Dyeland Interviews Guidelines

So… characters interviewing other characters.  We’ve done this before with LJA interviewing AODs and Yva interviewing Adam and then, of course, the Valentine’s interviews.  No doubt other examples exist, too.  But it’s something that could be done in many ways.

First, a distinction between what would get on a newsletter v. Author’s Cut:

-If Andrew or Adam are being interviewed, doesn’t matter by who, that automatically makes it suitable for a newsletter whether JABB or CABB (obviously so long as it follows previously set criteria).

-If Andrew or Adam are doing the interviewing it may still be JABB/CABB unless it’s so focused on the subject that Andrew or Adam really aren’t very gripping.  In other words, both the interviewer and interviewee should be revealing things about themselves equally if it's to end up in a newsletter.

-If neither Andrew or Adam are involved (i.e. LJA interviews Yva), I still think that’s worthwhile but given the non-YG newsletter people might be left to wonder “Huh???” that would likely be put on the Author’s Cut.  Unless, I guess, they were interviewing each other *about* Andrew or Adam in a way that would make sense to non-YGers.

So, in short, interviews are great no matter who is involved and would find a “home” *somewhere.*

As far as the writing of any interview: I think ideally someone would run the idea by the person writing the character for the YG, if such a person exists.  The character's author may even be asked if they'd be interested in writing the answers.  But, ultimately, the interview writer can write both parts if they wish.  That is if the character being represented is from a TV show, movie, etc.  For example, people obviously don't need my permission to write an interview with Andrew.  I definitely did not create him!  But they do need it to write one with LJA since I created her.  Regardless of who writes what, I think it'd be a good idea to run the interview by the YG author before sending it to me.  Just to ensure it doesn't contain anything that would contradict established plot elements.

Any questions, please contact me (Jenni).

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