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Yellow: Not related to Dyeland
Green: Canonical- Accepted as something experienced by the Dyelanders.  Especially in early stories there may be things that are a bit off but, by and large, these are legitimate
Gray: Not canonical- Written when we were just goofing around.  These do not describe actual experiences of the Dyelanders.
f/b= flashback, f/f=flash forward

# Title Date Set Location Notes
"A Christmas Carol: JABB Style"
1998- Dec.
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb11.html Bummed out by Carl in "An Angel on My Roof," Andrew is visited by three friends on Christmas.  Glancing at it, I don't see anything totally ridiculous but since it's not been referenced since, I'm going to say noncanonical.
"The Guest Stars Revenge"   http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb26.html Sam, Rafael, and Celeste take over TBAA.  I'm almost positive this was an Audrey story.
"A Fairy Tale"
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb28.html Princesses Audrey and JenniAnn are kidnapped by Kiwi and somehow Xena is involved.  Nope.  Not canonical.
4 “The Night Before Halloween: Andrew Style!"  1999- Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb32.html Audrey wrote a lil ditty about no one particularly caring about Andrew's anti-Halloween stance.
"The Journey"

http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb35.html Another one written by Audrey.  It's sorta a bizarro version of Dyeland at Christmas.
"The Conclusion of The Journey"

http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb36.html See above
"A Wedding Story"
2000- Feb. 13
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb39.html Chiwawa and Chimama get married.  And I think that's all you need to know to see this isn't canon!
"A Midspring Night's Dream"
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb43.html I have no one but myself to blame for this one!  JennIAnn and Audrey go for a walk... with John/George and V.  Kiwi runs amok.
"Second Anniversary"
2000- July 19
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb49.html JenniAnn's excited for the anniversary party at Willowveil.  That's normal enough.  John and Victor are not...  I didn't even reread this one.  Cringing...
10 “Halloween in Dyeland” 2000-Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb55.html Dyeland's 2000 Halloween party.  Definitely NOT canon.  While I'm sure they had a Halloween celebration in 2000… this was not it.
11 “President Andrew” 2000-Nov. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb56.html While Andrew *was* president… this isn't how it went down for real.
12 “JABB’s It’s a Wonderful Life” 2000-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb58.html While there are a few cute moments, this isn't canon.  Chiwawa is in it.  The whole deal with Kathleen doesn't really fit and just in general it's "off."  "Another Christmas" tells about the real Dyeland 2000 Christmas.
13 “The Brightest Angel”   http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb59.html Audrey wrote this and it's very sweet but independent of Dyeland.
14 “Vincent Comes to Dyeland” 2001-Feb. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb63.html Ack!  John/George is in this one.  But how Vincent came to Dyeland and why is canonical.  Actually, no, I wouldn't even fully commit to Vincent being accurate here.  Not canon.
“Andrew Gets Put on Trial for Murder” 2001-May http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb68.html Freaking George again.  My first attempt at an Andrew on trial story but it's all a dream.  There's a canonical one below.
“Ghosts” 2001-Aug. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb74.html Completely dropped story line.  With more of George...  But I do like that Andrew narrated.  I should try that legitimately sometime.
The Missing Scene from 'The Pact'  1997? http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb75.html
Yvette wrote an additional scene for the TBAA episode "The Pact."
“Ghost Stories” 2001-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb78.html Andrew’s a jerk in this one.  I have no idea what we were thinking... or what I was.  I can’t remember if Audrey co-wrote this one or not.  Totally weird that there’s no intro.
19 “Triple S” 2001-Nov. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb80.html Ridiculous.  But I do remember thinking it was fun to write.  Basically princesses Audrey and JenniAnn are turned back into children leaving Andrew to cope with their change.
20 “Another Holiday Story” 2001-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb82.html So weird that I didn’t even title things…  This could easily be canonical.  The only major issue is John's presence but that was actually explained back when we'd do Dyeland stuff on the YG.  What happened was Cliff the Magician (a native Dyelander and empty-nester) was thrilled when new people started settling in Asteri (Dyeland's actual name).  However, he got worried that they would leave so hired a ringer named George to essentially play John Dye to keep the girls interested and present.  So any time "John" is in Dyeland, it's actually George.  At some point they assured Cliff that they'd always be around so George went back to his own life.
21 “The Violin Lesson Missing Scene” 1996-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb85.html I would accept this as canonical in the sense that there's nothing problematic about it but really it has nothing to do with Dyeland.
22 "Bunny Meets Andrew"

http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb85.html To be honest, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be set in Dyeland or not.  Karen, who created Bunny, has since gone Home so I just wanted to add it in memory of her.
23 “Middle Earth Comes to Dyeland” 2002-Feb. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb86.html Ha...  Wow…  A non-canon crossover with the "Lord of the Rings" characters.
“The Sleepover” 2002-Mar. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb87.html The girls perform makeovers on Andrew and George/John.  I'm gonna say non-canonical just cause there's really nothing in here that adds to the narrative and between Kiwi and George it's just weird.
“The Non-History of Dyeland"
I have no memory of writing this and am kinda bummed out it's the 100th newsletter!  This is no where close to the real history of Dyeland.  Gosh, I was weird.
“Another Halloween in Dyeland” 2002-Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb101.html Halloween 2002.  It's cute and short.  And canon!  Andrew saves the night when the Dyelanders scare themselves silly with ghost stories.
“Another Christmas” 2002-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb104.html LJA is all sorts of stupid but it could pass as canon.  She, Andrew, and Audrey recall their favorite holiday memories.  Andrew tells of Christmas 2000 in Dyeland which bears no resemblance to "JABB's It's a Wonderful Life" so that one is definitely NOT canonical.
“Andrew’s Blind Date” 2002-Feb. 14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb107.html Princesses Audrey and JenniAnn set Andrew up on a date for their own purposes.  It's goofy but kinda cute and not completely off-the-wall so canon it is.
“The Walk” 2003-Mar. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut6.html#walk Mostly set immediately after “I Will Walk with You Part 2."  Andrew appears in Dyeland after bidding good bye to Monica.  Joshua envisions a future test Andrew will face.  Though it appears early on this list, I wrote it around 2011 so well after canon was established.
“Farewell to TBAA” 2003-Apr. 27 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb110.html Not canonical but if memory serves, I do think I like this one.  It might be hard to read now, though, so I’m not.  The Dyelanders watch the final TBAA and Andrew thinks back on how it all began.
“A Gathering of Andrews” 2003-June http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb114.html Not canonical but another one I don’t hate.  The Andrews of each TBAA season… and one more… gather to discuss their future.
“Andrew V. Teddy”   http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb115.html Audrey wrote it and I still think it’s adorable but independent of Dyeland.
“The Anniversary All But One Forgot” 2003-July http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb116.html Not canonical.  I thought maybe it was but re-reading it… the characterizations are just waaaay too off.  Basically, everyone forgets JABB's anniversary except Andrew.
“Movie Night in Dyeland” 2003-Aug. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb118.html I’m undecided.  With any contest story, things are gonna be a little off cause I had to force lines.  But Theo kinda throws me, too.  I would say something like this happened to Andrew but not exactly and Theo was actually Joshua.  Plot-wise, I think it seems legitimate so I'll go with canonical.
“The Reaper” 2003-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb123.html I now realize at one point Andrew had a horse named Trinity and somehow I ended up using Starbuck.  Oops.  I think someone else chose Trinity and I was never really fond of it.  In any case, a reaper shows up in Dyeland... or so it seems.  The Dyelanders rethink their Halloween party in light of Andrew's feelings.
“JABB’s A Christmas Carol”-1 2003-Dec. 24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb126.html Way too dark for canon.   A discouraged Andrew is visited by the Angels of Christmases Past and Present.  Correction: It's canon.  But Andrew's visitations really were a dream.  Monica and Tess did NOT actually appear to him like that.  He dreamed the whole thing.
“JABB’s A Christmas Carol”-2 2003-Dec. 24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb127.html The Angel of Christmas Future visits Andrew… and that's why I initially thought it wasn’t canon but now I see I left myself a loophole with it all being a dream sequence.  This does accurately portray how Andrew got his new pocket watch.
“Happy Birthday, Andrew!” 2004- Sept. 20 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb146.html Andrew's birthday 2004.  His friends throw him a lovely down home BBQ and potluck.
“Halloween Comes to Dyeland” 2004-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb149.html Andrew finds out that, out of respect for him, JenniAnn has hidden away her beloved Halloween décor.
“Christmas Memories” 2004-Dec.  http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb153.html It's Christmas 2004 in Dyeland and Andrew and a small group of his friends share their favorite Christmas memories.
“Watching the HOTB Trailer” 2005-Jan. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb154.html Yeah, something like that probably happened.  In script form, though, so not really a story.  Andrew, JenniAnn, and Jess share their thoughts as they watch the first cut of the trailer for John's film.
“St. Patrick’s Day in Dyeland” 2005-Mar.  f/b-2000-Mar. 17 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb159.html Totally canon.  JenniAnn thinks back on Andrew's arrival in Dyeland on St. Patrick's Day 2000.
“Nor Iron Bars a Cage” 2005-May http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb163opt1.html The actual Andrew on trial for murder story.  While there may be some throwbacks, I think from here on out I tried to legitimize everything so starting here everything is canonical unless otherwise noted.  Plot: Andrew is mistakenly believed to have murdered his assignment.  His Dyelander friends show up to support him during his trial.
“Andrew and JenniAnn Talk About HOTB” 2005-June http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/hotbconvo.html Script-form but legitimate.  JenniAnn is freaked out about Manion's betrayal of his wife so Andrew gives her an object lesson on trust and living life to the fullest.
“Name That Movie” 2005-July http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb167.html It’s all a dream sequence so pretty inconsequential and adds absolutely nothing to the plot.  Chiwawa is NOT canonical.
“A Walk in the Woods” 2005-Aug http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb169.html Makes me sad.  Andrew and JenniAnn go for a walk after she decides she needs a break from Dyeland (and him).
“Trading Spaces” 2003 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb171.html I’m thinking this is a throwback and non-canonical.  They wouldn’t bring people, like Trading Spaces designers, into Dyeland like that.
“DyeLight Zone” 2005 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb174.html Audrey's farewell story when she resigned.
“The Living Legacy”   http://www.onthisside.net/cabb2.html Yvette’s tribute story following Charles Rocket’s death.  It exists independent of Dyeland.  Straight TBAA fanfic.
“Dyeland’s October Fun Festival” 2005-Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb177contest.html This says Kathleen was “newly reformed” as of October 2005.  Andrew organizes the annual Halloween, etc. party since JenniAnn is still away.  She returns mid-party.
“Untitled Christmas Story” 2005-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb181.html Christmas 2005.  Gregory also reformed… enough to be the angel in Tess' Christmas pageant.  But my favorite part is still the RENT homage.  Viva la vie 'Angel' fan!  This really has no plot and is more of a series of vignettes.
“How I Rang in 2006” 2006-Jan. 1 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb182opt1.html Ah turns out Andrew did narrate again.  V for vodka, indeed…  Andrew's tipsy Dyelander friends visit him on New Year's Eve.
“Ten Years Since TOTGA” 2006-Jan. 6 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb182opt2.html On the 10th anniversary of TOTGA's first airing, the Dyelanders locate the train Andrew and Co. were on for that actual assignment and throw Andrew a party on it.
“Go Ask Andrew aka When Fanfic Attacks” 2006-Jan. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb183.html Andrew is put-off by some TBAA fanfic.  Adam is amused.  JenniAnn freaks out.  Jess O. writes her own fanfic.  I didn't intend it as such but this seems a bit like a prequel to "Man of No Reputation."  I just wish I'd abandoned script-form earlier.
“The Uninvited Guest” 2006- Feb. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb185sweet.html I should re-read this as I remember next to nothing beyond Andrew pulling a “Say Anything.”  A former Dyelander is getting married but her fiance refuses to allow Andrew to attend.
“April Fools Day” 2006- Apr. 1 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb188.html I'd say it's canon.  It initially seemed a lil out of character for the angels to help prank Margherita but given the backstory of her continuously pranking them, I think they might do this all in good fun.
“For Thou Art With Me” 2006-June, f/b-1651 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb194.html The witch trial story.  Eben’s backstory, too.   A production of "The Crucible" in Dyeland prompts Andrew to think back to 1651 when he, a caseworker, was sent to Shiloh, MA where accusations of witchcraft were about to break out.  His assignment is a young woman named Hope who finds herself accused.
“The AOD Band” 2006-June http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb195.html Script-form.  Huh, Adam taught King David to play the harp.  He, Henry, and Andrew are interviewed by JenniAnn about the AOD Band's origins and history.
“On a Dark and Stormy Night” 2006- July 19 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb197anni.html So that’s where the Civil War re-enactor vignette is...  Kiwi is in this and she was a pre-canon character largely but I think her part in this is cartoonish but not completely unreasonable so I’d say canon despite Legolas, too.  Maybe 90% canon?  Anyhow, Kiwi crashes the Dyelanders' 8th JABB anniversary party which was already derailed by a storm.   Seems to be the first time people took to the tunnels connecting Andrew's and LJA's homes.
“Object A and Co. in the Fields of Gold” 2006- Sept. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb201fields.html Andrew's birthday 2006.  The Dyelanders mistakenly believe Andrew is going away.  So they do what any normal person would do… decide to tackle him.
“Halloween Night 2006” 2006- Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb204halloween.html The Dyelanders decide to try and give death a good reputation one Halloween night.
“Watching ‘The Journalist’ with Andrew” 2006-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb206.html Script-form.  Not sure why we used to use that so much.  I guess it was easier with co-written stuff as this was.  Andrew, LJA, Jess, and Lady Beth watch the TBAA episode together.
“A Second Chance Christmas” 2006-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb208.html Aww.  I think my annual “It’s a Wonderful Life” homage tradition started here.  Andrew hosts a Christmas party and celebrates the second chance he'd been given with his friends.
“How Vincent Met Psyche” 2007-Mar., f/b 1984 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut3.html#vinpsy Andrew barely shows in it but it is canon.  Title pretty well says it all.
“Under New Management” 2007-Apr. 1 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb216.html April Fool’s joke all the way so not canon.
“An Interview with Adam” 2007-May http://www.onthisside.net/cabb/cabb5.html Yvette wrote this.  Her character, Yva, interviews Adam about his AOD job and life in Dyeland.
“Andrew-Free JABB” 2007-May http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb220.html Not really a story though it has a plot and Dyeland references but I’m gonna say this is JGA and not canon.
“Measuring a Life” 2007-June http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut3.html#measurelife More Vincent than Andrew but still canon.  I think this is one of my darker things given it involves two major character deaths.  Vincent dreams of how his life may have been had he been born looking like a normal man.
“De-Spamming with Andrew” 2007-July http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb223.html This is one of the stories I thought back on when Rose told Max about how Andrew and LJA do the chores no one else wants to.  Exhibit A...  I want a cruller.
“Anniversary” 2007-July 19, f/b- 2006-May, 2004-Oct., 2006-Dec., 1987-May, 2006-Oct., 1965-Apr., 2007-Apr.  http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb224dyeland.html It's JABB's 9th anniversary and Andrew is absent as preparations for the party begin.  His friends think back on treasured memories of him.  LJA remembers when he tried to teach her to drive.  Vincent recalls Andrew comforting him when a young girl died.  Yva thinks back on reconciling with Andrew after his breakdown.  Nigel recalls that same time period and the tour of Dyeland Andrew gave him.  Henry recalls an assignment he worked with Andrew at a children's hospital.  Lady Beth recalls time Andrew spent with her following her amnesia.  Adam remembers a Vietnam era assignment with Andrew.  Rose thinks back on the first time she met Andrew.
“The JABBies” 2007-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb229.html Oh.  I forgot that at one point there was some back and forth with other worlds.  Dropped that element.  Probly a good thing.  Still, it was canon for a time so I guess this story in which a committee from other worlds "honor" the Dyelanders is canon.
“Adam’s Birthday Surprise” 2007- Oct. 10 http://www.onthisside.net/cabb/cabb7.html By Yvette.  The Dyelanders gather to throw Adam a surprise birthday party.
“Halloween’s Sweet Surprises” 2007-Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb231.html Also by Yvette.  The Dyelanders celebrate Halloween at Willy's factory shortly after it opens.
“Interview with an AOD” 2007-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb231.html Andrew and LJA conversation that seems to be in character and legit.  They discuss why he doesn't like Halloween.  This is during the LJA/Eliot period but before it got bad with her and Andrew.
“Dream” 2007-Dec., f/b-1920s http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#dream Canonical account of Mick’s arrival in Dyeland.
“Tidings of Comfort and Joy” 2007-Dec., f/b-Dec. 18-24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb235.html The AODs go to work at a toy store run by a grouch.  Nigel awaits a visit from God.  JenniAnn and Eliot move forward.  Catherine and Vincent follow a very special star.
“Great Spirit” 2007-Dec. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#greatspirit Deals with Charles Rocket’s death.  Adam tries to console JenniAnn when she gets distressing emails about it.
“Unconditionally” 2008-Jan. http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/unconditionally.html This was alluded to in “Abide.”  It’s the Westboro Baptist Church counter-attack story.  JenniAnn and Mick try to get Andrew away from a hate group.
“The Masquerade Ball and Other Events” 2008-Feb. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#masquerade Also by Yvette.   After wreaking all sorts of havoc in Dyeland and the Tunnels, Andi's story is revealed.
“God Only Knows” 2008-Feb. 10-14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb239.html First Valentine’s interview story, a now defunct tradition.  JenniAnn interviews Dyelanders and friends about types of love.  Mick has a heart to heart with her about Andrew.
“3 AM” 2008-Mar. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb241.html Wow...  The 2008 election seems like ages ago.  The funny thing is this started as a parody of a political ad but then I actually went serious with the “red phone” as it pops up in at least a couple other stories, “Abide” included.  Anyhow, I'll say it's canon though perhaps played up a bit.  I've no doubt LJA sometimes caffeine-drunk dials Andrew.
“Eight Years Later” 2008-Mar. 17 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/sp08.html Eight years after Andrew first met the Dyelanders, he and JenniAnn recall the first evening they shared.
“Fun at Willowveil” aka “Roses and Thorns” 2008-Mar. 29 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb243.html Andrew discovers that everything he knows of Dyeland, including the love of his friends, is a lie.  Or is it?
“Dark Night of the Soul” 2002-Sept. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#darknight Occurs during “Two Sides to Every Angel."   Andrew goes to Dyeland where he tells JenniAnn about his heartbreaking assignment.
“When Tabloid Journalism Attacks!” 2008-May 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb247.html Someone sets up a tabloid web site about the Dyelanders.  Andrew is bothered when it's discovered the culprit is someone he knows.  Logan's first appearance!
“Man of No Reputation” 2008-June http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#man Joshua!  Andrew is bothered by "shipper" stories popping up all over.  Joshua shows up to offer counsel and share a little about his own experiences.
“Make This Go On Forever” 2008-Aug. 2-23, f/f-??? http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#makethis Mick's best friend, Josef, believes Andrew is responsible for a tragedy that befell Sarah, Josef's beloved.  Andrew tries to get Josef to see the truth and make peace with Sarah's impending death.
“Benediction” 2008-Oct. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut4.html#benediction Andrew comforts JenniAnn following the death of her pet frog… who later has some wise words for the angel.
“A Giant Dilemma for Adam” 2008-Oct. 10 http://www.onthisside.net/cabb/cabb9.html Yvette’s story.  It's Adam's birthday and he falls asleep while reading.  This leads to one heckuva dream.
“Andrew’s New Car” 2008-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb257.html Andrew's psyched to be getting a new car, expecting something stylish and sporty.  He gets a mini-van…
“The Walls Between the Worlds” 2008-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb258.html Aww!  This is where Santa Adam originated!  I forgot that was actually in a Halloween... not Christmas... story.  Anyhow, Andrew and Co. are in a store getting demoralized by the sensational and overly sexual elements of Halloween décor and costumes when they run into Santa and have a heartwarming encounter with a lil boy.
“Carry On” 2008-Nov. http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut5.html#carryon Shortly before Veterans Day, the Dyelander ladies find Andrew's memory box from several of his wartime assignments.  He tells them a little about his experiences.
“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” 2008-Dec. 20-24, f/b-1961, Dec. 24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb262.html Another title I really wish I’d remembered since I pretty much just re-used it...  Oh well.  Josef breaks my heart in this one.  It’s also the first story to suggest that Andrew can at least semi-bilocate which he does again in “Abide.”  Andrew is assigned to a soldier in Iraq and hopes very much to get back to Dyeland to celebrate Christmas with his friends.
“We Trust to Thee” 2009-Jan. 18-24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb264.html This is first time the Dyelanders really help Andrew out with an assignment.  They travel with him to Missouri to deal with the aftermath of the murder of his assignment, Dawn.  They wind up befriending Dawn's mother, Raquel Seywell.
"Feels Like Home" 2009-Feb. 8-14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb266.html After JenniAnn leaves Dyeland to tend to a family emergency, Andrew takes over interviewing his friends about types of love.  JenniAnn meets an enigmatic hospice nurse named Eli.  Andrew fears he may have lost a friend.
“Dyeland’s Easter Surprise” 2009-Apr. 10 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb271.html By Yvette.  Strange things begin happening all around Dyeland and they all end up traced to one very unexpected source.
“Origins” 2009-June 15- Sept., f/b-1953-1955 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut5.html#origins Andrew has a big part but I’d say the male leads here are actually Vincent and Lor.  Cora’s story.
“Andrew and the Unwanted Phone Calls” 2009-May 11 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb273.html Haha.  So much fun to write.  We’ve now reached the point when I actually remember writing most of these.  Andrew's cell phone number is leaked leading to lots of telemarketing calls.
“Andrew and the T-Shirt of Many Names” 2009-Aug. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb279.html JenniAnn and Rose seek shelter in Andrew's basement during a severe storm.  Andrew sees something quite interesting in their pajamas…
“The Scientist” 2009-Aug., f/b- 2004-Sept. http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/scientist.html One of JenniAnn's students is struggling with an eating disorder prompting her and Andrew to recall her own battle with anorexia.
“Finding Healing"
2009-Aug. 24
http://www.onthisside.net/cabb/findinghealing.html I accidentally missed this one when I originally compiled the Story Index, hence the weird numbering.  In the story, written by Yvette, Adam and Yva discuss grief. 
“Shifting Focus” 2009-Oct. 4 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/shiftingfocus.html In a strange twist of events, JenniAnn bumming out about the Hallmark Channel ditching TBAA leads to her realizing that Andrew doesn't actually want her to start a life with some guy.
“Be Thou My Vision” 2009-Oct. 25-31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb285.html Andrew and Co. attend a Renaissance Faire.  The descendant of one of Andrew's former assignments makes a frightening prediction about the angel.
“In the House of the Lord”-1 2009-Nov.18-23 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb286.html A rash of violent attacks on the homeless breaks out in NYC.  Andrew is assigned to three homeless young people and lives on the streets with them.
“In the House of the Lord”-2 2009-Nov. 24- Dec. 6 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb287.html The attacks escalate and Andrew mourns one of his assignments.  Later he finds himself facing the violent young men, devastating his friends.
“The Altar” 2009- Nov. 25, 2011-June http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut6.html#altar The first part is set during “House."  JenniAnn has a breakdown in a hospital chapel and is aided by Eli while Andrew remains unconscious.  In the second part, Andrew shares with JenniAnn what he knows of her time in the chapel.
“The Past, the Present, the Future” 2009- Dec. 20-24 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb289.html Andrew continues to heal as he and his friends celebrate the holidays.  Vincent is comforted by a discovery at his mother's house.  JenniAnn faces her parents' disapproval.  Andrew is gifted with a glimpse of the future.
“When You are Real” 2010-Feb. 8-14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb293.html Andrew and JenniAnn continue their annual interviews with the Dyelanders.  JenniAnn is shocked when she learns about a major decision Andrew has made.  Beth and Mick separate.
“The Butterfly” 2010-Apr. http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/butterflystory.html JenniAnn is deeply troubled by the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and is comforted by Andrew.  Meanwhile, Fr. Mike (a native Dyelander) receives counsel from Joshua.
“Andrew Watches a Bunch of TV” 2010-Apr. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb297.html In preparation for an assignment as a Media Studies professor, Andrew asks the Dyelanders to take in some culture with him.  JenniAnn gets TV…
“The Penny” 2010-Apr. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb298.html Andrew teaches Shelby to count change.  He shares with her about his assignment with President Lincoln.
“The Chaplain” 1990-Sept. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb303.html A Brushes with Andrew story exploring ways Andrew was linked to his Dyeland friends before he even met them.  In this story, set in Sept. 1990, Andrew consoles JenniAnn's teacher, Eleanor, as she prepares to see her husband off for deployment during the Gulf War.
“The Best Birthday Ever”
http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/bestbirthdayever.html Set in the future- Andrew's birthday present to Beth has massive consequences for her and Mick.
“Where You Go, I Will Go”-1 2010- Sept. 3, f/b- June 18, Aug. 22-26 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb307.html Raquel invites the gang on her wedding cruise.  The Dyelanders begin to reconnect after not having much quality time together.
“Where You Go, I Will Go”-2 2010- Sept. 3, f/b- Aug. 27-31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb308.html As the cruise continues, Andrew's and Monica's friendship remains fractured and the girls confront Monica.
“A Moment of Grace” 2010-Oct. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb310.html Bennie, a former friend of Andrew's and JenniAnn's, shows up and harrangues them both.
116 “Safe” 2010-Oct. 22-31, f/f-2025 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb313.html Andrew is working a case as a police officer in West Hollow, IA when a serial rapist strikes.  He's conflicted when the Dyelanders show up to support him.
117 “To Be With You” 2010-Dec., flash forwards galore http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb316.html During their annual Christmas party, the Dyelanders each imagine their ideal futures.  Andrew receives a true vision of the future.
118 “On This Side” 2011-Jan. 11 http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/onthisside.html The Dyelanders learn about John’s death... a therapy story if ever there was one.
119 “The Unbroken Circle” 2011-Feb. 9-14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb320.html The final Valentine’s interview story which also serves as a tribute to John.  Andrew and JenniAnn continue the tradition of interviewing their friends about love.
120 “In the Fields of Gold” 2011-Mar. 17, f/b-2000, Mar. 17-18 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb322.html Things start to return to normal here.  As the anniversary of Andrew's arrival in Dyeland is celebrated, he thinks back on that fateful day.  Occurs during "Pandora's Box."
"A Day in the Life of the Dyelanders: As Told By Their Emails"
2011-March 31
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb324.html A story told via email.  It was an April Fool's joke and features Vincent with a mohawk, Andrew battling aliens, and a conspiracy run by the three AODs.
122 “A Shorts Story” 2011-Apr. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb325.html Andrew confesses to JenniAnn why he very, very seldom wears shorts.  Contains a flashback to his caseworking days.
123 “Promotion Day” 2011-Apr. 26 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb326.html As the gang celebrates the anniversary of Andrew's promotion to AOD, JenniAnn frets that a future promotion may separate Andrew from them.  God foresees Andrew's future.
124 “Andrew’s First (Dyeland) Haircut” 2011-May http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb328.html Andrew has a snafu with some gum following an assignment and seeks JenniAnn's help to fix his hair.  Adam serenades them.
125 “Never Alone” 2011-July 4 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb331.html It's the 4th of July and Shelby is troubled by the idea of Andrew being in the midst of war.  The angel shares with her how important it is that those who serve their country are never alone.
126 “Guess Who’s Coming for Coffee?” 2011-Summer http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut6.html#guesswho JenniAnn, at last, introduces Andrew to her grandmother.  Awkwardness ensues.
127 “Moving On”   http://www.onthisside.net/cabb/cabb14.html Another by Yvette that is independent of Dyeland.  Adam consoles Chloe, a woman who has lost her boyfriend to suicide.
128 “In the Palm of His Hand” 2011-Sept. 11, f/b-2001-Sept. 14 http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/palmofhishand.html Shelby is confused on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Andrew and JenniAnn revisit their memories from that time.
129 “Andrew’s Birthday Quilt” 2011-Sept. 20 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb337.html The Dyelanders gather to celebrate Andrew's birthday and a very special, comforting gift mysteriously shows up.  This contains a flash forward to Andrew's "40th" birthday.
130 “Mysterious Ways” 2011-Oct. 31 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb340.html Andrew's new protégé, Violeta, shows up at the Dyeland Halloween party.
131 “Love Came Down” 2011-Dec. http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb344.html Joshua helps Andrew create John’s memorial Christmas ornament. 
132 “The Greatest of These” 2012-Feb. 13, f/b-2011-Aug., 2011-N0v., 2012, Feb. 12 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb348.html Andrew and JenniAnn work on Mick's and Beth's wedding video and reminisce about the weeks leading up to it.
133 “12 Years” 2012-Mar. 17 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb350.html Andrew is away on an assignment for his Dyeland anniversary.  Then a mystery woman buys him dinner…
134 “Easter Eggs” 2012-Apr. 8 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb352.html A hurting Andrew returns to Dyeland on Easter and receives a special gift from his friends.
135 “A Different Promotion Day” 2012-Apr. 25, f/b-1450s/1550s?, f/f-???? http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb353.html Sam recalls Andrew's promotion from Search and Rescue to Caseworking.
136 “Tale as Old as Time” 2012-June http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb356.html Andrew reads Shelby fairy tales prompting a discussion with JenniAnn and the appearance of a "magical" rose.
137 “Being There” 2012-Spring http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb358.html Andrew returns to Dyeland after witnessing carnage in Syria.
138 “The Storm” 2012-July http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb362.html Andrew and JenniAnn spend a stormy evening revisiting their group's past.  Andrew has an inkling that a challenge is on the horizon.
139 “Abide With Me” 2012-July 31-Dec., f/f-2015/6 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/authorcut6.html#abide Andrew is assigned to a soldier in Afghanistan named Max Remus.  Andrew and Max are abducted and held as POWs while the angel's friends try to cope with his absence and get him home.
140 “Home for Christmas” 2012-Dec. 1-25 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb372.html Andrew and friends celebrate Christmas as he continues to recuperate from his injuries.  Max faces some major changes in his life.
141 "Rapprochment" 2013- late January, f/b Spring 2003 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/rapprochement.html Max and JenniAnn are going through photos which leads to Andrew and LJA revisiting a decade old fight.  It's a sort of follow-up on the TBAA episode "Virtual Reality."
142 "Roots and Wings" 2013- February, f/f to 2-13-14 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb376.html Andrew and LJA work on the annual Valentine's documentary and look back on the gang's recent vacation to Orlando.
143 "The Keeper's Story" 2013- March 31, f/f- Feb. 2014, f/b
January 16th, 1987
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb379.html Joshua visits Andrew on Easter morning and addresses his concerns about LJA.  Later, Joshua has a vision of a fateful February night to come.
144 "Asking the Answer" 2013- April 2 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/asking.html Andrew returns to Serendipity to find Joshua already there.  Joshua addresses some questions Andrew has and prepares him for an assignment to come.
145 "Chava" 2013- April 16-26, f/b-1938-1944, f/f 2013-Dec and 2030 http://www.onthisside.net/jabbmem/Chava.html When JenniAnn befriends an elderly woman named Chava, she's eager to introduce her to Andrew.  However, that meeting goes nothing like planned when it's discovered that Chava survived the Holocaust and recognizes Andrew.
146 "Harry and Psyche" 2013- late February, f/b 1998-Nov http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/PsycheHarry.html Once upon a time, a teenager named Psyche helped a little boy named Harry.  Several years later, their paths crossed again thanks to an angel named Andrew.
147 "Song of Songs" 1987- Nov, 1988-Jan, f/f 2014-Feb http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/songofsongs.html Psyche is reunited with Vincent but all is not well in his world.  As his thirty third birthday approaches, Catherine is beginning to lose hope of their relationship ever progressing.  And then Psyche brings up the D word…
148 "Possibilities" 2001-Feb, f/f 2015 http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/possibilities.html Vincent is anxious about meeting Psyche's Andrew and wonders what the angel's involvement in her life means for his godchild.  In 2015, Andrew and Vincent wait for a miracle.
149 "Ivy" 2013- June thru Aug., f/f Holy Week 2014, f/b circa 4 AD http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/Ivy.html Andrew is assigned to teach an educational summer program for girls.  He begins to suspect that one girl, Ivy, is being bullied.  His suspicion is confirmed by Joshua who gives Andrew a message to relay to the girl.  JenniAnn, Kemara, and Violeta join Andrew in his mission to assure Ivy that God loves her and she deserves to be loved.
150 "Once More" 2013- Sept. 20 http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb393.html Andrew and LJA reflect on why his birthday celebration will soon be changing.
"The Coffee Summit"
2010- October 3 and 2013- October 3, f/b- 2008- March 8, 2003- March, 2009- November, 2001- Early Spring
Tess "kidnaps" LJA and Monica shortly after the events of "Where You Go" and makes them discuss their differences and hurt feelings.  Meanwhile, Joshua waits on Andrew who he has a request for.  And somewhere, some guy has no idea his life will change because of this. 
2013-October 25 and 31
Andrew and LJA find Shelby spying on them shortly before Halloween.  Her reasons for being there force Andrew to re-examine his Halloween plans.
"Shelter from the Storm"
2013- November
Written by Kim, this vignette is about Monica and Arthur dealing with the emotional aftermath of helping with the recovery effort after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
"The Truth"
2013- Thanksgiving
After gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, some of the gang participate in a game of Philosophical Questions.  This prompts Monica to realize that she needs to tell Arthur about that fateful day when they first met.
"The Christmas Rose"
2014- Christmas, f/b-21 AD
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb400.html Andrew finds himself assigned to LJA who is mourning Chava and concerned about the future.  He tells her about the origins of his rose... a descendant of a rosebush Yosef once gave Maryam.  In the midst of the Dyelanders' festivities, three visitors come to Manhattan...
"To Love Another Person"
2014- January
In this story by Kim, the Dyelanders gather in Andrew's basement to watch the film version of Les Miserables.  Unsurprisingly, things get pretty emotional!
"Promises of Someday"
2014- February 4 thru 17
Andrew's assigned to a baby abandoned in an alley in NYC... enter Belle.  This story covers Andrew's and LJA's first few days as new parents and the rallying of their friends and family (and a certain carpenter) around their lil one.
"May the Road Rise to Meet You"
2014- March 2 thru 15
This story, written by Kim, is set during "The Carpenter" time span.  Monica and Kemara plan a St. Patrick's Day dance for the JCS cast and crew.
"The Carpenter"
2014- February 22 thru April 20
Joshua Davidson shows up at St. Genesius' Community Theatre to fix their broken stage.  He winds up cast as Jesus in their production of Superstar.  Also, Joshua actually is Jesus...  So that's an experience for Andrew and Co.!
"Child of Laughter"
4-34 AD
Yeshua befriends a man named Isaaq who, despite his tragic past, brings joy and laughter to the boy's life.
"Someone who Urgently Needs a Shelf"
2014- March 31
In this story written by Heather, we learn what became of Yosef's and John's shelf that was mentioned in "The Carpenter."  The two men bring it to True Light where they meet Chris, a homeless single father of two in need of hope.
"The King"
2014- April, f/f- 2014-May, June, October, November, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2022, 2025, 2026, 2033
"The King" picks up immediately after "The Carpenter" and features several flash forwards to show what became of the characters.  And... Joshua.
"New Beginnings"
2014- May 17-24, f/f 2015- March 17
In "The Carpenter"/"May the Road Rise to Meet You." we met Sean, a fellow in Kemara's dance class.  With some encouragement from Joshua, Kemara began to spend more time with Sean.  This story, penned by Kim, finds them going on their first official date.
"A Stór Mo Chroi"
2014- October 11-18, f/f 2037- Nov. 29 and 30, http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/astormochroi.html
This tale tells the story of Liam who arrives among the Dyelanders under very unexpected circumstances which challenge Arthur's and Monica's relationship.
"The Family Tree"
2014- December 19-25, f/b 15 BC, 1 AD
Guess who returns for His birthday?  :-)
"Friend of My Soul"
"Fifty Shades of Flannel"
2015-February 21, f/b Mar 25, 2000, Apr 2002, Oct 2002,  Jan 2004, Nov 2006, Feb 2008, Jul 2009, Summer 2011, Dec 26th, 2012  
Andrew and JenniAnn take a walk down memory lane.
"A Cord of Three Strands"
2015-February 11-14,  f/b- 2014, Dec. 31, 2015, Jan. 22, Aug. 5, 1996- March 28
The Dyelanders and other Friends of Joshua prepare for the annual Valentine's party and video.  Several of them recall and come to major milestones in their relationships.
"Amhrán Duit/The Never-Ending Road"
2015-March 16 and 17, f/b- 2014, Oct. 4, 8, 31; Nov. 20, Dec. 1, 5, 20, 23, 25, 26, 2015, Jan. 24, Feb. 4, March 2, 7, 9, 10, 14
On the eve of her wedding, Kemara looks through her scrapbook covering her and Sean's engagement and relives their courtship.
"Here is My Heart"
2015-March 17 and 18
It's Kemara's and Sean's wedding day!
"Morning Has Broken"
2015-March 31-April 5
Kemara and Sean return to Dyeland following their honeymoon in Ireland. In the midst of celebrating Holy Week with the Friends, the newlyweds try to settle into their new life together. And then comes some big news...  (Written by Kim)
"The Story of Eilish/Elise"
After suffering a grievous loss, a young woman arrives in Dyeland... but has she been there before?  This story, written by Pia, introduces a new character to our stories.
"A Graduation Surprise"
2015-May 16
Ivy celebrates her graduation from high school.  However, someone else at her party is about to get a big surprise!
"Samuel's Prayer"
In another story by Pia, Elish's guardian angel, Samuel, reflects on his time with her. God has something important to tell Samuel.
"Glad Tidings"
2015-April 6-June 5
Even as they celebrate her pregnancy, Kemara and Sean receive news that shakes their marriage and their faith.
2015-June 5-27
Tragedy strikes when Catherine and JenniAnn are accosted by a violent man while working at the office of the Phoenix Inn.  In addition to coping with the fall-out, Andrew must confront some ancient enemies.  Thankfully, he has the help of his friends and a principality named Reuel.
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
2015-May and June
In this story by Pia, Eilish prepares to celebrate Midsummer Night.  She reconnects with her godparents, Elizabeth and Thomas O'Malley, and meets Samuel.
"Hope and Healing"
2015-June 27-Aug. 20, f/b- 2009-Feb., April, July, Aug., 2010-April, June, 2012-Nov., Dec., 2013- April
Picking up right after "Shadowlands" ended, this story covers Andrew's and JenniAnn's meeting with Eben, the Friends' vacation to North Carolina, heartfelt reunions, a new love story, and Mr. Darcy and Ms. Chandler reading and editorializing on a book about sex. Yup. (Don't worry. The reason is pretty adorable.) Also, Max experiences a pretty big, important milestone.
"Crumbling Walls"
2015-June to August
In Pia's story, Eilish and Samuel become closer after the latter fixes up the smithy on Tír na nÓg and begins to spend more time there.  Later, the angel comforts the young woman during a storm.
2015-June 27-July 4
Clay and Kylie go on a week-long honeymoon in the Sibling Cities.  Adam comes along, too, of course!
"Forever and Always"
2015-July thru October
Emma continues to struggle with nightmares and worries.  Thankfully, Peter is there to support and love her which only makes the fact that they still don't have a wedding date more painful for them both.

"A Midnight Snack"
2015-Oct. 26
JenniAnn struggles to sleep after a scary movie.  Andrew calms her but their night is further interrupted when a disembodied voice calls for them... through the baby monitor in her nursery.
"Glad Tidings Part II
2015-June 5 thru Nov. 2
Kim's story concludes with Kemara and Sean facing their fears and preparing to welcome their little ones.
2015-Dec. 17-25, f/b- 3 BC and 1 AD
Joshua and his family once again return to celebrate Christmas with the Friends.  However, Joshua also has another reason for coming back: he's on a mission to take down a human trafficking ring and wants the Friends to help.
"Valentine's Vignettes"
2014- Dec. 27
2016- Jan. 14 and Feb. 14
This is comprised of three stories: "The Scribe," "Always," and "Syvy" which feature some of the Dyeland couples and all deal with the topic of love.
"And Then There Were Four"
2015- Nov. 2- Nov. 26
Kemara and Sean begin to adjust to life as parents as Joy and Ian adjust to being born!
"Some Gave All"
2016- Sept. 11
A glimpse into Sean's journal as he marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and his first as a firefighter.
"Little Pumpkin"
2016- Oct. 10
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb473cabb24.html Adam and Kylie share a special moment on the former's birthday.
2015- February, f/b- Dec. 23. 2015, 1510, f/f 2016- Dec. 2nd
The Friends confront the horrors of human trafficking when it strikes very close to home for one family.
"Sinners and Saints"
2015- Nov.
In this story by Pia, Eilish and Samuel come to an important crossroads in their friendship.
"The Golden Cord"
2016- Dec. 24-25, f/b- 5 AD, 1988, 2015,  2016- Nov.
Joshua, his family, and the Friends spend Christmas Eve at Willowveil Castle, swapping stories of treasured Christmas memories.
"These are My Dreams"
2016- March to July 23
Kim picks up Kemara's and Sean's story as they continue to adjust to life with twins.  Things become even more complicated when Sean begins to, once again, consider the firefighting job he's dreamed of since childhood.
"More Valentine's Vignettes"
33 AD
2017- February 11
Yeshua's former crush remembers him and grieves for him after his death.
Andrew has a dream that may foretell another child.
An adult Daisy and Aiyla discuss their futures.
"On a Hill Far Away"
33 AD
2017- May 14
Metatron witnesses Yeshua's Crucifixion.  In the present day, he returns to that location with Andrew to discover that he was part of a miracle.
"The Golden Cord, Part II"
2017- Dec. 24 & 25
f/b- 7 AD, 2017- Dec. 1
The Friends again gather together for Christmas, missing Joshua... who has a surprise in store for them.  Stories are swapped and new Christmas memories are made.
"Cupid and Psyche"
2017- April 22- May 27
When an assignment shakes Andrew up, he and JenniAnn are forced to revisit Rex's attack on her and their emotions, fears, and anxieties tied to it.
"Jack Pearson"
2018- Feb. 9 & 10
Andrew and JenniAnn are awoken by an alarming call from Joshua.
"A New Look"
2018- April 1
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb513.html When Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day align, the Friends opt to nix the latter.  Joshua has other ideas. 
2016- May 7,
2017- May 15- Dec.21
2018- Sept. 15
f/f- 2068, 2070
http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/immortality-josef.html Josef and Amber-Marie settle into life as parents to Daisy.  However, things become complicated when Josef realizes he has feelings for his co-parent.
"Broken Hallelujahs"
2018- Feb. 2- April 30
When Fr. Mike is dismissed from St. Mary Magdalene's without good cause, the Friends and Joshua begin to unravel another sex abuse cover-up within the Catholic Church.
"Sunshine and Snow"
2018- Aug. 18-
f/f- 2038- Nov. 14
As Father is on his deathbed, Catherine receives word of a special child left at the doorstep of Cora's and Lor's former cabin in Ireland.  Andrew and JenniAnn go to retrieve the baby... and promptly fall in love with the little guy.
"The Golden Cord, Part III"
2018- Dec. 22-25
f/f- 4 BC, 1 AD, Dec. 2001
Joshua is back for another Christmas with the now expanded group of Friends!
2018- Oct. 4 & 5
As Chava's birthday approaches, JenniAnn feels compelled to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum in DC.  Joshua shows up to accompany her.
"Valentine's Vignettes III"
2019- Feb. 9, Mar. 5
2023- Feb. 11
"Checking In"-Andrew has a nightmare about Afghanistan and is comforted by JenniAnn.
"Sacred"- An old friend returns with a request for Andrew.
"Beautiful Boy"- At age four, Avi and Evie are acting strangely and the adults soon learn why.
"The Test"
2019- Mar. 16
A panicked Isolde calls JenniAnn with a request to accompany her on a very important errand.
"The Messiah"
2019- April and May, Dec.
f/b- 31 AD, 1996
Joshua is working as a handyman at a mosque when the imam and his wife begin to receive hateful, threatening letters.  When the threats escalate to violence, no one is safe.
"The Glorious Impossible"
2019- Dec. 14-24
f/b- 34 AD, 2019- April 30, June 11 & 14, Oct. 16 & 17, Nov. 16 & 18
Joshua spends another Christmas with the Friends who are eager to share with some newbies about all Joshua's done for them.  A Christmas miracle occurs when Joshua is able to reconnect with a lost soul.
"Valentine's Vignettes IV"
2020- Feb. 11, 12, 15, 17
"The Throwback"- Andrew injures his back while working on the ballroom.  He and JenniAnn revisit their past while Shelby broaches an important subject.
"Dulcis"- Mary and Lucius adjust to modern life in Manhattan and receive a visit from Jemima.
"A Visit With an Old Friend"
2020- Spring
Andrew meets a mysterious not-so-stranger while doing a grocery run for his family during COVID.
"Relentless Affection"
2019- Summer
While on a froyo run with JenniAnn and Belle, Joshua intervenes when he sees three men harassing a woman.
"Requiem for a King"
2020- Feb. 11, 12, 15, 17
http://www.newsletters.onthisside.net/jabb578.html It's Sy's first birthday as a married man but it starts out on a sad note when he learns that Chadwick Boseman, who he admired, has passed away.
"God in the Gloom"
2020- March 13-Apr 10
f/f- ???
Andrew, JenniAnn, and their household deal with the first few weeks of COVID-induced lockdown.  The two watch The Haunting of Hill House which prompts serious discussion.
"Angel of Death"
2020- Oct. 1
Andrew returns to Willowveil after his first shift back on the job since the COVID crisis began.  An anxious JenniAnn comforts him while Joshua lovingly watches over them.
"At Last"
2020- Oct. 31 and Nov. 7
http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/atlast.html JenniAnn is anxious about the growing number of COVID cases and the impending U.S. presidential election.  Andrew comforts her.  Note: JenniAnn's political leanings are fairly obvious in this story and, to a lesser extent, so are Andrew's.  So skip if you want them to remain fairly apolitical.  Or just skip because I wrote this while stressed out of my mind and it's pretty mushy.
"You'll Never Walk Alone"
2020- Sept. 8-
f/b- 30 AD, 2000- Feb. 11, 2019, early 2020
http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/JoccyTakoda.html After a heartbroken Joccy makes a drastic and tragic decision, she begins a journey to make peace with her past.  Takoda tries his best to support Joccy while trying to come to terms with his own feelings about her.  Thankfully, they both have support from friends, angels, saints, and, of course, Joshua.
"When the West Wind Moves"
2020-  Nov. 23
http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/westwind.html Andrew and JenniAnn take a break in the Fields of Gold where they comfort each other as COVID rages and Thanksgiving nears. 
"Flowers Never Bend"
2021- Jan. 6 and 10
Following the storming of the U.S. Capitol, Andrew deals with his own emotions after comforting his family.  Thankfully, JenniAnn is there to comfort *him.*
"God With Us"
2020- Dec. 23 and 24, f/b- 32/33 AD, f/f- post-COVID
Christmas looks much different for the Friends but that doesn't stop Joshua from paying them visits!
"Valentine's Vignettes Volume V"
2021- Feb. 13 and 14
f/f- 2038
"Three Toasts"- In the present, Andrew and Avi spend some quality father-son time together.  In the future, Avi deals with the fall out of announcing his engagement to his parents.
"The Invitation"- Janice returns home from a tiring shift at the hospital but soon discovers she's not alone.  A certain Someone decided to do a house call.
"A Light Shines"
2021- April 4
Joshua and John celebrate Easter morning in their apartment in NYC.
"The Birds, the Bees, and the Duckling"
2021- Mar. 29
f/f- circa 2035
JenniAnn tries her best to give truthful and thoughtful answers when Violeta and Shelby have some complicated questions.
"Forever and Ever, Amen"
2021- May 12
Andrew confronts some uncomfortable truths about his and JenniAnn's relationship when he works at a high school.
"The Maiden, the Angel of Death, and the Ineffable Husbands"
2020- Nov. 13 and 14
Andrew gets into a heated disagreement with JenniAnn's cousin who is being careless about JenniAnn's health during COVID.  He seeks counsel from Crowley and Aziraphale.
"A New Venture"
2021- Aug. 2 and 5
When JenniAnn begins to feel useless and isolated as COVID rates rise, Andrew thinks up a way for her to give back while staying in Dyeland.
"A Thousand Years"
2021- May 13, Sept. 5-6, Oct. 1-30
f/b- 1529-1532
When Andrew and JenniAnn are attacked by demons, their friends and family rally around them... and a familiar face comes to visit along with a new friend.
"Goodness and Light"
2021- Dec. 24
f/b- circa 1
f/f- circa 2050
Joshua returns to Willowveil for Christmas 2021, intent on reconnecting with JenniAnn who has been distant since Andrew's illness.
"Valentine's Vignettes Volume VI"
2021- Oct. 30-31
"Returning Home"- Andrew and JenniAnn return to Dyeland following their blessing ceremony. 
"Brotherly Love"- While staying with Joshua to give their parents privacy; Shelby, Violeta, and Max have a heart-to-heart.
2022- June 24
f/b- circa 1956
Andrew and JenniAnn have a difficult discussion when the latter struggles to sleep following the end of Roe.
"The Shepherd"
2022- Jan. 29-April 1
Joshua returns to St. Genesius' to help out with JCS.  Naturally, he winds up supporting several of the Friends in their struggles... and awaits the arrival of a prodigal son.
"The Lost Sheep"
2019- March 22 to 2022- April 5
f/b- 1836

2019.  The Year Before the Plague.
The demon Edgar is sent to possess Stephen Thomas, head of a sober living house.
Things did not go as planned...
Or did they?
"Panic Day"
2022- Aug. 4
Ed and Steve spend the afternoon together whilst fielding texts from JenniAnn and Aziraphale who are panicked over the fate of Our Flag Means Death.
"The Promise"
2022- Sept. 22
After a difficult day at work, Ed receives a very special gift from Steve.
"Love Incarnate, Love Divine" 2022- Dec. 10-25
f/b- Dec. 16, 1998
Ed and Steve celebrate their first Christmas as part of the Friends and make a major life change.
"Valentine's Vignettes Volume VII" 2021- Nov. 27
2022- April
f/f- circa 2027
"The Wild Crowd"- Vonnie has dinner with Rhiannon and her family and learns one of Rhiannon's secrets.
"'Directors in Live Features'"- Andrew learns the meaning of the acronym DILF.
"Aroha"- Ed's a successful podcaster who is being honored at an out-of-town event when a panic attack strikes.  Thankfully, Steve is only a phone call away.
"The Advocate" 2022-April 3-17
f/f- circa 2033
As the christofascists continue their campaign against St. G's, Joshua and the Friends work together to protect and heal a defector.
"In the Winter Light" 2023- Dec. 2-17
When JenniAnn's parents request that her family stays at their place the weekend before Christmas, Andrew has some complicated feelings.
"The Spark of Creation" 2028- circa
JenniAnn is several years into her demon redemption plot when a familiar demon shows up looking for help.

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