I mention the DVD release of The Perfect Weapon in N354.  In N355, I fess up to tearing up over this film.  The addition of a photo gallery for Adam is mentioned in N377.  Inspires travel bingo item in N384.  Figures into one of the birthday games in N455N590 contains a link to a crossword featuring key words from John Dye's career.  Adam is included.  (N9, 16, 30)

Adila- Belle's birth mother.  In "The King," Joshua tells Andrew and JenniAnn of how Badriya and Behnam had a younger sister who was adopted by cousins and raised in America after Badriya gave up the chance to go herself.  Adila fell in with a bad crowd and started using drugs.  Despite her parents' attempts to help, the behavior continued and Adila got pregnant from a one night stand.  Knowing her parents would be angry, Adila hid the pregnancy and then abandoned her daughter in the alley where Andrew found her.  In "Hope and Healing," Andrew explains to Behnam and Isra that Adila is Belle's birth mother... thus making them Belle's uncle and aunt.  In N452, Joshua gives Behnam a family photograph in which Adila is a baby.  Mentioned in a random trope I covered in N584. *Adila

Adrian's Coffeehouse- Popular hangout spot for the Dyelanders and Co.  Located in New York City (seemingly Manhattan).  Although apparently it was once located in the Bronx since in N286 and N287, it was across the street from the Phoenix.  (Oops.)  So I'm just gonna go ahead and say that Adrian originally ran it out of her house but then bought an actual storefront once she had the finances.  Andrew and Co. take Kemara there for brunch shortly after meeting her per "Ivy."  The group also throws a welcome party to Arthur there which is alluded to in  "The Coffee Summit."  Owen and JenniAnn take "Chava" there right after meeting her.  Apparently this is a thing with them...  In "The Carpenter," Andrew and JenniAnn throw a party there for those who supported and helped them when Belle first arrived.  Emma and Peter have their first pseudo-date there.  Per Emma, they have the best double chocolate scones.  Later on, she meets Maryam there for a visit.  Still later, Joshua and JenniAnn pick up lunch from there, unwittingly observed by Arthur who has his epiphany upon seeing them.  Adrian herself appears a couple times in the story.  Emma, Jocelyn, and Zoe are reunited there in an epilogue from "The King."  In the 2037 segment of "A Stor Mo Chroi," Liam goes to pick Belle up from there after she has an unfortunate date.  In "The Never-Ending Road," Kemara and Sean meet there to begin discussion of their pre-wedding assessment.  Later on, the Friends throw them a wedding shower there.  Adrian catered Kemara's and Sean's wedding reception food in "Here is My Heart."  Adrian's caters the McCallum family Mother's Day celebration in "Glad Tidings, Part I."  In "Shadowlands," Catherine and JenniAnn have lunch there right before the latter is shot.  Sean promises Kemara an Italian sandwich from there for after the babies are born in "Glad Tidings, Part II."  In N452, Edward takes Zadie there for dinner.  In N456, Sy and Ivy seek refuge at Adrian's on Valentine's following an encounter with racists.  Adrian herself counsels and comforts the young couple.  Mention of Adrian's nets one sip in the revised drinking game in N477We get a glimpse of Owen's and Graham's first date there in “Chrysalis.”  Adrian herself teases the two when she has to kick them out at closing time.  Caters Sean’s graduation party in  “These are My Dreams.”  "Immortality" mentions the Friends having brunch there after church.  In "Broken Hallelujahs," Mason reunites with his parents there.  In "The Messiah," Max and Ibrahim arrange for their first unofficial counseling session to happen there.  In "The Shepherd," Joshua and Mason share lunch there while preparing for the 2022 JCS production.  ("Hope and Healing," JABB 473/ CABB 24)  *Adrian's

Mrs. Aggie Everly- In N415, I list meeting her and several other characters from "The Carpenter" as among my favorite memories of JABB's 16th year.  Joshua befriends her and helps with repairs at her apartment.  After he moves out of Pleasantview Apartments where Aggie resides, Joshua keeps in touch with her and invites her to a showing of Jesus Christ Superstar.  In "The King," Joshua invites Aggie to the cast party and escorts her back to her apartment where she tells him how lonely and longing for Home she is.  Joshua promises that she will be with him in Paradise before the year is out.  In "A Stor Mo Chroi" it's revealed that Aggie passed away and her boy was found with two emptied bowls of Froot Loops, one for her and one for Joshua.

Aida Azizi- Introduced in "The Messiah," she's imam Ibrahim's mother.  When Ibrahim was a young boy, Aida's husband, Frank, walked out on his family.  Aida leaned on her son and encouraged him to study to become an imam.  After her death, Ibrahim stuck with it even though it wasn't an ideal fit.  Later, he realizes his mother knew Joshua. 

Aiyla Al-Mitra- Behnam's and Isra's older child.  Big sister to Omar and cousin to Belle.  She's introduced in "Hope and Healing."  Aiyla was born in Afghanistan while her parents were still living under Behnam's uncle's control.  She's dearly loved by her parents despite others' disappointment that she was born a girl.  After a great deal of struggle, the Al-Mitras immigrated to the U.S. and Aiyla, for the most part, only remembers life there.  A chance meeting with Belle reunites the family with Andrew and the cousins are promised a life together.  Aiyla and Omar are also adopted as grandchildren by Catherine and Vincent.  Befriends Eilish in "Crumbling Walls."  In N445, Behnam writes Andrew a birthday note and shares about the joy he's brought to Aiyla and Omar.  In "Forever and Always," Aiyla hugs Belle while playing which makes Liam jealous.  The two older kids start squabbling as Omar cries and Belle sinks to the floor with a seizure.  While comforting Belle, Emma helps Aiyla and Liam realize that they're all cousins, not just cousins with Belle.  Vincent shares his gratitude for his grandkids in N450.  In N452, Aiyla enjoys making French toast with Joshua who she learns the true identity of shortly thereafter.  She then celebrates her first Christmas among the Friends.  Andrew celebrates the Al-Mitras arrival in his State of the Dyelanders Address in N454Sorted into Gryffindor House in N460Figures into an Earth Day trivia question in N461 Figured into Mother's Day trivia quiz in N462.  Appa Vincent mentions her in his questionnaire in N463 In JABB 473/ CABB 24, Adam happily reflects on how many more children are part of Dyeland life, including Aiyla.  Aiyla chose Cinderella for her Halloween 2016 costume per N474Mentioned in the "Chrysalis" excerpt in N475Participated in the Eighteen Things for Which the Friends and Dyelanders are Thankful list in N476In “Chrysalis,”  Aiyla is excited to welcome her new baby sibling.  She also becomes best friends with a little girl named Daisy.  In N483, we get a glimpse of an adult Aiyla in 2035.  While she and Liam are doing charity work in another country, Aiyla calls Daisy who is in Rome as Jacob's manager.  Aiyla makes a discovery about Daisy and Jacob.  Aiyla is mentioned in a trope in N489Figures into a Dyeland-themed quiz in N496She's mentioned in the JABB history test found in N500 I gave an update, as of Nov. 2017, on her and Daisy's friendship in N505Aiyla attends her parents' vow renewal in "Cupid and Psyche."  In "Immortality," Aiyla supports Daisy through her father's funeral.  She's also present when her friend learns that Josef is a vampire.  N532 mentions Daisy's continued best friendship with Aiyla as well as Salma's continued dedication to her family, including her niece.  In "Remembrance," Ivy and Violeta give Andrew and JenniAnn a much needed break when they take Belle to a play-date with Aiyla, Omar, Daisy, and Manny.  N558 provides a year-end update on Isra, Behnam, Salma, Aiyla, Omar, Aurora, and many others.  In "The Messiah," Daisy, Aiyla, and her siblings make some new friends while playing with Iz, Amala, and Christopher.  In N559, Isra, Behnam, and their children celebrate Christmas with Joshua and the Friends.  In N579, she shared a fact about Andrew in honor of his observed birthday.  In N586, JenniAnn gets emotional as she introduces Amelia to the Al-Mitra side of the family via their Christmas ornaments since they can't see each other in person.  In "Flowers Never Bend," Belle is confused about what's happening when the U.S. Capitol is stormed and Andrew assures her that their family members, including the Al-Mitras are safe.  In N593, I shared some of my hopes for the Dyelanders and Friends as the COVID vaccines began to roll-out, including reuniting the Al-Mitra and Chandler-Darcy cousins.  In N650, I explain why her name was chosen.  (N582)   *Aiyla

A/J- This is usually used as a way of quickly writing "Andrew and/or John". However, in N66 he was an actual character in the "in-between" world. He had to try and referee the argument between JenniAnn and Audrey. The best way to explain him is: on Earth Andrew is just a character played by John Dye. In Dyeland Andrew is a real angel whose story is told on TBAA and John portrays him. In the in-between world A/J is both Andrew and John in one person. Sorta a split-personality thing. It's important to note that N66 was an April Fool's joke so nothing, not even A/J, that was spoken of happened or existed on either Earth or Dyeland and is not part of JABB's "official" story.

Alex Brewer- The boyfriend of Dawn, an assignment of Andrew's, in N264.  He murders her after she learns he's married and threatens to tell his wife.  Andrew, Monica, Tess, Adam, and some of the Dyelanders help to bring him to justice.  (N266)

Alexander- The turkey Adam saves in "An Unexpected Snow."  The inspiration for Ted and Tom the turkeys (see their entries below in the T section).  There's also an entry entitled simply "Turkeys" for all references to turkeys that are not specifically identified as Alexander, Ted, or Tom.  Adam's care for him is fondly recalled by authors of CABB 2.  "Rescued turkeys", a reference to Alexander in "An Unexpected Snow," are mentioned in N181's "La Vie 'Angel' Fan."  I recall the famed turkey-rescue scene when speaking of Charles Rocket during my annual address in N185.  Alexander's story is again recalled, this time with a limerick, in N187.  In N193, I recall his interaction with Adam in "An Unexpected Snow" after quoting a very brief journal entry I wrote after seeing that episode for the first time.  Both Karen and I recall Adam's deliverance of him in CABB 3.  I suggest making a PowerPoint about he and Adam in N203.  I wrote a poem about him and Adam in CABB 4.  According to CABB 5, Alexander and Adam joining Andrew in "Venice" woulda made the episode more watchable.  I recall making the little Adam and Alexander angels and the feelings they evoke in CABB 6.  According to Yvette in CABB 8, there are robot versions of Alexander available from Celestial Realm Inc.  Getting a professional photo taken of Alexander and his relations is one of the gift ideas for Adam discussed in CABB 9.  Steals a shirt from Adam in N266.  Acts quite disobediently towards Adam in N271.  In N288, Adam writes Santa requesting help in protecting Alexander from Tess.  In N293, Adam tells about how Alexander broke into his kitchen.  According to Andrew in N300, Adam penned a comic about Alexander and Co. for the Dyeland paper.  Dude escaped on Henry according to N308.  Figures into a stupid answer to a stupid question in CABB 13.  In N314, the Dyelanders are grateful that their guilt-free TLS Thanksgiving dinner enables em to freely play with this turkey and his buds. Shares his gratitude for his savior in CABB 15.  As Rebecca recounts her TBAA-related holiday memories in N341, she mentions Alexander.  I also mention a poem I wrote about the AOD and his bird in that issue.  Figures into a prank I suggest in JABB 363/CABB 16.  In CABB 17/ JABB 366 I recount, in an ode, seeing Adam's rescue of Alexander for the first time.  Alexanders III and IV net a mention in JABB 394/CABB 19.  Apparently the original Alexander's tribe has increased.  In N411, I explain how Adam's endearing interaction with Alexander inspired me to include Adam in Dyeland stories.  Adam gives having more quality time with Alexander as one of his dreams in N413.  In N418, it seems Alexander may have at some point tampered with Adam's work!  In his birthday message found in JABB 421/CABB 21, Joshua mentions Adam's care for Alexander and Co.  JABB 444/CABB 22 reveals the origins, pre-Alexander, of Adam's fondness for turkeys.  Shares what he's thankful for in N450In N556, I revisit a Thanksgiving poem about Adam, Tess, and Alexander.  In N647, I explain a bit about how I chose names in the Dyeland/Asteriana stories.  Adam's surname is in tribute to Alexander.  (N87 "The Carpenter", JABB 447/CABB 23)  *Alexander

ALF- 80s icon. Whilst in an 80s flashback, the JABB authors wish to bring him back in N108.  Recalled in the "200 Things I Have Learned from JABB" list found in N200.  Andrew has to explain that he does know ALF in N295.

Alfie- In "The Carpenter," Alfie (an angel) is the trombonist in the Jesus Christ Superstar that Tess calls together.  Alfie and his fellow band-mates receive gifts from Joshua in "The King."  In "Shadowlands," Alfie and the rest of the orchestra come to Willowveil to help the Friends prepare a show to benefit JenniAnn after she's shot.  He performs at Max's adoption party in "Hope and Healing."  In "The Messiah," all the members of the JCS band return for a prayer vigil at St. G's. *Alfie

Alisa- During a rescue mission, Andrew sees Alisa and a friend being chatted up by one of the traffickers in “Chrysalis.”  Andrew scares the man off but Alisa winds up pulled into human trafficking, anyway.  Joshua and Co. work with her mother to rescue her.

Allison Chandler- JenniAnn's mother.  Robert's wife.  JenniAnn talks about a Halloween music box her mom bought her in N149.  Though the story there is fictional, the spider is not and really is my most-prized Halloween decor.  There are brief glimpses of her in Vincent's letter, found on the Author's Cut, entitled "How Vincent Met Psyche."  In N289, LJA reveals that her mother called her soon after she'd parted from Andrew that first night she learned he was homeless.  Needless to say, Allison was upset by her daughter's pain which prompted her to wonder if her relationship with Andrew was healthy.  And with that mindset... Allison and her husband, Robert, came to Dyeland for Christmas.  LJA makes a couple references to her parents in "The Butterfly".  On the Dyeland Census form, she's listed as one of LJA's emergency contacts in N296.  In N310, Andrew references having to rescue LJA from a college party one night when she and Robert were out of town.  In an excruciatingly awkward conversation with LJA's grandma in Guess Who's Coming for Coffee?, Andrew learns about how Allison and Robert struggled to conceive.  In "Song of Songs," Allison and Robert reunite JenniAnn with Vincent in the Tunnels.  While there, they ask Vincent to be her godfather.  "Possibilities" recounts some of the behind the scenes drama amongst LJA's four parental types (Allison, Robert, Catherine, and Vincent) after she first returned to Dyeland and befriended Andrew.  Kemara, JenniAnn, and Violeta stay with Robert and Allison during most of the events of "Ivy."  Allison relishes the hosting gig and takes to making lunches for Andrew and the girls to take to the school where they're working.  In N398, both LJA and Ivy thank God for Allison and Robert.  Attends Ivy's Christmas pageant in N400 with her husband.  Allison gets to fawn over her much-desired granddaughter in N404.  In "The Carpenter," Allison and Robert often babysit Belle during JCS rehearsals and shows.  While initially concerned about LJA and Co. moving Joshua in with them, the couple begin to realize there's something more to him after they take in a showing.  Before spending a day babysitting Belle in "The King," Allison and Robert reach a conclusion about Joshua.  Later, both participate in their granddaughter's baptism.  In N426, Allison and Robert host Doreen and Mark and the Morettis so they can spend as much time as possible with Joshua during his Christmas stay in Dyeland.  While her parents move the remainder of Andrew's stuff to Willowveil, Belle gets to enjoy a day at the zoo with Grandma Allison and Grandpa Robert in "Friend of My Soul."  Ivy thanks Allison and the rest of "Ivy's Village" in "A Graduation Surprise."  In "Shadowlands," a distraught Allison lashes out when she learns Andrew can't tell her anything about whether a recently shot JenniAnn will live or die.  Later, as JenniAnn's coma drags on, Allison and Robert reveal that they're still not 100% supportive of Andrew's and JenniAnn's lifestyle.  In "Hope and Healing," Allison and Robert travel to North Carolina to join the Friends in celebrating JenniAnn's 33rd birthday.  In "Glad Tidings, Part II," Andrew and Sean talk more about Allison's and Robert's behavior while JenniAnn was hospitalized.  In N452, Allison and Robert host some of the older Friends for Christmas and attend the Christmas pageant at St. G's.  Sorted into Hufflepuff House in N460 Figured into Mother's Day trivia quiz in N462Vincent mentions Allison in his questionnaire in N463 In N479, we learn a bit about the "custody arrangement" that Robert and Allison had with Vincent over Psyche/JenniAnn.  Naturally, LJA's parents get mentioned in a couple parental tropes found in N489.  Belle spends the night with her Grandma Allison and Grandpa Robert in "Cupid and Psyche" so Andrew and JenniAnn can celebrate their anniversary in private.  Her and Robert's concerns about Andrew and JenniAnn are mentioned in a trope dissected in N520.  Her angst over Andrew is touched upon during a trope discussion in N525.  She's present for Avi's wedding in "Sunshine and Snow."  In N539, JenniAnn and Isolde very briefly borrow Robert's and Allison's home and car for an important errand.  In N543, Allison is mentioned in a parent-child themed trope.  In "The Messiah," Allison and Robert go to the Tunnels to help watch the Friends' children after a shooting Above.  N571 contains a draft of the first few scenes of a story I'm working on in which the Friends deal with the COVID pandemic.  Allison appears in it.   In "God in the Gloom," Allison and Robert move to Willowveil for the COVID lockdown so they can be with JenniAnn and her family.  Drama ensues.  In N586, Allison and Robert are present when Joshua returns to Willowveil for Christmas.   In "At Last," Andrew is grateful that Allison and Robert are babysitting on Halloween night so he can focus on a distressed JenniAnn.  In "When the West Wind Moves," Allison, Robert, Nico, and Raquel are watching Andrew's and JenniAnn's kids when they go to the Fields of Gold for a night away.  In N601, JenniAnn's cousin, Veronica, becomes irate when Allison and JenniAnn decline to come to her wedding shower during COVID.  In "A Thousand Years," Raquel and Nico host Allison and Robert so they can be nearby but give Andrew and JenniAnn space as they recuperate.  Allison is at JenniAnn's hen party and helps her try on her blessing dress.  Mentioned in a trope discussed in N620. In N639, JenniAnn mentions Andrew and Violeta bickering a bit when the latter was taking too long with her makeup prior to a visit to JenniAnn's parents' house for cookie decorating.  (N313 ("Safe"), 320, 414, "A Stor Mo Chroi," "And Then There Were Four," N528, 550, 564, 618, "The Shepherd," 649)  *Allison

Alyssa Thurrian- Alyssa is introduced in "Ivy."  Alyssa began making life hellish for her classmate, Ivy.  When Ivy and Alyssa both take part in a summer program at JenniAnn's alma mater, Andrew (who is teaching a session) notices the bullying and becomes determined to help save Ivy from Alyssa's cruelty.  Her bullying nets a reference in N470's school tropes.  ("The Carpenter")

Amala Khalid- The daughter of Raheem and Hura and big sister to Iz. 
She appears in another excerpt from "The Messiah" in N557N558 provides a very brief update on Amala.  In "The Messiah," Amala is introduced as a popular fifteen year old with a good relationship with her parents and little brother.  She's recently started spending time with Christopher, a classmate.  Hura is initially concerned about their religious differences (Christopher being Christian and the Khalids Muslim) but events in the Khalid family's lives put those concerns to rest.  In N559, Amala and her family celebrate their first Christmas with Joshua and the Friends.  Amala and Christopher share a special moment.  In "The Shepherd," Amala helps Monica with costumes during the 2022 JCS production at St. G's.  In "The Lost Sheep," overhearing a conversation between Amala and Joshua helps Ed realize that Joshua fully knows who he is.  (N582)  *Amala

Amanda- Joy’s early intervention specialist in “These are My Dreams.”.  She’s also a Tunnel Helper.

Amber-Marie Sayer Kostan, M.D.- Dr. Sayer is the psychiatrist Emma begins seeing in "The King."  She saw the JCS production at St. Genesius' and loved it.  Dr. Sayer tries her best to keep her patients comfortable and her lobby looks more like a living room.  In "A Stor Mo Chroi," Monica and Arthur decide to take Liam to Dr. Sayer since Emma highly recommends her.  In "Forever and Always," Emma visits Dr. Sayer to discuss why she's still unable to set a wedding date with Peter.  Some weeks later, Dr. Sayer gets an important bit of mail from Emma and Peter.  In N475, I posted the first part of "Chrysalis" which featured Emma and Joshua visiting Dr. Sayer's office to ask them to help at the safe house.  Participated in the Eighteen Things for Which the Friends and Dyelanders are Thankful list in N476“Chrysalis” begins with Joshua and Emma paying Dr. Sayer and Gayle a visit.  We learn how the two met and see them become part of the Friends as they help them combat human trafficking.  Amber-Marie finds the family she's been looking for.  In N479, Amber-Marie is present as Joshua and the Friends swap stories of treasured Christmas memories.  Figures into a trope discussed in N481 In N483, a flash forward to 2035 reveals that Daisy is looking forward to getting married and having kids and seeing her Mom and Dad gush over their grandbabies.  New-mom Amber-Marie is mentioned in one of the parent/child tropes in N489Figures into one of the work-related tropes listed in N497A partnership between her CC and Catherine's Phoenix Inn is mentioned in N504.   I gave an update, as of Nov. 2017, on Amber-Marie in N505On Christmas Eve, Nick and Gayle have a heart-to-heart with Amber-Marie in N506She figures into one of the parental-themed tropes discussed in N516In "Immortality," Amber-Marie and Josef continue to adjust to living together and raising Daisy.  Amber-Marie's feelings for Josef become more difficult to hide.  Thankfully, they wind up married!  I introduced "Immortality" in N523.  Amber-Marie attends a meeting with the NYC archbishop, following news of predatory behavior by his priest nephew, along with Joshua and several Friends in "Broken Hallelujahs." N532 gives an update on Josef, Amber-Marie, and Daisy following the couple's wedding and honeymoon to Disney World with their daughter.  In N533, she attends the FS Christmas tea with Daisy and Josef.  She's mentioned in a couple of the love-themed tropes discussed in N538Figures into another trope in N550N558 provides a year-end update on Josef, Amber-Marie, Daisy, and many other Friends.  In "The Messiah," Amber-Marie attends a prayer vigil at St. G's with Josef and Daisy.  Later, she offers a new Friend a job at the Chrysalis.  Figures into N570 where I examined how the Hays Code might have changed Dyeland stories.  Amber-Marie is mentioned in a trope covered in N577In "God in the Gloom," Amber-Marie joins many of the Friends taking part in a Zoom call to plan for COVID.  In "You'll Never Walk Alone," Zoe tells Joccy that Amber-Marie has insisted she call if she needs to talk as she deals with the fall-out of Joccy's mental health crisis.  In N593, I shared some of my hopes for the Dyelanders and Friends as the COVID vaccines began to roll-out, including for Josef, Amber-Marie, and Daisy.  Figures into one of the Four Loves tropes discussed in N616(N430, "Glad Tidings, Part I," "Hope and Healing," N492, "Cupid and Psyche," "Sunshine and Snow")  *Dr. Sayer *Amber-Marie

Amelia Remus- Rose's little daughter who appears in a Christmas vision found in N316.  She and her brother, Landon, think of Andrew as an uncle which... oops.  He's actually their grandpa and they think of him as such.  Mentioned, though not by name, in N383. An answer to one of the questions in N395.  Amelia appears very briefly in a flash forward to Avi's wedding in "Sunshine and Snow."  In N586, JenniAnn introduces a newborn Amelia to her extended family via Christmas ornaments since they're not able to gather due to COVID.  We also learn that Rose gave birth to Amelia at Willowveil due to the pandemic.  In N593, I shared some of my hopes for the Dyelanders and Friends as the COVID vaccines began to roll-out, including for Max, Rose, and their kids.  In N605, with COVID rates rising again, JenniAnn frets about exposing the litte kids, Amelia included.  In "A Thousand Years," Amelia and her family temporarily move back to Willowveil to be with Andrew and JenniAnn after a demonic attack.  In "The Shepherd," Amelia attends the 2022 JCS planning meeting with her parents and grandparents.  She also gets to spend quality time with Joshua.  (N606), 618*Amelia

Amiela- One of the angels who helped guard Nogah and later El-Chanan in "Shadowlands." 

Amory- Mississippi hometown of John Dye. Inspiration for JC Amory's name in N142.  N349 was actually sent from Amory.  In N350, I tell people about the previous newsletter being sent from there.  In N438, as I bid my first laptop adieu, I mentioned writing JABB from there.  Trivia answer in N455N590 contains a link to a crossword featuring key words from John Dye's life and career.  Amory is included.  (N3, 14, 28, 292)  *Amory

Amy- A relative newcomer to the Tunnels, Amy is one of JenniAnn's students.  "The Scientist" is about JenniAnn's growing concern that the young girl suffers from anorexia.  Amy's struggles force JenniAnn to confront her own past.  Amy is also the girlfriend of another of JenniAnn's students: Hareton.  In N316, Andrew has a vision of the future in which Amy is on the Tunnel Council.  Amy and Hareton are among the high school sweethearts mentioned in N470She helps care for Ian and Joy in the Tunnel nursery in “These are My Dreams.”

Anahera- In the flash forward in "The Lost Sheep," Anahera is Ed's and Steve's little girl.  She bravely faces Iggy to defend her fathers against his slights.  In N643, Anahera gets to stay with Andrew and JenniAnn at Willowveil while Steve rushes to an out-of-town and troubled Ed.  *Anahera

Analyn Castillo- In “Chrysalis,” she and her husband, Marlon, escape domestic servitude and seek refuge at the CC following abuse by their "employers."

Ana-Maria Brughetti- In "Broken Hallelujahs," she's introduced as Kyle's former girlfriend.  He gave her up upon entering the seminary but she swiftly returns to him when he leaves after being raped by one of his priest-professors.  Ana-Maria is extremely supportive of Kyle and quickly fits in amongst the Friends and El-Chananites.   In "Sunshine and Snow," she's at Avi's and Evie's wedding where Fr. Kyle and Fr. Mike are officiating.  In N533, she gets pranked by John and later takes part in the Friends' Christmastime adventures including some caroling.  Figures into a trope in N550 In "The Messiah," Ana-Maria is among the Friends who gather at the hospital after the shooting at the Manhattan Mosque.  In N559, Ana-Marie celebrates Christmas with Joshua and the Friends.  In "A Thousand Years," she and Kyle help prepare for Andrew's and JenniAnn's blessing ceremony.  In "The Shepherd," Ana-Maria and Kyle choose their wedding date.  *Ana-Maria

Anam cara- This, like the Friends one, is an entry that I won't be regularly updating because at this point every story and several of the newsletters somehow involve anam caras.  In short, "anam cara" is a Celtic phrase meaning "soul friend."  Joshua first used the term in "The Carpenter" to describe Andrew's and JenniAnn's relationship although they are far from the only anam caras in the Dyeland stories.  In "The King," we learn that Shelby will eventually author a book series entitled The Anam Cara Chronicles.  I provide a handy chart differentiating it from marriage in N442.  N449 takes a look at how things might be if The Anam Cara Chronicles was an actual TV show.

Ancient scrolls- They were found previous to N67 by a camper and their prophesies were given in that issue.

Andi Henderson- Originally Andi was a strictly JABB YahooGroup character.  She was Nigel's first modern-day assignment.  She was then welcomed into Dyeland.  Unfortunately, she became dangerously obsessed with Vincent.  When it became obvious Vincent had every intention of marrying his longtime lover, Catherine, Andi switched her attentions to Nigel.  She continued to have a crush on him and because of her outrageous and harmful behavior was, for a long time, avoided by the Dyelanders.  Monica began to work to help her.  Nigel references the troubles with her in N233.  Nigel has to make his visit to a London toy shop very short in N235 in order to avoid running into Andi.  Outside of the YG, Yvette's "The Masquerade Ball and Other Events" gives the most thorough account of Andi's history with the Dyelanders and what became of her after the initial hysteria.  The story details the discovery of an unconscious Andi outside Willy's factory.  When she begins to recover, she offers explanation for her erratic behavior.  She's mentioned a few times during LJA's interviews in N239.  Andrew interviews her about "love and forgiveness" in N266.  She tells the angel of death about how the forgiving notes and letters from the Dyelanders helped her to find closure.  According to Yvette's story in N271, she's attending a fashion seminar with her boyfriend, Charlie, while a bunch of mischief occurs at Willy's factory and Dyeland at large.  The drama with her is alluded to in Andrew's job description in N280.  Yvette and Nigel recall her coming around in N300.  (N288, 313 ("Safe")

Andrea Friend- Author of an article in N120. It tells about a fan who goes insane after TBAA’s cancellation. Her treatment involves Andrew and Adam starring in their own version of TBAA.  She writes a second article, this one about plans for the premiere of Heart of the Beholder, in N144.  Reports on Andrew's activities following his birthday bash in N173.  She sets out to interview Bill Morgan but ends up making a fool of herself in N212.  Writes about Andrew's birthday celebration in N228.  Mistakenly thinks Andrew's "Monopoly" game plan is an economic recovery plan in N269.

Andrea- This one is introduced in N376.  She's a purple plush unicorn that Violeta picks as a prize after Andrew when a carnival game for his protege.

Andreas- The first called among Yeshua's apostles.  In “Chrysalis,” he's present in Tiberias... and dubious... when Yeshua wants to heal Mary of Magdala who the apostles think is demonic.  In N548, I shared how the real life Andreas'/St. Andrew's death impacted a TBAA scene for me.  In In "The Messiah," Joshua cites Cephas and Andreas when he's trying to impart to JenniAnn that she shouldn't compare herself or her emotional reactions to that of the apostles.  In "The Shepherd," Crawly recalls seeing Andreas and others at Yeshua's burial.  Later, Andreas and the other apostles visit St. G's.  *Andreas

Andress- In N92 the mystical love child whose story was pulled from JABB newsletters.

Andrew-dyetess- N16. Mysterious virus reported by New Zealand authorities.  Recalled in the "200 Things I Have Learned from JABB" list found in N200.  (N17, 22, 100)

Andrew- One of the two main focuses of the newsletter. According to JABB (when we're playing "pretend") both Andrew and John exist as separate entities. Andrew, being the real angel, and John an actor portraying the actual experiences of Andrew (John's character written with "artistic" license of course since we have never met the man).  You may not realize that Andrew writes a blog.  ;-)  Actually, it's more his letters to God of late.  But you can follow that at AndrewBlog- An AOD's Blog.  In N6, Andrew confronts and defeats Michael, a demon posing as an AOD. In N7 Andrew's hatred for Halloween is examined and possible scenarios for its origin are suggested. He appears in N10's DyeLight Zone. In N11, Andrew wonders about his impact on humanity and is visited by three very special people. In N24 he appears to me in a dream (as part of the DyeLight Zone). N26 lists other names Andrew could have gotten stuck with. That newsletter also includes a story in which he, Tess, and Monica are overthrown by guest angels.  Several of the classes in N30 revolve around him. Monica, among others, try to convince him Halloween isn't so bad in N32 but fail.  It's suspected some missing JABBers are with him in N33.  Several Dye Scouts badges concerning him are introduced in N34.  In N37 Joy introduced her idea for a show based on Andrew.  Several of Andrew's qualities make the Dye Day "37 Reasons Why We Love John/Andrew" list in N38.  Recipient of valentines in N39.  N40 contains a poem about Andrew as president and how great that would be. Anna got to interview the AOD in N45 (the issue which also listed reasons why he'd be a great dad). N51 was his first debate with Adam during their road to the presidency. Major issues were Halloween and plans. Another debate followed in N53. In N55 Andrew suffered through a prank-ridden Halloween. He recovered, however, and became Dyeland's president in N56.  In a take on The Littlest Angel, God cheers up a boyish Andrew in N59.  N60 looked at some of the Andrew highlights from Season 7. N61 featured a poem with even more highlights from all the seasons and his first State of the Androolers address. N62 lists ways in which to defend Andrew and John against critics. In N63 he tries to help solve the mystery of strange apparitions around the castle. He also writes a top ten list in the same issue. In N68 JenniAnn dreams he is put on trial for murder and imprisoned. When she wakes up he and John play a practical joke on her.  Top ten things not to say to him given in N69.  In N70, the highlights from Season 7 are listed in a poem. He joins Audrey and John in forming a plot for world takeover in N71 (not as bad as it sounds, see N82). N73 gives the initial reactions of both Audrey and JenniAnn after first learning Andrew is real. Narrates N74 when a mysterious box is unearthed and apparitions haunt Dyeland.  That issue also contains a list of ways to make him look concerned. N76 contains a top ten about things we hope don't happen to Andrew in season 8. N77 gives new "facts" about him. In N78 Andrew tells a ghost story about why he hates Halloween. Even though it's fake, the girls still fall for it and pity him. Left to baby-sit Audrey and JenniAnn when they turn into children in N80. Framed for stealing in N82 and represented by Adam a la The Miracle on 34th Street.  Several JABBers hope he's the one to change the light bulb in N83.  N84 list several ways to perk yourself up after the holidays, many having to do with Andrew.  Appears on earth to JABB member in N85 and gives a "State of the Androolers Address". In N86 he tries unsuccessfully to keep everyone calm when hobbits and elves show up. Experiences the misfortune of interrupting a sleepover and ends up dressed as Luke Skywalker in N87. Jobs the authors do not want to see him performing are listed in a top ten in N89. Adam complains about Andrew's fans pestering him for information about Andrew in N89. Is given a party in N91 after returning to Dyeland after a month of hard work on Earth. In this issue he also spends an entire night giving the history of TBAA, JABB, and Dyeland. His name is inserted into several famous sayings, with bizarre results in N93.  His shorn hair is somehow involved with Talkcity's collapse according to Audrey in N94.  His appearance on a TV news show and election are recalled upon JABB's 4th anniversary in N95.  Reasons he's excited for a new school term to start up given in N97.  N98, written near the end of summer hiatus, contains a top ten of ways to tell you really missed Andrew. Confusion leads JenniAnn to think Andrew is in danger in N99. After scaring themselves at a Halloween party the Dyelanders show up at his door in N101. Fancies himself Darth Vader and takes himself to Heaven in a joke in N102. Tells of a mysterious Christmas celebration in N104. Several members submitted favorite memories of Andrew in N106. Audrey and JenniAnn set him up on a blind date for rather selfish reasons in N107.  *Someone* declares their love for him in N108.  His run for reelection is announced for the first time in N110. That issue also describes his first meeting with John and his feelings on TBAA’s cancellation. He considers that for the first time in 7 years only he will be Andrew and John won't any longer. Whereas John got a farewell musical revue in Dyeland, Andrew gets a thank you party. In N111 and N112 he runs again for the position of Dyeland president. This time his campaign is based on throwing a ball, patiently talking to TBAA fans about its cancellation, and vowing a partnership with Dyeland's citizens when important decisions need to be made. He also teases Kiwi in N112. His victory is announced in N113. A desperate cry for his return to the airwaves and various schemes for obtaining this are found in N113. All the Andrews of the various seasons, plus one, meet in a dream to discuss the future of their fans in N114. In N115 a little girl debates with her mother over whether Andrew or her teddy bear is superior. In N116 he discovers he is the only one who remembered JABB's 5th anniversary. He goes from JABB co-creator to co-creator, discovering each has forgotten. He ends up celebrating with Adam. In N118 he is disturbed by a movie scene. Because of this he wanders alone into a forest where he meets Theo and is given a temporary new job. In N119 he offers ten tips for students returning to school. In N120 he finds his lost youthfulness while reading “Reviving Ophelia” and proceeds to dance with his umbrella. In the same issue he starts making new TBAAs even though it was canceled. Several possible holidays dedicated to him are discussed in N121. In the end, celebration of his birthday (observed) (September 20th), Commemoration of the Murder Trial that Wasn’t (May 13th), and Past Assignments' Day (March 20th) were selected in N122. Attends the Dyeland Halloween party in N123 and confronts a grim reaper that turns out to be JenniAnn. He comes dressed as a cowboy, thrilling the gathered Dyelanders. Target of two angry turkeys in N125. In N126 Andrew is visited by two angels who show him Christmases of the Past and Future. In N127 there's a top ten about why it's good he's not a reindeer and the story from N126 concludes with a visit from a surprisingly familiar demon. N128 includes a quiz to tell you what kind of Andrew fan you are. In N131 Lady JenniAnn sends him a valentine. In that same issue, the Dyeland Theatre tries to put Andrew into various Shakespearean plays all with disastrous results. N133 contains a top ten about things not to say to John Dye, many which involved treating him as if he really were Andrew. He figures into some of Audrey and my suggested April Fool's pranks in N134/CABB 1. My Dad calls the crisis hot line in N135 concerned about her attachment to Andrew. In N136, in my paper, I use the theories of anthropologists to unearth the symbolism of Andrew's many hairstyles. In N137 it is said he would be calm and pray if he were arrested for murder even as some of the Dyelanders go crazy!  One of the possible perfect mate results in N140's quiz.  In N142 he speaks fondly about the Dyelanders' dedication to him, recalls one of JenniAnn's more bizarre schemes, and gives the members a special message.  N143 his first season on TBAA is recalled in a poem.  In N144 he shows concern for a Dyelander who is obsessed with him.  Interviews the new co-president, Karen aka Bunny, in N145.  His birthday is celebrated with a barbecue in N146 where he receives several gifts.  Several TBAA DVD extras revolving around Andrew are requested in N147.  In N148 he makes Banana Split Cake on a cooking show despite pestering from Monica, Tess, and the Narrator.  Takes pity on JenniAnn and gives his blessing to her Halloween party in N149 and then gives his Halloween to-do list.  A few Sweeps stunts in N150 involve him, he also recommends three new holidays there.  Highlights of his activities in Season Three of TBAA are given in poem form in N151.  Giver of 12 pocket watches and one loving phrase of comfort in N152.  Shares his cherished memory of an old assignment that fell on Boxing Day in N153.  In N154 he sits through a rather awkward and painful viewing of the HOTB trailer with JenniAnn and Jess.  Receives a box of plastic forks, inexplicably, from JenniAnn in N155.  In the same issue JenniAnn, channeling Mark Darcy, declares she likes him "just as he is".  A sonnet in N156 honors this "beloved child of Love."  A possible valentine in N157's quiz.  I conclude my speech from the same issue with a quote from him.  I write a song about my favorite Andrew moments from Season 4 in N158.  N159 includes a thank you note to Andrew from the Wittenbergs and a newspaper article recounting his activities in the episode "Pandora's Box".  Also in N159, the story of how he came to Dyeland and met the Dyelanders is told.  At first, most of them doubt his identity but then warm up to him.  He also overhears part of a ballad JenniAnn wrote about him in that issue.  A bogus newspaper article details his Weekly World News-inspired nuptials in honor of April Fool's Day in N160.  In N161, I fondly recall worrying over his fate in "My Dinner with Andrew" and defending him against my brother numerous times during the course of TBAA's run.  In part 2 of N161, I answer a question about how he is portrayed in JABB and a top ten regarding his Tax Day activities is included.  ClaudiaSharon talks about how she became a fan of his in N162.  A story about Andrew's arrest for murder is told in N163Opt1, bearing the title "Nor Iron Bars a Cage."  In the story he was using the name Dr. Andrew Ellis when the events unfolded.  In N163Opt2, people can discover what kind of Androoler they are based on how they react to various Andrew-on-trial scenarios.  Sends N164 since JenniAnn is too busy cleaning to do so.  His name becomes the root of several "new" words defined in that same issue.  Is pretty much turned into Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo for a series of Star Wars jokes in N165 top tens.  Counsels a distraught JenniAnn when she finishes watching Heart of the Beholder in option 2 of N166 and comes up with a creative object lesson for her.  In N167 he fights off demons who are trying to tempt him to their side after a difficult assignment.  I mention a few rejected JABB ideas concerning him and talk about a friend emailing photos of him in N168.  Agrees to help send JABB while JenniAnn is on hiatus in N169 and counsels her about the necessity of change and openness to it.  In the same issue, I talk about how in some ways "his loving spirit" became real to me through the JABBers.  I list off highlights from his 5th season on TBAA in N170.  Sends N171 which also contains a story about he and JenniAnn teaming up to redecorate Adam's TV room.  Audrey lists reasons he needs a visit from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  My sister, Katie, and my dog weigh in about him in N172.  His birthday is enthusiastically celebrated in N173.  First a food fight erupts over how many candles to put on his cake and then he gets an assortment of gifts, some truly bizarre.  Audrey keeps seeing him at her wedding in N174.  That issue also contains a line about his thoughts regarding her marriage.  Andrew sends N175 wherein he thanks everyone for his birthday celebration and expresses that he just might like being a punk rocker.  JenniAnn rhapsodizes about his highlights from TBAA's 6th season in the same issue.  I thank him for sending JABB in N176 and mention him numerous times in my web site tutorial.  I recall my initial displeasure with his appearance on TBAA and he can be found in Yvette's story ("The Living Legacy"), both found on the CABB 2 page.  A prayer co-named for him can also be found on that page.  I admit all my previous crushes pale in comparison to Andrew in N177 Opt 2.  Several of my spoilers in N178 involve him.  In the same issue he also answers reader questions and is made to suffer through Sadie Hawkins Day.  In N179 someone at Dyeland's Thanksgiving dinner table says they are thankful for him.  In N179's top ten, Andrew plays Johnny Cash to Lady JenniAnn's June Carter Cash, much to his discomfort.  Harsh winter weather is blamed for people's various reactions to him in N180.  According to the same issue, if you're playing the JABB drinking game and he authors an issue you're reading you should take three sips.  Several other drinking game items also involve Andrew.  N181 finds Andrew playing football, comforting a stressed Tess, being visited by an enamored and slide show-bearing Lady JenniAnn, and filling in for someone very special on Christmas Eve...  In N182Opt1, Andrew recounts how he passed New Year's Eve amongst the Dyelanders.  Liz and I write pieces celebrating the 10th anniversary of Andrew's first appearance on TBAA in N182Opt2.  Andrew is in charge of gift collection for John's birthday in N184.  His efforts are recounted via an exchange of emails between himself, various John Dye characters, and Dyeland residents.  As the eponymous character in the romantic comedy story, "The Uninvited Guest" (N185), Andrew has lots of great moments.  In the course of the tale, Andrew is uninvited from a Dyelander's wedding, consoled by the rest of Dyeland, downs lots of ginger ale, is comforted by Lady Beth and Miriam, goes fishing with Jess, gets a revelation scene from Lady JenniAnn, and oh so much more!  Watching TBAA and letting Andrew distract one is a way Annie Dru suggests getting through Valentine's Day in N185Sour.  He takes over N186 for a RENT-obsessed JenniAnn and answers several questions sent in by JABB readers.  Topics include: his relationships with his co-workers, his past, thoughts on his AODhood, and more.  He suffers all manner of Dyelanders' mischief in a St. Paddy's Day top ten found in N187.  That same issues also features a couple limericks about him as well as a newspaper article and thank you note from his past.  Margherita is horrified to find a narcissistic Andrew behaving like Lady JenniAnn and living in her home of Willowveil Castle in N188.  Part two of that issue reveals the reasoning behind his mysterious (and horrifying) behavior!  Several of Andrew's reactions to the coming of spring are listed in top ten form in N189.  I give a very tongue-in-cheek answer to the question of his possibly marrying Lady JenniAnn in N190opt1.  That issue also includes a question about his name and a brief Bill Engvall inspired joke about his propensity to glow.  He receives messages from his friend on the anniversary of his promotion to angel of death in N190opt2.  I interview Lila about her feeling about Andrew in N191.  I'm appalled when she says "Dada" after seeing one of his photos.  N192 is about a Lady JenniAnn-hosted awards show known as the Trialies during which Andrew and several others are honored for their actions during his murder trial the previous year.  He receives the "Cool Under Pressure, Loving Above All Else" Trialie.  I'm shocked to discover, in N193, that the journal entry I wrote after Andrew's premiere on TBAA contains absolutely no mention of him!  However, the last two journal entries I quote there show that I definitely had a burgeoning appreciation for our beloved Andrew by the end of Season Three!  "For Thou Art with Me" (N194) is about a difficult but life-changing assignment Andrew had during the period of the Salem Witch Trials.  With the other two AODs, Andrew discusses the AOD Band with Lady JenniAnn in N195 and ends up causing her to nearly fall from her chair!  Is the subject of several stupid questions and answers in N196opt1.  Is unmercifully ogled and fawned over at Dyeland summer camp according to N196opt2's top ten.  Lyrics for two camp songs about him are also given in that issue.  At Adam's suggestion, the Dyelanders tell their most amusing stories about Andrew as they wait out a storm in N197.  N199 presents some of my feelings about him when I was 15 and enjoying TBAA's 4th season.  In that issue I go on at length about missing watching him in "The Pact" when my city had a huge snowstorm and we lost power.  Contributed items to the "200 Things I Have Learned from JABB" list found in N200.  Unsurprisingly, a huge chunk of the list items in that issue have to do with Andrew.  In N201Opt1, Andrew and Monica get quite a surprise when they visit the Fields of Gold in Dyeland a few days before Andrew's birthday.  Lady JenniAnn gives guidance on how to choose birthday gifts and cards for Andrew in N201Opt2.  In N201Opt3, Yvette and myself write some realistically based pieces to mark the occasion of Andrew's birthday.  Andrew answers some questions sent in by JABB members in N202.  Annie Dru answers a query clearly written by one of his admirers in that same issue.  Sorrow's piece in N203 includes some musings about Andrew made during the work day of an A/J admirer.  I suggest bringing in many things into one's workplace in reference to Andrew in the same issue.  Several items on my "Things that You Will Never Read in a JABB Newsletter"  list in N205 involve Andrew acting very uncharacteristically.  He watches "The Journalist" with Jess O., Lady JenniAnn, and Lady Beth in N206.  His highlights from that include defending Monica's behavior during that assignment, deadpanning with the ladies, and just plain being cute.  He figures into several of the items in the drinking game in N207.  Andrew struggles with his Christmas party hosting duties in N208 but, of course, manages to give everyone a fabulous holiday celebration.  In that same story he gives the Dyelanders and his fellow angels a case of the warm-fuzzies by decorating his tree with ornaments that remind him of them.  His New Year's resolutions are given in N209Opt1.  His first TBAA episode is celebrated with a themed crossword puzzle in N209Opt2.  A couple of my suggestions on how to celebrate Dye Day in N210 involve Andrew.  I recall many memories of him while I say good bye to my computer in that  same issue.  In N211, many Andrew moments make it into our list of favorite John Dye moments.  He's also the source of some lessons we've learned that we share in that same issue.  Andrew figures into several romantic Dyeland events and retrieves a swoony Dyelander from Bill Morgan's office in N212.  In journal quotations found in N213, a teenage version of myself gushes over Andrew but yet finally clues in about TBAA's central message.  I suggest dubbing him McGlowy as well as engaging in other Andrew-themed activities for St. Patrick's Day in N214.  In a letter Vincent writes to LJA, found here, he ponders if her childhood fondness for a blonde, green-eyed Cupid in her storybook was an early sign of her love for Andrew.  Figures into a few of the suggested new JABB mottoes in N215.  He sends fictional Jenni to the Netherworld after she tells Lady JenniAnn and him they're both fake in N216.  A comic, created by Yvette, detailing his adventures during "My Dinner with Andrew" is featured in N217.  I suggest various Promotion Day bonuses for Andrew in N218.  He figures into some of the top ten items in CABB 5 and Adam and Yva talk about the two AODs' friendship in the interview segment.  N219 lists things one should NOT do if Andrew is ever arrested for murder.  In N220, Lady JenniAnn tries to go a whole day with out mentioning Andrew and ends up chatting with others John Dye characters.  In a letter to the Angel of Angels found in N221, an angel rants about Dyeland and Andrew's and Adam's encouragement of the place and its obsessive people.  Finding a kitchen chair reserved for "Andrew the angel," among other things, is a sure sign you've found an Andrew fan's home according to N222"Measuring a Life," a story about a nightmare of Vincent's, has Andrew homeless and haunted by his own abandonment of his friends following a nervous breakdown.  Andrew engages in various suspect behavior in the bad finale ideas listed in N223.  He and Lady JenniAnn work on keeping the Dyeland computer system safe, with amusing results, in N223.  I talk about making my Andrew scrapbooks in the reality-based portion of N224.  In the Dyeland portion, many of the Dyelanders review memories of Andrew (spanning from the Vietnam era to 2007) as they hope for his arrival at their JABB anniversary party.  Yvette's comic in N225 is about Andrew's glasses.  Several items on both "Things to Do During a Storm" lists in N226 involve Andrew-related tasks and activities.  Andrew writes a series of increasingly desperate sounding excuse notes to get an unnamed admirer out of classes in N227.  He also figures into some JABB approved study tips found in the same issue.  In N228, Dyeland's newspaper features articles about the gift-hunt leading up to Andrew's birthday party and the dual parties thrown in his honor in Dyeland and New York City.  Poor Andrew is publicly taunted at the disastrous JABBy Awards as told in N229.  Keeps an unsuspecting Adam busy while the Dyelanders prepare for Adam's surprise birthday party at Andrew's house in CABB 7.  I ask Magic 8 Ball's about the likely longevity of my Andrew crush in N230.  In Yvette's portion of N231, Willy tries to help Andrew understand why so many people like Halloween.  Yvette's story goes onto tell about Andrew and the two other AODs dressing up together for Willy's Halloween party.  In the portion of N231 I wrote, Andrew is compared to vampires.  Andrew, obviously, comes out looking better.  Andrew is left as Dyeland JABB's sole author when LJA strikes, as imagined in N232.  Andrew handles a question Annie Dru receives about people mistakenly thinking an angel is a romantic interest in N233.  In that same Thanksgiving-themed issue, Andrew also lists things he's grateful for including his friendships with fellow angels and Dyelanders.  Andrew closes the issue with a prayer. In "Dream", Andrew and Eliot discover Mick prowling around outside Willowveil.  Andrew holds the vampire in his basement until it's discovered he means no harm and, in fact, needs the angel's reassurance.  Not surprisingly, our Angel Boy figures into many of Nicole's "top eleven" ideas and my Dye Scout badges in N234.  Andrew and his fellow AODs spend most of the week leading up to Christmas employed as Nutcracker-costumed security guards as told in N235.  Andrew lists his New Year's resolutions in N236.  In that same issue, LJA gives tips on throwing a party to celebrate his first TBAA episode.  Nicole's top ten in N237 gives ideas for how to continue one's obsession with Andrew even after being committed.  "Unconditionally" tells about what occurs when Andrew attends the funeral of a soldier who had been his assignment.  Cruel zealots picket the funeral and one ends up striking Andrew when he tries to tell them that they have God all wrong.  In N237, I imagine how he, Adam, and Henry would decorate a clubhouse.  Those of us who wrote open letters to John Dye in N238 thanked him for his portrayal of Andrew and shared how he impacted us.  In "The Masquerade Ball and Other Events", Andrew watches over Andi while Yva and Willy go to investigate whether or not she was the victim of a vampire attack.  A handful of songs that remind me of Andrew also make it onto the Dye Day playlist there.  During a rather strained interview with LJA, Andrew speaks about God's love in N239.  Later in that issue the two have to cope when a secret unravels.  For the first time since 2003, Andrew gives a State of the Androolers Address in N240.  He mentions the newcomers who have come to Dyeland, some of the year's events there, and, as always, stresses God's love.  He saves LJA in N241 by persuading her not to go dancing with hallucinated politicians after she drinks too much caffeine.  There's also a madlib about Andrew's St. Patrick's Day party in that issue.  In "Eight Years Later," Andrew and JenniAnn look back at the rather rocky albeit is sappy beginning of their friendship and Andrew's time in Dyeland.  I quiz readers about some of his past assignments in N242 as well as answer a couple crazy questions about him.  Andrew endures a difficult assignments amongst actors and a harrowing reunion with the Dyelanders in N243"Dark Night of the Soul", set in 2002, gives a glimpse into his feelings following the events covered by the TBAA episode "Two Sides to Every Angel."  In the story, he struggles with whether or not to confide in JenniAnn about how badly he feels when he's unable to prevent violence.  In N244, my old journal entries and such yield mantras concerning Andrew and a maudlin letter to him from LJA.  I list bad Promotion Day gifts for him in N245.  Andrew also figures into many of the ideas, listed in the same newsletter, for surviving without JABB.  Andrew related angst figures into many of the disclaimers suggested in N246.  Unsurprisingly, he's apparently much wanted according to the want ads also found in that newsletter.  I sarcastically recap his murder trial in the same newsletter.  A former friend of Andrew's ends up being the brains behind the tabloid that temporarily panics the Dyelanders in N247.  In the story Andrew also witnesses his clothes being thrown onto his lawn...  I ponder many things about him in N248"Man of No Reputation" starts with Andrew upset about shipper stories but ends with Joshua reminding him that he's truly loved for who he is.  Such as: whether he has a phobia, how he felt about working with two females all the time, what he'd look like if he aged, etc.  N249 reveals the Official JABB Guidelines to Andrew Wall Decor.  It also contains two comics, created by Yvette, concerning one of Andrew's most talked about attributes... his hair.  Much of the angsting out about the delayed TBAA Season 5 DVD set in N250 concerns Andrew.  That newsletter also lists ways to keep yourself focused on Andrew during severe weather that leaves you computer-less.  In N251, Karen recalls Andrew's myriad haircuts and the murder trial tease, I recall drifting away from Andrew only to then become even more obsessed with him, Nicole and Sorrow list various things we've learned about him on JABB, and Yvette lists how different reactions to him prove you're a JABBer.  N252 lists punishments for making Andrew cry, lying about him, trying to physically harm him, and other big no-no's in Dyeland.  In "Make This Go On Forever," Andrew comes up against Josef's anger and is forced to confront an assignment he feels he failed back in the 1950s.  Comforting Andrew and essentially being goofy over him are the basis of Dyeland Olympic events found in N253.  In CABB 8, the Adam Unit and Andrew Unit imbibe some orange juice and ginger ale.  In the same issue, Liz discusses the brotherly pride Adam has for Andrew.  In N254Opt1, I journal about my feelings as I go a whole 6 days without seeing, writing about, discussing or even purposefully thinking about Andrew.  I consider why I can't write JABB without him.  N254Opt2 lists ways to figure Andrew into your school day.  N255 contains tips on how to celebrate his birthday as well as birthday notes from Dyelanders.  N256 is filled with speculation about what it would be like if Andrew ran for president of the U.S. and what scandals he might become embroiled in.  The issue concludes that Andrew isn't presidential material but is the Dyeland king of hearts.  Andrew consoles JenniAnn upon the death of her frog and then receives some advice from Flick himself in "Benediction."  In CABB 9, Andrew writes Adam a note telling him how appreciative he is of him.  Andrew is a martial Lilliputian in the Gulliver's Travels-esque story written by Yvette, found in the same issue.  N257 introduces a new feature: "A Moment with Andrew" stories.  The first one is an account of how Andrew got his latest vehicle and showed it off to the Dyelanders.  Troubled by the melancholia that has settled over himself and many of the Dyelanders, Andrew sets about to bring everyone's childlike spirit back with a Halloween party in N258.  At the party, he dresses up as the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz with Lulu dubbed Dorothy.  He and the Dyelanders winterizing his closet in "Carry On" prompts an unexpected and emotional trip down memory lane when JenniAnn accidentally finds his box of wartime mementos.  N259 contains some secrets about Andrew's Dyeland presidential run against Adam in 2000.  There we learn that it was actually a very friendly campaign, swooniness cost Monica a job in Andrew's secret service detail, and that he got irked with Rafael.  N260 lists 10 things Andrew is grateful for but would seldom admit to like the channel changer, shippers, stress balls, and more!  In that issue I also wrote a poem about him and he figures into the Dyeland Christmas decorating tips. N261 contains a quiz that covers some of Andrew's Dyeland Christmas memories.  The scenes in the story that makes up N262, are interspersed with excerpts from Andrew's journal.  The story itself is about his Christmastime assignment as a military chaplain in Iraq and attempt to make it back to Dyeland in time for the holiday.  It also establishes that Andrew generally provides the dinner rolls for Dyeland parties.  A few New Year's resolution related to him can be found in N263.  He fills out a Dyeland census form in the same issue and there's a list of ways his premiere TBAA episode woulda been different with a JABBer in Monica's role.  N264 tells the story of a heartbreaking assignment of Andrew's, part of which he works with Adam, Tess, Monica, and a handful of the Dyelanders.  In celebration of Dye Day, N265 contains quiz questions and suggests songs related to Andrew.  His immortality is celebrated in Irish style and his going away from Dyeland bemoaned banshee-style in N268.  In N269 he performs made-up TBAA episodes and makes up an economic plan... or so it seems.  He seems to be resigning from Dyeland in N270 but really it was an attempt by Eben to upset the Dyelanders.  He attends Mass with LJA, offers to help Adam out with the turkeys pens on Tourkia, and spends time with his friends at the Cafe; all leading up to his attending the Dyeland Easter egg hunt in N271.  In "Origins," Andrew is at first skeptical of LJA's cerainty that his assignment, Cora, is Vincent's mother.  After it turns out to be true, Andrew continues to support Cora as she struggles with her emotions and all she needs to share with her son.  The story also features a cute scene of Andrew rocking out with baby Jacob.  Just saying...  N272 contains several green ideas although most double as ways to enjoy the loveliness that is Andrew.  It also features some stupid questions and answers about Andrew's promotion.  In N273, Andrew is a bit embarrassed when his cell phone keeps getting questionable phone calls and the ladies of Dyeland have to help him get rid of the callers.  While, according the JABB history, Andrew was falsely accused of murder and put on trial a few years ago, in N274 I imagine how the current Dyelanders and friends would react if it occurred now.  That issue also contains an anthem about the necessity of freeing Andrew ASAP!  Andrew fills out the Facebook Music Challenge and Three Things meme in N275.  In N276, fake Nicole and fake me are angered when the Virtual Magic 8 Ball won't discuss Andrew and his wonderfulness with us.  N277 contains LJA's account of seeing Up with Andrew and also a movie-themed top ten penned by our beloved, blonde AOD.  Some stats on the usage of his name in JABB and the required gushiness can be found in N278, JABB's 11th anniversary issue.  In N279, Andrew is startled and then touched to discover that some of his Dyeland friends wear T-shirts covered in his many, many nicknames.  "The Scientist" is set during August 2009 though the bulk of it is a flashback to September 2004 when Andrew helped JenniAnn overcome anorexia.  His Dyeland job description can be found in N280 where he also figures into some responses to a Dyeland-created, mock Rorschach test.  I try to inspire some Andrewcentric day dream ideas to people in N281.  N282 revolves around Andrew's birthday and includes notes to him from Dyelanders and a few party games.  Unsurprisingly, Andrew (especially when holding a baby) figures into many of the reasons I'm excited for Hallmark to re-air TBAA's 5th season, as told in N283.  In that same issue, Andrew's obviously hinted at (along with his flannel shirts) by someone writing in to Annie Dru.  He writes Adam a birthday note in CABB 11 and, according to the newspaper article there, attempted to work with Adam's turkeys on a present.  In "Shifting Focus," Andrew helps LJA deal with her disappointment when Hallmark stops airing TBAA and she makes a discovery about him and his feelings.  In N284, I respond to my own journal entries dated from TBAA's ninth season in which I go from apathetic about Andrew to downright clingy.  In N285, he goes with several of the other Dyelanders to a Renaissance Faire where he ends up in a dungeon museum of all places.  In the same story, he dresses as Indiana Jones for their Halloween party.  With N286, the lengthiest Dyeland story yet begins.  "In the House of the Lord" covers Andrew's assignment among a small group of homeless people in NYC.  He's sent to them during a scourge of brutal, unsolved attacks on the homeless.  Andrew strives to protect his assignments, all while coping with the concern of the Dyelanders who learn of his trying assignment early on when he's wounded trying to defend a new friend.  The story concludes in N287.  Andrew feels he's failed when an assignment is killed.  Things begin to look up when Rose and JenniAnn find him and comfort him.  However, Andrew comes face to face with the murderers and their weapons.  Also in the story, Vincent confronts JenniAnn about her failure to truly realize the depths of Andrew's love for them all, Mick considers Andrew's greatest strength, and other characters also make some important realizations about him.  Writes Santa in N288 to request help in spreading cheer and jolliness to his friends in Dyeland.  N289 finds Andrew in Dyeland where he's been for two weeks, taking it easy after his assignment on the streets and resulting broken arm.  With this extra time he writes letters to God, helps JenniAnn go dress shopping, decorates with the Dyelanders, and more before God sends him on a very interesting assignment.  Later, the Father gaves him a vision of Dyeland in the future.  Several of my New Year's resolutions in N290 revolve around being at least semi-normal with my obsession with him.  In addition, that issue features a TOTGA-themed crossword.  N291 includes a list of jobs I would never give Andrew for an assignment and a couple ideas for Andrewcentric TBAA DVD sets.  Gets some rather mushy messages sent his way in the 2010 Dye Day issue, N292.  Andrew, along with JenniAnn, interview several of their friends in the Valentine's story in N293.  The story also reveals a major decision that Andrew has made about his future.  In addition to getting mentioned in my address, Andrew delivers the "State of the Dyelanders Address" in N294.  He expresses gratitude to the Father and his love for his family in Dyeland, as well as joking around a bit!  N295 contains a top ten about Dyeland's 10th anniversary/St. Patrick's Day party with Andrew (during which he gives a touching toast) and a list of party experiences that would NEVER happen.  In addition, Rebecca and I recall our favorites of his assignments.  In "The Butterfly," upon returning to Dyeland after a series of assignments, Andrew finds LJA distraught over events in the Catholic Church.  He gently consoles her and tries to help her find a way both to honor her religion and her heart.  In N296, stupid questions are asked about Andrew and Pi, his thoughts on bread baking, his middle name, and publicist.  That newsletter also features LJA filling out the Dyeland census which she repeatedly uses to gush about Andrew.  In N297, Andrew watches a bunch of TV with LJA in preparation for his stint as a Media Studies professor.  As would be expected, it turns into a whole lotta sappy goofyness... and the unearthing of a piece of Andrew's past.  In N298, we devise ways we would have kept Andrew from fading away as seen in the TBAA finale.  In addition, it contains a story about Andrew telling Shelby about his assignment with President Lincoln.  In N299, he writes anonymously to Annie Dru for advice on speaking to his friends about assignments.  Meanwhile, three of his friends write to Annie Dru with questions about him.  Andrew contributes some favorite JABB memories to the list found in N300 and, not surprisingly, figures into many, many of our own memories.  In N301, you can discover how big of an Andrew/JD fan you are!  N302 lists 12 things I think likely to happen to Andrew on a cruise.  N303 introduces a new fiction feature: "Brushes with Andrew."  In the story, Andrew comforts a teacher who is going to meet her husband before he is shipped out as part of Desert Storm.  In N304, I recall "Breaking Bread" in which he, Monica, and Tess confronted Satan.  I also write a bit about our crushes on Andrew and how they brought JABB about.  Andrew appears in the Author's Cut story "The Best Birthday Ever" which offers a glimpse into a future where Andrew's birthday gift to Beth forever alters her future with Mick.  While slacking off in N305, I analyzed Andrew's speaking style and blog using various online apps.  Several delusions about him also figure into the top ten there.  Annie Dru fields questions about his availability in N306 which also contains stupid Qs and As about the lovely angel.  The list in CABB 12 reminds us of Adam's sentiment that Andrew is a wild man!  N307 begins a story in which Andrew and Co. go on a cruise to celebrate Raquel's marriage and wind up working on their own friendships... and swimming, eating a lot, and all that other fun cruise stuff!  Also, trivia alert: N307 also reveals that Andrew at least sometimes wears sandalwood cologne.  "Where You Go, I Will Go" continues in N308.  In that second part, Andrew and his friends enjoy time 3 different islands, the AOD freaks Tess out by sporting a tattoo(!), and things between him and Monica come to a head.  Also, I believe it is the first newsletter to have a shirtless Andrew scene.  So there's that.  N309 celebrates his birthday!!!  In it, some of his friends send him well wishes and there's a list of gift ideas for past assignments and fellow angels to consider. In N310, Andrew must confront Bennie, a former Dyelander with extremely warped ideas about him and the Dyelanders.  He does so beautifully, of course.  In CABB 13, Andrew answers some questions about Adam in honor of his birthday.  In N311, I write about how much Andrew's character, and the other AODs, meant to me and how the idea of him continues to help me during times of grief.  N312 contains two top ten lists: one of Andrew-approved Halloween costumes for us and ones we wish he'd wear!  N313 is a tough one for Officer Andrew du Lac.  It's comprised of the story "Safe" which is about Andrew working as a police officer in a small Iowa town that is being terrorized by an unknown serial rapist.  Sensing Andrew's grief, the Dyelanders eventually join him there and so Andrew must face not only his concern for his assignments but also his friends who he knows he can't always keep safe.  In N314, Rebecca, the Dyelanders, and myself all weigh in on why we're grateful for Andrew.  He also closes that issue with a Thanksgiving prayer.  N315 features some Annie Dru questions about Andrew at Christmastime as well as some Stupid Questions that suggest a rather clingy sentiment directed at him!  In N316, Andrew decks Willowveil out with a buncha lights for the group's Christmas party.  Later, he imagines a future Dyeland Christmas in which all his friends' dreams come true... which is his own dream.  Because he is Andrew and he is awesome.  Andrew shared his New Year's resolutions for 2011 with us in N317.  That newsletter also contains a list of alternate titles for his first TBAA episode.  In N318, while remembering John Dye, many of us shared how grateful we are to him for bringing Andrew, who comforted us so much and inspired us, to life.  In "On This Side," Adam retrieves Andrew from an assignment so he can return to Dyeland and help his friends grieve and remember John.  He also shares his own gratitude towards John and tells of how his assignments became so much easier with John's beautiful portrayal of him.  In N319, we shared in greater depth about how John's life touched us all.  Several of us shared memories of how his depiction of Andrew helped us through difficult moments and encouraged us... and will forever.  In N320, Andrew and JenniAnn do their annual Valentine's interviews of their friends.  Andrew is interviewed, with Adam, about love as part of their AOD role.  He also spends a lot of the story imparting peace as the community continues to grieve.  Andrew gives the States of the Dyelanders address again in N321 as well as figuring into my own address.  In his, Andrew thanks God for the friendship of the Dyelanders and shares how moved he is by all they've done to celebrate John's life and help others in his honor.  In N322, the gang is celebrating the 11th anniversary of Andrew coming to Dyeland.  During the party, Andrew receives a very special gift.  N323 features a list Cindy, Rebecca, and I composed about the myriad ways Andrew would likely demonstrate his gentlemanly qualities.  During a very interesting day of emailing featured in N324, Andrew reveals a startling secret to Tess.  Andrew finally shares why he so seldom wears shorts in a story found in N325.  N326 gives us a glimpse into his 2011 Promotion Day party, as well as lists the Dyeland Tax Code for Andrew.  N327 features a recipe for baking a file into bread in case Andrew ever needs to be broken out of jail.  In addition, I respond to a question about his mysterious cell phone.  N328 tells the tale of Andrew's first haircut in Dyeland!  In N329, Andrew answers a couple questions about his artistic abilities and football.  N330 contains a list of ways we JABBers may have altered TBAA episodes.  Unsurprisingly, most involve us getting to spend time with the Lovely One or making life just a lil better for him.  In N331, on the 4th of July, Andrew consoles Shelby after she hears her brother and a friend discussing the AOD's time in Iraq.  He tells the little girl how important it is that soldiers are never alone.  N332 finds us celebrating JABB's anniversary and as we recalled our favorites memories over these years, Andrew figured into many.  Going back to John's portrayal of him for comfort pops up several times in the new 12 Steps.  In N333, I list some of the nutty files poor Andrew might be exposed to if he had to fix a Dyelander's computer.  In N334, Dear Annie Dru fields a questions about a lil girl who wants Andrew-themed school supplies, addresses a query from the lovely AOD himself, and Andrew also helps answer another letter.  Andrew also figures into some of the questions in the quiz found there.  In CABB 14, Rebecca constrasts Adam and Andrew a bit while I examine the lessons we can learn from their interactions in "The Sign of the Dove."  N335 contains a number of stupid questions penned by Nicole which ask about Andrew's wood chucking abilities, cell phone reception, location, and more.  Andrew also figures into my work-out related top ten found in that issue.  In N336, I wish I could tell my younger self to hang onto Andrew's "On one side..." quote during the dark days to come.  In "In the Palm of His Hand", a question from Shelby prompts JenniAnn to recall the hours she spent with Andrew after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  Later, the three attend a memorial service.  N337 shares the story of the Dyelanders' birthday party for Andrew.  During the party, Andrew receives a very special gift that allays his worries about the future with his friends.  In N338 I go through Andrew's highlights from S8 of TBAA... in song.  Andrew shares reasons he's grateful for Adam in CABB 15 and also figures into some of our reasons for being grateful to the elder AOD.  In N340, Andrew dresses up as an old timey baseball player and gets some exciting and surprising news.  In N341, I shared some of my favorite holiday memories from JABB's 13 years and most involved what Andrew got up to in the Christmas and Thanksgiving stories.  N343 explores what might happen if Andrew became addicted to caffeine... and some gingerbread Andrews demonstrate the holiday fun Andrew has in Dyeland.  In "The Altar" (written in 2011 though set in 2009), JenniAnn struggles while Andrew is in the hospital following the attack on him while he was homeless.  Some months later, Andrew reveals that he knew about the talk she had with God that night.  In N344, Andrew takes up the task of creating John's memorial Christmas ornament and gives his friends a beautiful ceremony... with a lil aid from Above.  I wrote a poem about Andrew's TOTGA shoes in N345.  In N346, Violeta anonymously writes the Angel of Angels for advice concerning Andrew.  It also features a top ten list about Andrew and craft time!  Andrew-related trivia figures into the John's birthday test in N347.  N348 finds Andrew helping JenniAnn with Mick's and Beth's wedding video.  During the course of the wedding preparation; Andrew counseled a weepy bride-to-be, protected a flustered Violeta, consoled a grieving Josef, and encouraged a worried JenniAnn.  All while reminding folks of God's love.  Busy fellow!  In N349, I cover some of the highlights from Andrew's Season 9 assignments via sonnets.  In N350, I confess to continuing to have problems with writing stories featuring a troubled Andrew so... I wrote a lil story that finds his apartment invaded with a buncha friends on his 12th Dyeland anniversary.  His yearly State of the Dyelanders returns in N351 which also features a quiz concerning past assignments of Andrew's.  In "The Walk", Andrew finds himself in Dyeland after parting from Monica, Tess, and Gloria.  There, he's comforted by LJA and the other Dyelander ladies.  In N352, Andrew returns to Dyeland after a distressing assignment and seeks solace in the tradition of dying Easter eggs.  In N353, Rebecca and Cindy share their thoughts on Andrew's role in "Beaautiful Dreamer."  I wrote a story about Andrew's promotion to caseworker from Search and Rescue years back as well as hint at one to come...  I end a segment of N355 by writing about how much more I appreciate all the encouraging words John spoke while performing as Andrew.  In N356, Andrew reads Shelby a fairy tale as her bedtime story and it prompts him and JenniAnn to discuss what characters they relate to the most with surprising results.  Afterwards, a bit of "magic" is unleashed at Andrew's house.  There's also a fairy tale themed top ten list about Andrew in that issue.  In N357, I explain how Andrew came to be the primary focus of most JABB newsletters.  In N358, Andrew returns to Dyeland after a heartbreaking assignment in Syria and seeks solace in his friends.  Prior to that, Violeta and the Dyeland ladies discuss him and his selflessness at length.  Andrew, naturally, figures into many of the JABB anniversary celebration ideas found in N359.  For example, you can think of his nicknames as a game and/or down some RVC chased with ginger ale.  Info about Andrew is necessary to answer many of the quiz questions in N360.  Andrew's awesome nursing skills inspire a top ten in N361.  In N362, Andrew tries to distract JenniAnn from a violent storm by asking her to help him organize the letters and such he's received during his 12 years in Dyeland.  Naturally, it turns into quite the emotional experience.  In JABB 363/CABB 16, I wrote about how John's portrayal of Andrew has helped me in the face of world tragedies as well as personal loss.  You can learn about the origins of some of Andrew's many nicknames in N364.  Sigh... since Andrew's in Afghanistan, I couldn't write a story for his 2012 birthday newsletter: N365.  So there are some games there instead.  CABB 17/ JABB 366 gives some idea of how Andrew and Co. celebrate Adam's birthday.  N367 contains a list of ways to make your Halloween party Andrew friendly.  In N368, I list reasons for and against making Andrew president.  In Guess Who's Coming for Coffee?, set in summer 2011, Andrew suffers through and awkward coffee when he and LJA meet with her disapproving grandma and reveal his identity.  Awkwardness precedes AND ensues...  N369 gives 5 of JABB's "angel rules" which we cobbled together from TBAA inferences largely.  The way Andrew is presented on JABB is impacted by these rules.  We consider the following: does he sleep, can he become ill, does he age, how can he use his powers when among human friends, and does he have money?  A top ten item in N370 contains some Andrew and Bill confusion.  In addition, Andrew's Christmas tree decor is listed there.  Holiday-themed stupid questions about Andrew are asked and answered in N371"Abide With Me" is the longest JABB story to date.  In it, Andrew spends months as a POW in Afghanistan after his assignment, Max, is injured and taken prisoner.  When Andrew finally gets back to Dyeland, he needs to rely on his friends to help him confront his demons and begin to heal.  In N373, Rebecca and I share our memories of first seeing "The One That Got Away"... Andrew's first TBAA episode.  In N374, Andrew writes to Dear Annie Dru concerned that LJA and Rose (who go unnamed) are working too hard on his and Max's behalf.  In "Rapprochment," JenniAnn and Max go through old photos of Andrew.  This prompts JenniAnn to revisit tough times she and Andrew had during a difficult case he was working on.  Several of the things that made our list of "Things We Will Never Forget About John" in N375 have to do with his performance as Andrew.  In "Roots & Wings," the story in N376, Andrew and JenniAnn put together the annual Valentine's documentary which largely covers the gang's vacation to Orlando.  Andrew makes the most of the time with his friends while there.  The story provides a brief glimpse of Andrew's life in February 2014.  Andrew once again delivers the annual State of the Dyelanders Address in N377.  In N378, to commemorate the 13th anniversary of his meeting the Dyelanders, Andrew and LJA wrote a list celebrating traits Dyelanders share.  In N379, Andrew is spending the wee hours of Easter morning thinking about recent events in Dyeland and LJA's moroseness.  And then Joshua arrives on scene...  Joshua makes a return visit to Andrew two days later in "Asking the Answer."  Andrew is able to ask Joshua a few follow-up questions brought about by the carpenter's Easter revelations.  In N380, I listed some random facts I've learned thanks to Andrew.  He also figures into some of the items on my insomnia top ten.  Shocking!  In N381, I share several journal entries from the early days post-TBAA.  They talk about dreams I had of Andrew, maudlin walks through my high school halls as I remembered Andrew-related events there, and so on.  Geez.  ;-)  In N382, I listed reasons to be glad for the TBAA Seasons 7 and 8 DVDs.  Surprisingly, almost all the reasons involved Andrew.  Weird...  ;-)  In N383, I suggest lines both unlikely and likely to be spoken by Andrew in a hypothetical Dyeland finale.  In N384, you can find several summer-themed stupid questions and answers about Andrew.  In addition, the travel bingo game there has several allusions to Andrew.  In "Chava," JenniAnn meets an elderly woman and quickly befriends her.  It's only upon introducing Chava to Andrew that everyone learns that the woman survived the Holocaust.  She panics because she mistakenly believed Andrew was a Nazi after she saw him in Auschwitz.  In telling their stories of sorrow and cruelty, Andrew and Chava find healing and peace in remembering those who lived with courage and love.  In "Harry and Psyche," Andrew is stunned and left feeling incredibly blessed when he learns that JenniAnn and Max knew each other several years earlier and that God used him to reunite them.  After "haunting" parts of the 1980s segments of "Song of Songs," Andrew finally makes an appearance in the flash forward.  He helps to get LJA and Annabelle settled into the Tunnels.  "Possibilities" describes the first meeting of Andrew and Vincent in Dyeland.  Later the two men find themselves in a hospital room, praying and hoping for a miracle.  Andrew's summer wardrobe nets several mentions in N385's top ten.  Apparently he has a plaid swimsuit...  Also in that issue, the Father weighs in on Andrew's rose and speaks to him after one of his breakdowns following Afghanistan.  Andrew filled out a crazy long personality survey in N386.  N387 has a little "behind-the-scenes" look at my thought process while I write JABB stories.  I explain how Andrew's condition in "Abide" and other stories fit within the "rules."  His ability to tell his friends theological truths (and not) as well as the origins of his clothing and the availability of free time for him also come up.  Shockingly, a few of my favorite memories of JABB involve writing stuff for Andrew per N388.  In N389, I shared some things I wish I could have said to Andrew during Season 8 (with a little help from Nicole T.)  Cindy shared some of her favorite Andrew highlights from Season 8.  Weepiness over all things Andrew is a sign of TBAA Deficiency Syndrome as described in N390.  That newsletter also contains a list of school-themed, Andrewiffic ideas for random acts of kindness.  In "Ivy," Andrew is on an assignment with Eve's Girls, a summer program based out of a high school in Nebraska.  With the help of JenniAnn, Kemara, Violeta, and Joshua; Andrew strives to help Ivy cope with the bullying she's facing on top of the harsh judgment her grandmother doles out.  During the course of the assignment, Joshua bestows a new gift on Andrew.  The angel of death also improves upon his supervisor skills with Violeta.  And he confronts a family who he'd had a previous brush with during an AOD assignment.  He also deals with the return of Bennie and plays knight in shining armor.  All of this while teaching two Literature and Drama sessions, reviewing papers, and arranging an end of the summer theatrical production.  In short, Andrew is really busy in the story!  But, as always, very grateful.  N391/CABB 18 contains an item about Andrew's nasty frosting stealing habit.  ;-)  N392 describes a couple classes Andrew teaches at Androoler U: eye brow raising and fencing!  In N393, Andrew and LJA watch over their friends during a camp-out in the Fields of Gold to celebrate Andrew's birthday.  Andrew reveals to LJA that it will be his last birthday before he starts aging.  JABB 394/CABB 19 takes a look at what responsibilities Andrew might have within Dyeland's government.  It also includes birthday wishes from Andrew to Adam.  In "The Coffee Summit," while JenniAnn is experiencing Monica's distress during her temptation, Monica lives through LJA's despair when Andrew was beaten unconscious while he was homeless.  Around the same time, Joshua meets up with Andrew so he can prepare him for his assignment in West Hollow.  Later, Andrew appears to keep LJA company when Monica winds up having dinner with someone else.  Loads of the Dyeland trivia contest questions in N395 relate to Andrew.  In N396, Andrew and LJA discover that Shelby has been spying on them... only because she's been trying to connect somehow with her parents.  She confesses that she wants to trick-or-treat because Asher told her that their parents used to take them to do that on Halloween.  So, of course, Andrew puts aside his feelings about Halloween to take her trick-or-treating with the others.  He goes as Dumbledore.  In N397, Andrew spent his extra Daylight Saving hour studying up on Jesus Christ Superstar... while LJA dreamily ponders his happiness.  Andrew also takes some time to fix a leaky faucet at Arthur's apartment... with an entourage.  Finally, Andrew writes to the Angel of Angels.  In "Shelter from the Storm", Andrew alerts Monica to Arthur's presence when they're all in the Philippines helping with recovery efforts.  In N398, Andrew writes God a Thanksgiving letter in which he thanks Him for his friends and all the great things God is working in their lives.  He also shares his excitement over Joshua's pending arrival.  Andrew figures into the "You Might Be a Dyelander" list that precedes the letters, too.  In N399, Andrew joins the others in listing some of his favorite things which include: hearing laughter, sharing the message of God's love, dancing, time with friends, Lulu's kisses, and much more.  Naturally, he also figures into others' lists.  In "The Truth," Andrew and Co. celebrate Thanksgiving at Willowveil.  After dinner, Adam leads a game of Philosophical Questions and Andrew answers one about what he'd tell his 20 years younger self.  Later, he and LJA have a conversation about honesty and pray that all is going well for Arthur and Monica, who is sharing the true story of the day they met.  Finally, Andrew gets some much-needed rest.  In N400, Andrew finds himself assigned to LJA two days before Christmas.  Thankfully, he's tasked only with helping her in her grief over Chava and concern for his future.  The angel also receives an important vision.  Over the next couple days, he joins others of the Dyelanders in attending a concert at Ivy's church and Mass at Fr. Mike's... where Joshua and his family have also decided to attend.  In N401, Andrew resolves to enjoy the blessings of 2014 and be a great director.  That issue also offers theories on just how Andrew's first assignment with Monica and Tess might have gone had it happened in 2014.  In "To Love Another Person," Kemara suggests a movie night and several of the friends end up watching Les Miserables in Andrew's basement.  During the course of the film, he helps Violeta learn a few things.  In N402, I give two second recaps of Andrew's Season Two episodes.  In N403, I recount lessons John's work taught me about stories.  Chiefly, his role as Andrew taught me that positive stories don't have to be easy stories.  There are real, heartbreaking problems in this world but there are also heroes like Andrew.  I also mention how Andrew exemplifies my belief that sometimes the good guys really are more interesting than the bad guys.  N404 follows Andrew and JenniAnn in their first few days as new parents.  In the course of the story, Andrew finds an abandoned baby in an alley.  Enter Annabelle.  Later, Andrew and Joshua meet up in the chapel and, finally, Andrew's rose (and him) complete their transformation.  As the days proceed, Andrew copes with the lingering effects of Annabelle's birth mother's drug use and his own myriad feelings along with LJA's.  Andrew gives his annual State of the Dyelanders Address in N405 and specifically focuses on his joy over the newcomers including, of course, baby Belle.  In N406, I explain the differences between real aka Dyeland Andrew and TBAA Andrew.  In N407, I imagine other musicals beyond JCS that the Dyelanders might try with Andrew alternating between being swoon-inducing onstage and being run ragged offstage as director.  In the same issue, I feature a quiz about his past assignments.  Comes up several times during my site tutorial in N408.  Imagine that...  N409 contains a list of reasons that I'm glad Andrew is an AOD.  N410 features a top ten list of ways that parenthood may change Andrew.  Kim and I both list Andrew highlights in our TBAA episodes lists in N411.  I explained how various Andrew scenes on the show ended up impacting Dyeland storylines.  N412 contains a game wherein you guess which angel said a particular quote in which TBAA episode.  Naturally, some of Andrew's quotes are included.  In N413, Andrew joins Adam and Arthur in answering questions about his hopes, fears, favorite things, best memories, etc.  In N414, Monica lists Andrew's pocket watch as one of her favorite possessions.  LJA's comments about him there revolve mostly around parenting Belle with him... and dancing.  Beyond mentioning "borrowing" his jean jacket, Violeta gets a bit emotional about Andrew in her questionnaire.  In N415, several story moments with Andrew make it onto my list of favorite memories from JABB's 16th year.  John's work as Andrew also comes up several times in my lengthy dedication section there.  Andrew's loooong history with Dyeland comes up in N416 which also describes a class he'll be teaching in Dyeland.  In "The Carpenter," Andrew (using the last name Darcy) at last finds himself directing the production of Jesus Christ Superstar that Joshua told him about a year before.  During the show's rehearsal period and run, Andrew confronts his own emotions connected to Joshua's death and tells JenniAnn about where he was the day of the Crucifixion.  Joshua works to help Andrew and JenniAnn realize that they need to raise Belle as co-parents and soulmates, not a watered down, more socially acceptable arrangement.  At the end of the show's run, Andrew has the very important task of bringing someone Home.  In "The King," Andrew and Co. return to Dyeland with Joshua.  Joshua ties up loose ends with many of the JCS cast and crew and Andrew is no exception.  Joshua sees to it that Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle have the best home life as possible and he gives Andrew an incredible gift.  N418 contains some work-related advice from Andrew.  It also contains a word search of some of Andrew's jobs.  We celebrated Andrew's birthday in N419 with a photo ID game and birthday wishes from Dyeland!  N420 contains a celebration of TBAA's 20th birthday so Andrew figures in a bit, natch.  I credit him for why I became a weekly viewer.  With Belle and LJA, Andrew sends his buddy Adam birthday greetings in JABB 421/CABB 21.  N422 contains a top ten list of things that have made Andrew reconsider his views on Halloween.  In "New Beginnings," Andrew is among those Kemara checks in with before inviting Sean to Dyeland.  He participates in a Memorial Day ceremony at the veterans' hospital.  "A Stor Mo Chroi" is set in two different years: 2014 and 2037.  Andrew figures into both parts.  In 2014, he and JenniAnn help care for Liam while Arthur and Monica tries to mend their relationship upon discovering Arthur fathered the boy.  In 2037, Andrew and JenniAnn are torn between keeping the secret of Liam's unrequited love for Belle and telling their daughter.  In N424, Andrew and JenniAnn write Belle a thank you note for being their baby.  They, in turn, receive a thank you from some of the angels who they rendered aunts and uncles.  Unsurprisingly, Andrew figures into several of the drinking game items to be found in N425.  In N426, Andrew and JenniAnn decide to host many of their JCS friends during Christmas week so they can all be near Joshua.  Andrew gifts each of his friends with a hand-carved Nativity set.  In N427, Andrew shares his New Year's resolutions to be the best angel, friend, father, and son he can be and help the others through their first Easter without Joshua physically there.  In N428, I share excerpts from my old Livejournal dated to shortly after TBAA ended its run.  In them, I wrote about still having a crush on Andrew and seemed wanting to get over it.  Eek!  I also got way too analytical about the poor fellow and his relation to my psyche.  In N429, I wrote about how the trio of angels are always with me.  Andrew, especially, has claim to so many of my memories.  In N430, Andrew and JenniAnn work on the annual Valentine's video while nursing an under-the-weather Belle.  They recall her first birthday and an unexpected reaction to Andrew shaving.  In "Friend of My Soul," Andrew and JenniAnn go through his closet deciding what to keep, donate, and recycle.  Various wardrobe pieces send them down memory lane.  In "The Never-Ending Road," Andrew attends Kemara's and Sean's pre-wedding party at Adrian's Coffeehouse.  He also helps host Kemara's parents at Willowveil prior to the wedding.  In "Here is My Heart," Andrew films Kemara's and Sean's wedding.  The couple remembers them with a toast since Andrew and JenniAnn share the anniversary.  In N431, Andrew gives the 2015 State of the Dyelanders Address and marvels at how much has changed in a year... with a lot of blessings owing to a certain Carpenter.  In N432, I discuss the tropes found in Dyeland stories... oh so many of which involve Andrew.   In N433, I shared bizarro (and thankfully rejected) Dyeland stories ideas.  Andrew's plots ran the gamut!  He was tempted by Satan, set JenniAnn up to wed Eliot, and lied to his child for decades.  Sheesh.  In N434, I mention wanting to get back to TBAA viewing so I can see Andrew's S9 facial hair.  Soon, I hope!  In N435, Andrew plants trees and builds bat houses for Earth Day.  Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, and Violeta are the first to welcome Kemara and Sean back after their honeymoon in "Morning Has Broken."  Andrew pens a Mother's Day greeting for LJA on behalf of Belle and shares his severe weather to-do list in N436.  Andrew is the first to meet Eilish upon her return to Dyeland in "The Story of Eilish/Elise."  In N437, I shared the exciting story of how Andrew came to cover my door in college.  Andrew is emotional and proud when he gets to see Ivy graduate in "A Graduation Surprise."  In "Samuel's Prayer," the guardian angel recalls a time when Andrew was assigned to Eilish during a frightening attack.  In "Glad Tidings, Part I," Andrew joins JenniAnn, Belle, and others at a beach party at Sol Mate.  Later, Max, Arthur, and he try to console Sean who is distraught after learning that one of the twins he and Kemara are expecting likely has Down syndrome.  In N438 Kim asked about how Andrew and LJA keep Willowveil stocked with enough food for their constant company.  In "Shadowlands," Andrew becomes the target of two demons named Nen and Tzila.  The timing is particularly bad as JenniAnn is critically wounded when shot by the enraged husband of a woman seeking shelter at the Phoenix... a tragedy the demons quickly utilize.  Grieving and worried about his soul mate's fate, Andrew also has to focus on comforting his kids and keeping them and everyone he loves safe.  The danger leads Andrew to confront Nen and Tzila in Sheol.  In N439, Andrew shares some advice on being a father including enjoying cuddling time, not getting overwrought about the kids' food, and realizing one's imperfect and that's okay.  In N440, Max writes to the Angel of Angels because he's anxious after seeing how Andrew suffered when JenniAnn was in a coma.  His and JenniAnn's kiss made it onto my list of favorite memories from JABB's 17th year in N441.  In addition, that newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for portraying Andrew's gentlemanliness and not making him a dull character.  In N442, Andrew comes up when I define anam caraism and, later, he answers a couple questions from Eilish.  N443 reveals that Andrew is embarrassed by the name of Androoler U so voting for a name change begins.  In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Andrew introduces Eilish to JenniAnn and Belle and, later, pays her a visit on her island.  In "Hope and Healing," Andrew continues to recuperate from his time in Sheol, including a visit with Eben.  Meanwhile he and JenniAnn focus on helping Max get ready for marriage.  Later, the family goes on vacation with the Friends to North Carolina and, after their return, Andrew reunites with someone from his past.  JABB 444/CABB 22 mentions Andrew and JenniAnn being among those who advise Rose and Max prior to their wedding.  Their efforts with Belle's potty-training also come up.  In "Crumbling Walls," Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle celebrate Eilish's birthday with her and Samuel.  Andrew and JenniAnn also attend Samuel's housewarming a few days later.  Andrew's observed birthday was celebrated, once again, in N445 with a photo ID game and birthday wishes from Dyelanders and Friends.  In "Triad," Adam and Eli briefly discuss Andrew's and JenniAnn's relationship.  In N446, I listed ways Andrew's views on October have changed over the years.  In short, he's become much more cool with Halloween.  I also shared old journal excerpts in which I was all dopey about him.  In JABB 447/CABB 23, Adam talks about how pleasantly surprised he was by Andrew's closeness with JenniAnn.  In "Forever and Always," Emma and Peter witness Andrew making it to the top of Chimney Rock after carrying Belle all the way up there.  Some time later, he leaves Belle in Emma's care after she has a seizure which gives Emma some confidence in her parenting skills.  In N448, I shared the ways some spooky sources inspired how Andrew is written in Dyeland stories.  Later, I wrote a vignette about Andrew and JenniAnn dealing with the aftermath of seeing a scary movie.  In "Glad Tidings, Part II," Kemara is concerned about what will become of Dyeland if JenniAnn dies (after being shot) and Andrew struggles.  Later on, the two families travel to an Irish dancing competition together with Andrew driving.  Naturally, he pops up in a couple of the Anam Cara taglines and emails in N449Shares what he's thankful for in N450.  Gets interviewed by LJA about Christmas in N451.  He also figures into some of the tropes discussed there.  At the start of N452 Andrew is struggling to deal with tragic assignments and being open and honest with JenniAnn.  Things take a turn after Joshua's arrival.  Andrew finds out a little about the Friends' next assignment, takes part in the St. Genesius Christmas pageant, goes for a magical ride/walk with LJA, Belle, and Yonah, and more.  Shares his New Year's resolution in N453.  That same issue also covers how he's changed since TOTGA.  He highlighted assorted goings on with the Friends in his 2016 State of the Dyelanders Address in N454.  In N456, we learn how it was that Andrew came to reside in JenniAnn's bedroom.  The Voice of God himself made the suggestion.  In N457, Andrew writes to the Angel of Angels for gift-giving advice and participates in an Ask Andrew segment.  In N458, I look back on my journal entries from 2003 which basically boil down to "I was super obsessed with Andrew."  Mentioned in several trope explanations in N459 and his hypothetical saint patronage is also listed.  Andrew and JenniAnn bring Belle to meet Ian and Joy in "And Then There Were Four."  He consoles his daughter when she wants to keep Ian.  Sorted into Gryffindor House in N460.  Got JenniAnn a herd of goats for their anniversary per N461.  Hypothetical presidential candidate in N462 with a pro-family agenda. He also figures into a couple of the Mother's Day trivia questions.  Andrew nets several mentions in the questionnaires completed by Vincent, Max, and Rose in N463.  In N464, I answer Kim's question about how writing Dyeland stories has changed my view of Andrew over time.  Andrew is mentioned in a few father-related tropes discussed in N465 which also contains an excerpt from when Belle was a newborn.  Declares independence from his pride in N466.  Also figures into a few quiz questions there.  I counted how many JABB files contain his name in honor of the JABB anniversary in N467 and shared some reflections on 18 years with Andrew via TBAA and JABB.  In N469, my old journal entries contain numerous references to my crush on Andrew including attempts to explain it and wishing to marry him.  Yep...  Andrew is referenced in a handful of N470's school tropes including, naturally, the Hot Teacher.  He also comes up in the Dyeland stories ABCs.  In honor of his observed birthday celebrated in N472, bits from Andrew's scrapbook were shared including cards from Violeta and Belle, a poem from JenniAnn, and a card made by an assignment.  In JABB 473/ CABB 24, Adam considers how much more serene Andrew's and JenniAnn's relationship is than in the past years.  Along with listing his A League of Their Own-themed Halloween costume, N474 contains several supernatural tropes that fit with Andrew.  Andrew confides in JenniAnn about some of his concerns in the "Chrysalis" excerpt in N475.  An answer to the Christmas Traditions Matching Game in N477.  You also get three sips of your beverage, per the drinking game there, if Andrew and LJA share a dance.  Andrew and his household receive Christmas cards in N478In “Chrysalis,” he and JenniAnn, along with many of the Dyelanders, temporarily relocate to the Chrysalis Court in NYC so they can staff it and help survivors of human trafficking.  Andrew becomes distraught when he worries that he may have fumbled a rescue with terrible consequences.  In Pia's “Sinners and Saints,” Andrew makes a video of the 2015 Halloween festivities since Sean and Kemara are at the hospital with the twins.  JenniAnn shares with Eilish about telling Andrew about her feelings for him.  In N479, Andrew and many of the Friends recall treasured Christmas memories.  He remembers earlier in the month when Belle got into mischief with her Christmas dress.  In N480, we get an update on where several of Andrew's clothing items from TOTGA ended up.  Andrew figures into a few of the tropes discussed in N481Andrew inspires some adult coloring pages in N482He encourages Kemara to ask Metatron to help with her book in “These are My Dreams.”  He also offers some counsel to Sean as he prepares to become a firefighter.  In N483, Andrew has a dream in which JenniAnn is giving birth.  In waking life, the two begin to wonder if it's God's way of telling them that another child is waiting for them.  In N484, I briefly discuss how I altered my view of what sort of relationships Andrew would have with JenniAnn and Belle.  N485 offers a glimpse of the original (and NOT legit) Dyeland finale in which Andrew is being evaluated by an angel named Obadiah.  It's BAD!  I suggest a podcast for Andrew in N486.  He also shares his favorite ways to relax there.  In N487, God sends Andrew and Marty to France to collect more of the cure for vampirism.  In N488, I posted scans of Andrew's scrapbook from Season 2.  N489 features mom-themed tropes but Andrew gets mentioned in several of them as a dad.  In 2003 journal entries in N490, I get all sorts of emotional about Andrew.  In N491, I returned to Andrew's scrapbook, moving onto Season 3.  In N492, Andrew returns from an assignment on death row which has left him troubled about one unforeseen effect of his relationship with JenniAnn.  N493 tries to answer the recurring question of why Monica didn't support Andrew more in "The Journalist."  N494 contains some facts about Andrew's part in Dyeland stories.  N495 lists several ways that pets have impacted Andrew's life.  It also contains a scene from the cut Dyeland finale in which Andrew appears to Vincent.  In N496, some of the ideas for marking the 2017 eclipse involve swooning over Andrew.  He also figures into the True or False quiz there.  Figures into some of the work-related tropes listed in N497 and some of his scrapbook pages are on display there.  N498 lists gift suggestions from Andrew's assignments to him in honor of his birthday.  N499 contains Andrew's Season 4 scrapbook pages.  He's mentioned several times in the JABB history test found in N500.  In the opening to N501, I mention wanting to write a fic about Andrew and the other AODs dealing with the Spiritualist movement.  In N502, both Rose and JenniAnn contact the Angel of Angels with Halloween-related concerns about Andrew.  N503 contains scrapbook pages featuring highlights of Andrew's activities in TBAA's fifth season.  I give an update, as of November 2017, on many Friends and Dyelanders in N504.  Though Andrew doesn't have an entry, he figures into those of his kids.  I gave an update, as of Nov. 2017, on Andrew in N505.  Andrew and JenniAnn receive a special Christmas gift from Max and Rose in N506A suggested organizational-themed New Year's resolution for him can be found in N507.  A page from his scrapbook is also included.  Andrew addressed questions regarding who can see angels, tough assignments, Jesus and more in N508.  Andrew also figures into some winter tropes listed there.  N509 contains a list of 55 lessons I've learned in thanks to John Dye, many inspired by Andrew and TBAA.  In "Cupid and Psyche," Andrew and JenniAnn turn to Reuel for some counseling when one of Andrew's assignments reawakens fears and feelings related to Rex's attack on JenniAnn.  In N510, Andrew and JenniAnn binge a couple of This Is Us episodes before falling asleep only to be awoken by a call from... Jack Pearson!?  N511 lists possible superhero alter-egos for assorted Dyelanders and Friends.  Andrew would be Flannel Man.  It also contains a list of ways Andrew is better than a superhero.  He gets a few mentions in the Irish-themed tropes discussed in N512.  A story about Andrew from Dyeland's own Irish storyteller is also there.  In N513, Andrew counsels JenniAnn who is disturbed by Joshua's new hairstyle.  In N514, in an excerpt from the abandoned Dyeland finale, Andrew adopts a baby who is NOT Belle.  In N515, Andrew answers questions about pets and his age.  Andrew figures into some of the parental-themed tropes discussed in N516Scans of Andrew's scrapbook covering Season 6 of TBAA can be found in N517.  Several of the tropes discussed in N520 involve Andrew, particularly his dutiful, self-sacrificing nature.  In N521, via a virtual tour of my house, I shared some Andrew-inspired decor in honor of JABB's 20th.  In N522, I shared Andrew's Season 7 scrapbook.  With JenniAnn, Andrew greets Josef when he comes to Dyeland to bury Benson in "Immortality."  He's also a pallbearer.  Later, Andrew takes part in a vision that Josef has of Sarah.  In N523, I write about leaning heavily on Andrew following the unexpected loss of a co-worker.  N524 contains games featuring scrambled photos of Andrew and a word search about his jobs.  In N525, in honor of his observed birthday, I shared some tropes related to Andrew and his relationships.  In the story preview in N526, Andrew tries to comfort the Friends who are upset when Fr. Mike is wrongly dismissed from St. Mary Magdalene's.  N527 contains scans of Andrew's Season 8 scrapbook.  N528 features a Halloween edition of "Ask a JABB Co-Founder" in which I explore Andrew's feelings about death, scary movies, and more.  Unsurprisingly, I'm sure, in N529 I listed Andrew as my favorite Dyeland character that I did not create.  In N530, I included John Dye in the list of things I'm grateful for and credited him with still inspiring me to write stories about Andrew.  In "Broken Hallelujahs," Andrew is forced to confront his complicated feelings about the Catholic Church when Fr. Mike is coldly dismissed from St. Mary Magdalene's and JenniAnn is disrespected by a crooked archbishop.  In "Sunshine and Snow," Andrew has to comfort JenniAnn who is distraught about twenty-year-old Avi marrying.  In a flashback, we learn how Andrew and JenniAnn came to adopt the boy.  N531 gives a brief recap on several characters, Andrew included, mentioning he and JenniAnn adopting Avi and Andrew's return to AOD work following paternity leave.  In N533, Andrew and JenniAnn host Joshua, his family, and some Friends for Christmas.  He receives a treasured gift from JenniAnn and enjoys Avi's first Christmas.  In "Remembrance," Andrew stays home with Belle and Avi while Joshua takes JenniAnn to D.C. to visit the Holocaust Museum on Chava's birthday.  In N534, I briefly mention Andrew's introduction on TBAA and discuss Dyeland story lines related to him and how they changed.  In N535, I tease a story in which Violeta brings home a Stephen King novel and Andrew and JenniAnn confront their altering views on horror.  N536, a commemoration of John Dye's birth, ends with an Andrew quote.  In the "Checking In" part of N537, Andrew has a nightmare about Afghanistan.  JenniAnn comforts him and the reminisce about their past.  In the "Sacred" section, Andrew reconnects with Wahkan, and old friend and principality.  In the "Beautiful Boy" section, Andrew and JenniAnn discuss the latter's discovery of Avi's empathetic connection to Evie.  He's mentioned in several of the love-themed tropes discussed in N538In N539, Andrew has an assignment in Omaha where he runs into JenniAnn and Isolde purchasing a couple of surprising items.  In N540, I answered some questions that had to do with Andrew both in TBAA and in the Dyeland stories, including considering his and JenniAnn's future as well as his emotional side.  Andrew comes up in the Joshuan tropes discussed in N541Andrew answered further questions from Sierra and Shirley in N542.  I also made some vows about things that will NOT happen to Andrew in Dyeland's eventual finale.  In N543, I list times during TBAA episodes when I felt like Andrew coulda used a mom.  He's also mentioned in a few of the parental tropes discussed there.  In N544, I mention several plot lines I'd like to resolve before the eventual Dyeland finale.  A couple involve how Andrew copes after JenniAnn's death and where he goes from there.  I also shared some scrapbook pages about Andrew's friendships on TBAA.  In N545, I discuss a scene from "A Cord of Three Strands" in which Andrew dreams about JenniAnn being harmed.  In an excerpt of "The Messiah" in N546, the Friends, including Andrew, gather at St. G's to celebrate Joshua's return.  Andrew comes up in a couple of the tropes discussed in N547.  I also dissect his and JenniAnn's dance scene from "Safe."  Naturally, Andrew figures into a few of the 21 fun facts I shared for JABB's 21st anniversary in N548N549 features a story excerpt that, in part, deals with Andrew and JenniAnn hoping for a reconciliation between Takoda and Joshua, their two house guests.  N550 covers a variety of tropes, the vast majority of which involve Andrew.  Andrew's birthday is observed in N552 with some pages from his scrapbook related to season 9 and a TBAA episode Wordle challenge.  N553 contains Andrew's Halloween-themed scrapbook pages and answered some spookily-themed questions about him.  Appears in another excerpt from "The Messiah" in N554.  In N555, I explain a bit about the nature of Andrew's and JenniAnn's relationship and how it has developed.  N556 contains a Thanksgiving-themed page from Andrew's scrapbook.  Andrew appears in another excerpt from "The Messiah" in N557.  N558 provides a year-end update on Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, Avi, and many others.  In "The Messiah," Andrew is concerned about the Manhattan Mosque, site of Symponia's health fair, being the target of violence.  His concerns turn out to be well-founded.  The attack there leads both him and JenniAnn to remember her own assault at the hands of Rex.  In N559, Andrew and JenniAnn, as usual, host several of the Friends' Christmas events at Willowveil.  In a flashback, we learn how they became keepers of a colony of mice.  In N560, I renew my hope of writing a story about Andrew, JenniAnn, Violeta, and... The Haunting of Hill HouseIn N561, Andrew comes up in several of the tropes I discuss and I write about wanting to get back inside his head for a story.  In N562, I mention my ongoing distaste for how Monica and Tess sometimes treated Andrew.  I also write about how important it is to me to continue Andrew's story.  In N563, I share reasons I love writing Dyeland stories and among them is keeping characters I love, like Andrew, "alive."  And I reiterate my ongoing crush on him...  The Angel of Angels discusses him a bit, too.  In N564, Andrew injures his back but he and JenniAnn make the most of their down-time together.  In N565, I answer a question about whether Andrew or any angel could spread a disease if they came into contact with someone who had it.  The answer?  Nope.  I also consider whether or not it would have been better for JenniAnn to have been older when she met Andrew and how he and JenniAnn might eventually face some thorny issues with Belle.  In N566, I suggest making play lists that remind you of Andrew, John, TBAA, etc. while staying home to flatten the curve.  In N567, I mention planning a story about Andrew and JenniAnn during the COVID crisis.  I also provide a link to a couple of online jigsaw puzzles featuring him.  N568 contains a whole section of tropes about Andrew.  In N569, Andrew picks up a hitchhiker who imparts an important lesson to him.  Figures into N570 where I examined how the Hays Code might have changed Dyeland stories.  N571 contains a draft of the first few scenes of a story I'm working on in which the Friends deal with the COVID pandemic.  Andrew is featured.  Figures into a number of tropes in N572In N573, JenniAnn tells Andrew about meeting Loreena, a friend of Joshua's.  I also answer a couple questions about Andrew including why his and JenniAnn's relationship is how it is and ways in which it's difficult to write his character.  In N574, I listed differences between Dyeland and TBAA and tweaks to how Andrew is presented came up a couple times.  Andrew also shares some thoughts on Hamilton In N575, I discuss a bit of the history of JABB and how the writing of Andrew and the Dyeland stories as a whole evolved.  Andrew is discussed in several tropes covered in N577 because of course!  In N578, Andrew and JenniAnn, with Zeke, plan for a way to make Sy's birthday special and healing when it coincides with the news of Chadwick Boseman's passing.  In a flashback, Andrew agrees to lead a group to take part in the protests in Omaha following the killing of George Floyd.  In "God in the Gloom," Andrew and JenniAnn watch The Haunting of Hill House during their COVID lockdown in Dyeland.  The show makes them face some future realities that they've not discussed before.  In N579, Andrew's friends and family share 42 facts about him in honor of his birthday.  In N580, I mention a story involving Andrew's AOD work during the pandemic and talk a bit about how he's weathering everything.  In N581, Andrew returns to his AOD work for the first time since the COVID pandemic began.  JenniAnn comforts him once he's back in Dyeland.  In N582, in honor of All Saints Day, I re-ran some story scenes involving saints.  Andrew was featured.  Figures into a trope in N572Mentioned in a number of the random tropes I covered in N584.  A possible answer in the Christmas wish list matching game in N585In N586, Andrew is among those who are overjoyed when Joshua makes a Christmastime visit.  Joshua visits his workshop and gives him encouragement.  In "At Last," Andrew comforts JenniAnn after a socially distanced Halloween and some news-related angst leaves her distressed.  In "You'll Never Walk Alone," Andrew provides counsel to both Joccy and Takoda at different points as they manage their complicated relationship.  In "When the West Wind Moves," Andrew and JenniAnn go to the Fields of Gold for a night away.  They reflect on the difficult year and Andrew assures JenniAnn tha