The Official JABB/Dyeland Calendar
The following are events celebrated/referenced on JABB.  Obviously we also celebrate regular holidays but these are some that are specific to our group and/or Dyeland stories.  A "B" following an event means it is celebrated both in Dyeland and reality.  "D" means Dyeland only.  "R" means reality only.  Anniversaries of varying types are in burgundyMisc. events are in green.  Birthdays are in blue.  

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5th- Eliot's and Brittony's anniversary (2013)- D

6th- TOTGA Day (1996)- B

7th- Lulu's birthday (2004)- D

8th- Elsie Paulson's birthday (2011)- D

9th- Jeff Adleson's birthday (1972)- D
12th- Vincentʼs and Lor's birthdays (1955/1934)- D

14th- Eleanor and Edison O'Hanna's birthday (2015)

17th- Behnam Al-Mitra's birthday (1993)- D

18th- Josef's birthday (1599)- D
21st- Samuel's birthday- D

24th- Lucy Harmon's birthday (1953)- D

31st- John Dye's birthday (1963)- B

2nd- Kendra Wilson's birthday (2000)- D

3rd- Lizʼs/Lady Beth's birthday- B

5th- Belle Luna Chandler-Darcy's birthday (2014)- D

7th- Larissa Harmon's birthday (1977)- D

11th- Jocelyn Lowery's birthday (2000)- D

13th- Mick's and Beth's anniversary (2012)- D

14th- Zeke's and Diana's anniversary (1996)- D

16th- Asher Whelan's birthday (1995)- D

22nd- Adam's Promotion Day (Observed)- D

25th- Badriya Al-Mitra's birthday (1992)- D

27th- Shane Murphy's birthday (1980)- D
3rd- Kian Paulson's birthday (2009)- D

4th- Cora Cleary's birthday (1936)- D

8th- Zoe Lowery's birthday (2002)- D

10th- Max Remus' birthday (1989)- D

17th- Andrew's arrival in Dyeland (2000)- D

17th- Kemara's and Sean's anniversary (2015)- D

17th- Allison's and Robert's anniversary (1979)- D

19th- Brittony O'Hanna's birthday (1983)- D

20th- Past Assignments Day- B

22nd- Gloria's birthday (2001)- D
23rd- Sir Sven/Sven and Yva/Yvette's anniversary (1995)- B
25th- Nicole/Rose Windhamʼs birthday (1990)- B

28th- Randall Romano's birthday (1953)- D
1st- Roseʼs arrival (2007)- D

2nd- David Friedman's birthday (1924)- D

3rd- Rabbi Yakov Levine's birthday (1956)- D

9th- Toby Harmon's birthday (1977)- D

12th- Monica's observed birthday- D

17th- Logan Griffen's birthday (1972)- D

18th- Violeta's birthday (1997)- D

24th- Zeke Wilson's birthday (1969)- D
26th- Promotion Day (1865)- B

26th- Anniversary of JenniAnn's and Andrew's blessing (2014)- D
1st- Yosef's birthday (19 BC)- D

9th- Raquel Seywell-Moretti's birthday (1957)- D

11th- Sean McCallum's birthday (1979)- D

12th- Basil Thornton's birthday (1970)- D

13th- Commemoration of the Murder Trial that Wasn't (then Was)- B

14th- Beth Turner-St. John's birthday (1980)- D

20th- Cira Thompson's birthday (1985)- D

29th- Emma Dawes' birthday (1988)- D
30th- JABB YG founding anniversary (1999)- R
4th- Nico Moretti's birthday (1952)- D

5th- Aiyla Al-Mitra's birthday (2010)- D

8th- Allison Chandler's birthday (1955)- D

11th- Willy's birthday- D

15th- Catherine Chandler Wells' birthday (1957)- D

19th- Azalea's and Basil's anniversary (2004)- D

21st- Eilish's birthday (1992)- D

24th- John/Yohannan's birthday (1)- B

30th- Catherine and Vincentʼs anniversary (2007)- D

6th- Azalea Thornton's birthday (1972)- D

10th- Persephone Goodwin's birthday (2007)- D

12th- Sir Sven's birthday- D

12th- Maryam's and Yosef's anniversary (1)- D
15th- Ryder Harmon's birthday (2007)- D

19th- JABBʼs anniversary (1998)- B

24th- Jenni's/Lady JenniAnnʼs birthday (1982)- B

25th- Edward and Caleb Romano's birthday- D

30th- Ivy Lee's birthday (1997)- D
3rd- Pvt. Clay Stanford's birthday (1987)- D

8th- Tildy Harmon's birthday (2011)- D

12th- Liam Tierney Reese's birthday (2009)- D

13th- Behnam's and Isra's anniversary (observed-2009)- D

14th- Kylie Carlisle Stanford's birthday (1988)- D

24th- Charles Rocketʼs birthday- R

24th- Kemara Marie Meeks McCallum's birthday (1980)- D

26th- Raquel and Nico's anniversary (2010)- D

27th- Chris Paulson's birthday (1981)- D

29th- Sy Wilson's birthday (1997)- D
6th- Fawn's birthday (2007)- D

7th- Eliot O'Hanna's birthday (1981)- D

8th- Jacob Wells' birthday (1925)- D

8th- Maryam's birthday (15 BC)- B

12th- Tiva Levine's birthday (1957)- D

17th- Arthur Reese's birthday (1969)- D

20th- Andrewʼs birthday- B
23rd- Tim Pelten's birthday (1970)- D

26th- Willyʼs arrival (2007)- D

26th- Shelby Whelan's birthday (2004)- D

26th- Doug Harmon's birthday (1952)- D
2nd- Fr. Mike Sola's birthday (1972)- D

3rd- Diana Wilson's birthday (1974)- D

5th- Chava/Esther Friedman's birthday (1924)- D

9th- Esther's and David's anniversary (1941)- D

10th- Adamʼs birthday- B

13th- Galen Jr.'s birthday- D

15th- Dr. Portia Goodwin's birthday- D

16th- Rabbi Yakov's and Tiva's anniversary (1979)- D
18th- Nigelʼs arrival (2006)- D

18th- Anniversary of Monica's and Arthur's blessing (2014)- D

22nd- Crystal Barton's birthday (1987)- D

24th- Robert Chandler's birthday (1954)- D

25th- Isra Al-Mitra's birthday (1993)- D
1st- Lady Beth's arrival (2005)- D

2nd- Ian and Joy McCallum's birthday (2015)- D

6th- Hailey Wilson's birthday (1996)- D

8th- Manny Wilson's birthday (2014)- D

12th- Lily Thornton's birthday (2011)- D

14th- Lor's and Cora's anniversary (1953)- D

16th- Tyson Headley's birthday (1985)- D

17th- Dot Romano's birthday (1954)- D
22nd- Yvette/Yvaʼs birthday- B

28th- Mick St. John's birthday (1922)- D
3rd- Owen Olsen's birthday (1985)- D

5th- Omar Al-Mitra's birthday (2012)- D

8th- Peter Garcia-Campbell's birthday (1982)- D

23rd- Noah Harmon's birthday (2009)- D

24th- Jacob Chandler Wells' birthday (2007)- D

25th- Joshua's birthday (1)- B

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