The following are upcoming JABB events that members are more than welcome to submit material for.  Just please be mindful of ones with deadlines.  In some cases, I absolutely cannot accept ideas or input after that date has passed.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  Please check back here every so often as new chances to be involved will be added!  Also, please visit Contribute to JABB where you can learn about more recurring ways to become involved!
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What's needed for JABB newsletters
JABB Members' Talent Issue Do you have a talent that you could share with your fellow JABBers?  Perhaps a story you wrote that's available on the web?  A web site you created?  If yes, we'd like to do an issue where our JABB members can share those with others.  They do not even have to be A/J or TBAA related.  Please contact me for further details and to ensure that we have the means to showcase your talent.  (I can't host videos, for example.)
Interview an AOD
JABB has contained several interviews.  One example is when Lady JenniAnn interviewed the AOD Band in JABB 195.  I always meant to do a part two and never got around to it.  Maybe your character could!  Or they could interview one or two or all three of them about some other aspect of their life. 
Customized fanfiction ratings
Nicole came up with this one, I believe.  The idea is we'd take on on G/PG/etc. and replace them with our own made-up ratings for the benefit of our fellow Androolers.  Sounds like fun to me!
The AOD Rulebook
Got this idea after reading Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job in which your average Joe becomes Death.  We know Martha Williamson and Co. had some rules as they wrote TBAA.  But if the AODs themselves had a Rulebook or Employee Handbook, what would that be like?  Care to help us hypothesize?
Call the Official 3 AM Phone Answerer of Dyeland
Everyone hates political ads, right?  Well, in 2008 we got one that YouTubers and even JABBers could have some real fun with.  The idea is Dyeland has an emergency phone that, it turns out, is answered by Andrew.  I wrote an example of a call he just might get here.  I'd love to have others featuring direly goofy calls from other Dyelanders or angels!
(TBD=to be decide, DCB=date change possible)

This section isn't necessarily for the newsletters although some of the material I'm attempting to collect here could make its way into them.  Mostly this is an attempt to make Dyeland-set stories, whether on the YG, the Author's Cut, or the newsletters, a lil more richly written.  There are no set deadlines.  Obviously the earlier things are made known, the more newsletters they may work their way into.  But any of this is welcome at any time.

What's needed for Dyeland stuff
General character info questionnaire It would make it a lot easier for me to write Dyeland-set stuff if I knew more about people's characters.  I'm particularly trying to focus on the relationships and sentiments between characters, their day-to-day lives, what they're like when not in public, etc.  So if you're interested in having your Dyeland counterpart further fleshed out on JABB, please submit answers to the questions given here.  Of course, your writing Author's Cut stories about them would also be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Day in the life story
Write a story about what your character does over the average 24 hour period.  You may think it'll be boring to others but it'd be immensely helpful to me and potentially other JABB authors.  I know I'd love to learn more about the people I spend so much time writing about!
About Us pages
Another way to share info about your Dyeland characters is to fill out About Us pages.  You can also do one for yourself.  These can be whatever you like but I chose to write Lady JenniAnn's using the following outline which you're welcome to use, too.  The first paragraph is my statement about her.  The second paragraph is her history.  The third paragraph covers her roles in Dyeland.  Finally, each page ends with 3 links related to the character/person.
When We First Met story
I brought up this idea years back and ended up writing "Eight Years Later" as a result.  It was quite fun and hopefully can be for others, too!  Basically the challenge was to write a story about how your character met Andrew.  But you could write one about their meeting any Dyeland character.  It probly would be best, though, to try and stick with the established timeline.  For example, writing that your character met Andrew when they visited Dyeland in 1985 would be a lil hard to grasp since Dyeland didn't come together til 1999 and Andrew didn't arrive there until March 2000.  But otherwise let your imagination run wild!
Character Interviews
Characters interviewing other characters have been a part of Dyeland-set JABBs for quite some time.  No reason to stop!  Please click here for details.
Things You Should Know Before Joining JABB Another idea from the YG.  We want to compile an entertaining list of things you should know before joining JABB (i.e. we likely won't be reading your shipper fic, we are unlikely to be accused of excessive affection for Monica, etc.)

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