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Formerly the Odds and Ends page, this page will now be where we post news related to Touched by an Angel and its cast members, any future releases of John Dye's work, his legacy, and our own group.  If you come across a news item you think should be listed here please let me know.  Please note: anything that follows "Archived:" is old news and may no longer apply.
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1-24-21- So I missed this one for quite a while but there was a DVD release of the complete Promised Land series.  This is the only way to get the two episodes that John Dye guested in: "Civil Wars" and "Mooster's Revenge."  I got mine on Amazon but it's probably available elsewhere, too.


And now... for the final time... I'm happy to be sharing the news that TBAA's 9th and final season is headed to DVD on November 19th.  So great!  And now it's time to take all those DVD campaign graphics down.  Wow.  Here's the final countdown:

And... even more happy news!  Season 8 of TBAA is coming to DVD on July 30th!  You can read more about it here.  I'll try to update the campaign graphic when I can but I'm feeling like we won't need a campaign at all pretty soon!
ETA: Here's the Season 9 campaign graphic.  Almost there!

And still more happy news!  TBAA's seventh season is on its way to DVD on April 23, 2013!  You can see the cover art here.  Only 2 more seasons to go then we can collect 'em all!  ;-)  In the meantime, if you have the Gospel Music Channel, check your local listings for TBAA air dates.

And the updated campaign graphic:

More happy news!  TBAA's Season 6 is coming soon, as well!  Not only will we get Season 5 on July 24th but Season 6 will follow on September 25th.  Please let Paramount, etc. know how happy you are about these releases so they'll know we're hoping for Seasons 7-9, too! 

Finally!!!  TBAA's 5th Season has a scheduled DVD release!!!  You can read about it and see the cover art here.  Amazon and other sites are already taking pre-orders if you're interested.  So happy!!!

Well, this isn't the DVD news we hoped for but it's better than nothing.  TBAA episodes will begin being released on DVD in special themed sets.  This is NOT Season 5.  You can read about it
here.  Our campaign for season boxed sets continues so please click the banner a lil further down this page.

Now not only is
Touched by an Angel being run again but also Promised Land, its spin-off!  If you get the Gospel Music Channel then you might be able to catch it.  Go here to check.

There is still absolutely no word on when TBAA Season 5 will be released on DVD.  Please click the banner above and join us in our campaign to get those episodes released!!!

Now, after quite a long wait, we have word of the Season 4.2 DVD release.  It's expected on December 4th.  Just in time for the holidays!

In honor of Charles Rocket, the actor who played Adam, we at JABB wrote
CABB 3.  CABB 3 contains our memories of Mr. Rocket as well as suicide prevention information and resources.  Since the initial posting of this, CABB 3 was also joined by CABB 6 and CABB 8

Actor Joe Pichler (Alex Craig from "The Trigger") has been missing since January 5th, 2006.  You can visit
his site for more information.  Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers.

John Dye News


Micki Dickoff, the director and writer of Mother, Mother, has another film she is trying to get financed.  Please visit this link for more information: The Legacy.

During a Kickstarter campaign in June and July of 2011, those who pledged $50 or greater to this worthwhile project could choose to receive a DVD copy of Mother, Mother if the project was funded.  Thankfully it was!  While the campaign is no longer ongoing, it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on the Legacy site in case Mother, Mother should become available at a future time.

On January 11, 2011, those of us at JABB were heartbroken to learn of Mr. Dye's passing on the 10th.  We will remember him always and cherish the gifts he gave us.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all who loved this man.

Below is some of the news coverage thus far:

John's final film, "Lesser of Three Evils" has materialized.  It's being sold as "Fist of the Warrior" on Amazon.com and other sites. 

Movie news!! John's film, “Heart of the Beholder,” is now available on DVD and VHS.  You can access the movie's website (where it will tell you how to order the film) by clicking the animation below.



In the wake of John Dye's passing, JABB is now even more committed to reaching out to others with love and kindness.  He gave us so much and we'd like to keep giving back in his memory.  We have assorted charitable efforts in the works.  If you would like to be involved in the planning or kept in the loop,
let Jenni know.

I'm slowly but surely updating the Photo Gallery again after a lengthy hiatus!  Yay!

In September 2008 JABB launched its own TBAA Episode Guide.  Contact Jenni if you'd like to contribute to it!

In January 2007, it was decided the JABB Sisterhood needed to make way for a more inclusive system.  While the JABB Sisterhood no longer exists, its members retain their individual titles.  Others are welcome to help with JABB and come up with their own titles.  Contact
Jenni for further detail.

Starting in July 2006, JABB will be more of a collaborative effort.  Instead of being run by two co-presidents, it is now being run by a four member team.  We have dubbed the team the "JABB Sisterhood."  Here are its members:

Jenni- Co-Founder, Head Writer, and Web Mistress of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade
Jess- Homeworld Security, Director of Photography, and Creative Collaborator for JABB
Liz- Editor-in-Chief and Head Solutions Master for JABB
Karen- Consultant for JABB

This is just a reminder that neither the JABB newsletter nor the JABB email list were affiliated with John Dye. We are merely a group of fans who started this little group. Thank you!

LOST MEMBERS: If you subscribed to JABB but have somehow gotten unsubscribed, we'd love to have you back. Please just email us. Oftentimes members will change addresses and we are unaware of this. We've also experienced problems with emails bouncing so if you don't receive a newsletter please don't take it personally.

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