The Walk

March 2003

The girl brushed aside some of the willow's branches and peered at the house.  For two weeks it had sat empty.  For two weeks her evening ritual had included walking from her own home to spy and check if a light would come on or if a familiar silhouette would appear in the windows.  And for two weeks she had been disappointed and worried.  It seemed as if she was destined to fret for at least one day more.

With a sigh of defeat, JenniAnn settled back against the trunk of the tree and worked on her Anthropology term paper.  For a lover of symbolism and coiffure, the research for her essay on "The Symbolic Meaning of Hair" wasn't proving to be very enticing.  Nonetheless, she picked up her copies of Ortner and Hallpike and tried to read. 

But, really, what was the use of learning about the hair philosophies of some ancient tribe when something very strange was happening with the follicles of someone very much alive?  Someone for whom she cared very deeply...  She set down the books, stood up, and began to pace about beneath the tree.

At first it had been funny... something she and the other girls joked around about over coffee.  For the nearly three years they had known the angel of death, Andrew had never had so much as a stray whisker on his cheeks or chin.  Then came the goatee.  Then away went the goatee.  Then returned the goatee.  Then a shave.  Then again with the goatee.  And that was to say nothing about the hair growing out of his scalp.  It had been quite short for the duration of their friendships with him.  Then he seemed to be ready to grow it out again... the prospect of which had sent more than a few hearts fluttering. 

JenniAnn self-consciously hid her blush behind her own hair when she recalled
Andrew's return that September, after an absence of nearly a month, with his shaggy mane.  He'd become more attractive if that was possible.  She remembered wanting to run her hand through his hair.  But there'd been something else... some quality she couldn't identify that, nonetheless, made her love him more.  Even when he'd cut his hair, the quality had remained as had her amped up feelings.

JenniAnn shook her head.  Swooning over the Andrew of September wasn't going to help her get to the bottom of whatever was going on with the current Andrew. 

The jokes with the other girls had dried up.  They'd all grown genuinely concerned for their friend.  Andrew was not a vain person.  He wasn't the type to spend hours in front of a mirror.  Why then all the indecisiveness with his appearance?  It put JenniAnn in mind of a teenager trying to figure out who he was and not having much luck with it.  But surely Andrew... ever mature, ever stable... wasn't that confused? 

God help them all if he was!  God help her...  What was a twenty year old supposed to do with an immortal... who she was seriously beginning to suspect she was in love with despite the obvious futility of it... in the grips of an identity crisis? 

And then it hit her.  She remembered when her grandpa had died.  There had been mornings when she couldn't summon the energy to even brush her hair. 
She was tired.  She was heartbroken.  She'd allowed it to be chopped off... not even wanting to bother with it. 

Was that it?  Had Andrew's goatees come about simply because some days he couldn't summon the energy to shave?  Did he shave?  He never looked slovenly so obviously he was taking care of himself but maybe shaving was just too much to deal with.  And had he cut his hair for the same reason?  Was he upset?  What could he possibly be grieving?  He lived in Heaven!


Andrew was on earth an awful lot...  And then in Dyeland...  And it had been a rough year in both places.  JenniAnn cringed when she remembered finding him in tears after Tess had developed Alzheimer's.  As much as she hated to admit it, he hadn't really seemed the same since. 
His smiles took longer to form then faded more quickly.  He didn't laugh as much.  And the disappearing/reappearing goatee had surfaced not much later. 

Yet, Andrew had become more affectionate.  Never, ever clingy... JenniAnn knew that was her domain.  But he seemed to linger in a hug longer.  He reached for people's hands more often.  When she reached out to him first, he was less likely to draw away than he had been before.  JenniAnn had happily accepted that particular change, justifying it as a perk of no longer being a teenager.  However, as she made note of all the changes in Andrew, the increased affection seemed less benign.  Was it a cry for help she'd missed?  That they all had missed?  But surely he would have said something if he was truly upset!

Or not...  Andrew was their center, their heart, their rock.  And he knew it.  And he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.  Maybe not even tell them if he was upset...

Her friend was hurting and JenniAnn had been too wrapped up in her schoolwork and her giddy little crush to even notice!  As tears stung her eyes, she bolted out from under the willow tree and ran smack into something warm, soft, and very solid.

The "object" drew in a ragged breath.

Shocked, JenniAnn pulled away and found herself staring up at Andrew.  She gasped when she saw his red-rimmed eyes and tear-streaked face.

"What's wrong?" they asked each other in unison prompting dual teary smiles.

"You first," Andrew encouraged, gently brushing at her tears with his gloved hand.

"You've been somewhere cold," she remarked.

The angel avoided her gaze.  "It was a little chilly."

She winced when his voice cracked on the word "chilly."

"JenniAnn, come on, tell me what's wrong," Andrew prodded.

She studied him, noting that he was beginning to shut himself off.  "Y-you," she stuttered.

Andrew let his hand drop and stepped away.  Of course today would be the day JenniAnn would finally get over her crush.  He'd wanted her to.  For her sake.  But today?  He couldn't bear anyone else leaving him.  He'd had enough good byes for one day.

"I didn't mean it like that!" the woman cried and grabbed his hand before he could retreat further.  "There's nothing... absolutely nothing wrong with you!  Or at least... I mean... there's nothing about you I don't like.  B-but..."

Andrew took a step nearer.  He'd avoided making more than fleeting eye contact with her, not wanting JenniAnn to pick up on his own distress.  However, his concern for her trumped that.  She seemed disoriented.  But she also seemed unchanged in her attachment to him.  "But what?" he asked, setting his other hand over hers.

"You've obviously been crying and pretty much everything about you these past few months has... has..."  JenniAnn drew in a deep breath then let it out slowly.  "Are you depressed?" she demanded.

The angel was silent and stared at the ground.  He thought he'd done a better job of masking the increasing feelings of loneliness and melancholy he sometimes felt.  Clearly his attempts hadn't spared JenniAnn and possibly not the others, either. 

Made uneasy by Andrew's silence, JenniAnn began to ramble.  "It's just... you seem sad.  A lot.  Or maybe not a lot.  I don't mean...  Or I guess I should say I mean that I still love having you around.  You're not dreary or anything.  It's just... you've seemed down more often than I've ever known you to be sad.  And I know I haven't really been there for you like I should and..."

Andrew jerked his head up.  "That's not true!"

"I've been gone or distracted a lot with school..."

"You're twenty years old, JenniAnn!  You're doing exactly what you should be doing."

"It's no excuse.  It shouldn't have taken me til this afternoon to realize... you're hurting, aren't you?  And you have been for a while."

"I'm fine, JenniAnn.  Just fine," Andrew insisted, noting the young woman looked to be about ten seconds from all out sobbing.  "You know, I'm great."  He flashed her a smile.  "Something I've been waiting for for a while has happened.  Just earlier today.  A few minutes ago.  Monica got a promotion.  She deserves it so much.  She's really grown so much.  And I'm so happy for her.  Proud of her.  I wish you could have seen how brave she was with this l-last..."  He grimaced when his voice cracked.  The angel noticed that JenniAnn was staring at him with no small amount of concern.  "Last assignment," he continued breezily.  "It's really great.  I know Monica will be a wonderful supervisor and do a lot of good wherever she goes and Tess is going to start doing some work with..."

JenniAnn gasped as the import of what her friend was *not* saying hit her.  He was being left behind.  "Oh, Andrew..."  She hugged him as fresh tears splashed down her cheeks.  "I'm so sorry."

In that moment the little bit of control Andrew had been fighting for since bidding Monica good bye in the field began to crumble.  If he wasn't going to be able to hop into the Cadillac and drive off with Monica, Tess, and Gloria for another assignment; all he had wanted was to go Home.  But he wasn't even being allowed that.  Instead the Father had dropped him in Dyeland where he was dangerously close to breaking down in front of a girl barely out of her teens who somehow knew that his heart had shattered only minutes before. 

"Isn't there some chance... I mean maybe you can still work with them?"  JenniAnn looked up hopefully, searching his face.  "Maybe tomorrow Monica and Tess'll both just show up with new proteges and you'll all go and...

The angel opened his mouth to answer her but the lump in his throat began to ache.  He shook his head.

The vestige of cheer faded from the woman's face.  "What can I do for you?"

Andrew continued to silently stare at her.  What sort of answer could he give to that?  The truthful ones wouldn't be right to say: "Promise me you won't leave me, too."  "Tell me I'll never have to say good bye to you."  "I'm not sure I can go back to working alone all the time."  That was too much to put on the shoulders of a human, especially one with her whole life ahead of her.  He wouldn't limit her in that way.  He truly was proud of Monica and he was happy for her.  Despite his pain, he saw the Father's plan.  He recognized that he had been brought into Monica's life to help her learn, to assist in guiding her down the road the Father planned for her.  In return he'd had a few wonderful years of friendship.  He'd been reunited with Tess.  He'd been blessed with the chance to see Gloria find her own place in the world, to begin her part in God's plan.  And he would be happy for JenniAnn when the time came for her to walk away from him.  He would be grateful for their memories.  He would hold tight to them when an assignment was difficult.  He couldn't ask for any more than that.

After studying her friend as he mused, JenniAnn rested her head against his overcoat.  She frowned when she felt him shiver despite their closeness and Dyeland's warm weather.

"It's nothing," Andrew assured her when she looked up at him, her eyes full of questions.  "It really was cold back there.  Residual chills, I guess."

The woman wasn't buying it.  Andrew was grieving the loss of near-daily contact with his friends and their warmth.  That could make a person feel as if ice was pouring through their veins even on the most sweltering of days.  "Residual or not... I think you're due for a coffee or tea or cocoa or something.  My treat."

Before he could answer, the angel of death noticed the fluttering of some pages just past the willow's branches.  "Don't you need to get back to your studying?"

JenniAnn had completely forgotten about Hallpike and Ortner and hair.  She stepped away and scooped up the books.  "I'll finish later.  And since you've not answered my question, we'll do it my way.  Really I'd like to get some coffee or such with you.  Please."

"But when's the paper due?"

Hands on her hips, JenniAnn glared.  "Would you just let me do this?  I promise I'm not using you as an excuse to slack off, Professor.  I have plenty of time."

Andrew inhaled deeply then smiled.  The girl was persistent and he couldn't deny the appeal of coffee and company.  "I suppose I could do with some coffee.  But maybe first..."  He glanced at JenniAnn with her flowy green linen dress that was much more suitable for Dyeland's early Spring than his own clothes.  "You know, we look like a pretty mismatched pair.  And I have enough sense to know I'm the odd one."  He grinned at her.  "I think I'd like to change first.  If that's allowed."

"Tis.  I'll wait on your porch."  Once they'd reached it, JenniAnn squeezed the angel's hand and let him go.  She stepped back a few paces and looked up to the second floor, smiling when Andrew's bedroom light at last came on.  She wondered if he felt the same relief in shedding his wintery ensemble that she did when ridding herself of clothing that had become synonymous with personal tragedy.  She doubted they'd ever see that particular coat or those gloves again.

When Andrew reappeared he was wearing jeans of a darker wash and an olive green shirt, the buttons of which had been partially left undone.  JenniAnn stifled a giggle.

"Much better," Andrew declared.  "Now how about we head on over to Monica's Ca..."

JenniAnn wrested her arm through his.  "Yes, let's get to the Cafe.  Maybe some of the others are there."  She smiled brightly at him, hoping to cheer him.  She sensed that at least for a while Monica's Cafe would simply be "the Cafe."

Andrew mirrored her smile and they walked together towards the small, brick building.

"Do you... do you want to talk about how it happened?" JenniAnn bravely offered.

Andrew shook his head.  "Not really."  But the scene was already playing in his head.  Giving Monica the watch.  Asking her to remember the good times.  Hugging her.  Pulling away.  He hadn't even had time to say anything to Gloria or Tess...

JenniAnn glanced up at the angel's clouded face.  "Okay." 

Before they entered, Andrew turned to his friend.  "It's not that I don't trust you or doubt you can handle it.  But, you know... I just can't talk about it yet.  It was beautiful and sad and everyone's going to be doing what they need to do and it's what the Father wants.  That's what's most important."

"Yes," JenniAnn agreed halfheartedly.  She couldn't quite believe that this sorrow Andrew was feeling was really what the Father wanted.  But maybe so.  Well she knew that sometimes He spoke loudest in times of pain.  The best she could do was raise her own voice in love for Andrew as he struggled.  As they stepped inside and noticed Yva and C.J. waving at them, she knew she wouldn't be alone in that.

Unseen by everyone else, Sam sat in a booth several yards from where Andrew was being hugged and fussed over by his long-deprived friends.  He felt badly for his former protege.  No one was ever replaced in Andrew's heart and Sam knew that even amidst these friends, the angel of death missed Monica, Tess, and Gloria.

"It's going to be hard for him," he mused, turning to his side.

"I know," a dark complected, bearded man assented.

Sam smiled.  "Of course."  He sighed.  "He's gotten used to working with others, Joshua."

"He'll see Monica, Tess, and Gloria again.  And when he does... their friendships will be stronger, unbreakable.  And, in the meantime, he won't be alone, Sam."

"Well, I know you'll be there.  You always are but..."

"I didn't mean just me."  Joshua smiled.  "I move in mysterious ways, you know."  His eyes twinkled beneath his thick brows.

Sam chuckled.  "It does seem I've heard that somewhere.  So do you intend to let me in on a little of this mysterious way?  Is that why I'm here now?"

"I do.  You were there from his beginning, after all."  Joshua motioned to Andrew, beaming at him. 

"I remember.  I remember watching the cascade of greens and golds and earthen tones coming together as You spoke Andrew into life. 
His birth was beautiful to behold.  Your work always is."

"Andrew was formed from the best and brightest elements of a place I created long ago.  It's always had a special place in my heart."

Sam smiled.  Everything He created had a special place in Joshua's heart.  He was near to commenting as such when he saw Joshua was still intently looking at Andrew and his friends.

"It's special to them, too," he continued without looking away.  "They call it the Fields of Gold."

The supervisor angel looked at Joshua in alarm.

Joshua laughed as he turned back to the angel.  "You look so surprised.  Sam, I have a plan for each of you.  You know that.  And my plan for Andrew... his path... his walk... it's always been bound to this place.  To these people.  He won't be alone.  They'll be with him.  Some only for a short time, others will drift in and out of his life, and still others will be with him until their last breaths.  And beyond.  There will always be people here for him.  And in these past few months our proud, strong, selfless Andrew has finally started letting them be there for him.  He's got a long way to go... you know how reticent he can be.  But he's learning and he's opening up to them.  And when Andrew's own test comes... he'll have both angels and humans on his side."

"A test?" Sam asked in alarm.

Joshua's brow furrowed.  "In time."

"But the enemy's never shown much interest in Andrew.  Even those times he's been in his presence, he focused on Monica or Tess.  I thought Andrew would be spared..."  The angel looked very grave as he stared over at the subject of their conversation.  He saw the newborn angel, full of hope that hadn't yet known sorrow and strength that hadn't met adversity. 

"He hasn't neglected Andrew for lack of interest, Sam."  Though he had been frowning, Joshua's face shone with pride when he looked again at the angel of death.  "Andrew frightens Satan.  More than most angels do.  And he doesn't like to feel fear.  It reminds him of his own powerlessness, of how trapped he's made himself."

"He doesn't stand a chance," Sam muttered as the newly created angel in his mind's eye reverted to the world-weary but unbreakable, compassionate angel of death sitting across the room.

Joshua smirked.  "Trust me.  He'll figure that one out."  He laughed as he saw Yva playfully try to hit a jesting Andrew with a chocolate covered coffee bean only to have the angel of death catch it and pop it into his mouth triumphantly. 

"When will it happen, Joshua?"

"In time," he repeated vaguely.

Sam knew he couldn't press the issue so left it alone.  "Are you going to speak to him today?  Let him know he won't be alone?"

Joshua looked again at the little group of four with a smile so tender it would have broken a mortal heart to turn away from it.  "Not like I spoke to Monica today.  But I'm in them.  They'll speak for me today.  They're who Andrew most needs to hear from right now."

The angel nodded contently and watched as his Master walked towards the table.  He stood for a few moments at the end of it. 
Briefly, he set his own hand over those of each person at the table.  Sam knew Joshua was willing words of love to the three humans and the angel of death.  After Joshua had finished, he motioned for Sam and they both disappeared as the four friends continued to joke and catch up.


After their coffee break, C.J. and Yva left for other commitments.  Andrew persuaded JenniAnn to return to her studies.  She thought he had then left for an assignment or, better yet, returned Home.  This hope was dashed, however, when JenniAnn took a break and noticed a light on in Andrew's living room.  He was home.  Something told her he was alone and not particularly happy about it.  Not knowing what else to do, she made a few sandwiches and snacks and headed towards Serendipity.  She was still some yards off when she heard the music, loud and sorrowful.  And imperfect.  It was no CD Andrew was listening to.  The angel seemed to be playing Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor and it broke JenniAnn's heart.

"Andrew!" she called from the porch.  However, her shouting was drowned out by the music and she feared that screeching or screaming would only alarm him.  She entered the house and made her way to his living room.  For a moment, she stood in the entry and only watched.  Andrew grimaced as he played and though he didn't appear to be crying it was obvious he had recently.  JenniAnn waited out the movement, not wanting to deny the angel this release.  When his hands had at last stilled, she called his name again.

Andrew spun around to face her.

"I... I tried to call for you but you didn't hear and I didn't want to interrupt and...  I brought sandwiches and chips and some macaroni salad and dessert bars."

Andrew looked tenderly at the woman holding out the basket.  It was not lost on him that she had come bearing the customary sympathy food of her Midwestern people.  He wasn't very hungry but approached and accepted the basket then hugged JenniAnn.  "Thank you."

"Are you... even close to okay?"

Andrew began to nod then found himself shaking his head instead.

"Let's sit down."  JenniAnn guided him to his couch then sat beside him, hugging his arm.

The angel remembered sitting on another couch with Monica, trying to console her.  But he'd taken a place as far from her as he could manage.  Why had he done that?  Why had he stayed so far when he suspected time with her was waning?   "It's already becoming a blur," he started, surprising JenniAnn and even himself.  "I was standing there.  It was a field near a road.  Where Tess gave Monica her first caseworking assignment."  Andrew looked out the window with a wan smile.  "I watched Gloria tell her good bye.  And then she left and for a few moments I just stared at the spot where Gloria had been.  I should have said something to her before, I guess.  I didn't realize we... we were all going our separate ways."  Andrew brushed at a tear.  "And I also... well, I was stalling.  But Tess hung back so I figured that meant it was my turn to say good bye."

JenniAnn rested her forehead against his shoulder.  "Poor love... sweet Andrew," she whispered.

He squeezed her hand.  "I knew...  I didn't know when exactly.  But I knew this was coming.  Not that way.  But I did.  So I'd decided to give M-Monica..."  Andrew took a deep, steadying breath.  "I'd decided to give her my pocket watch.  So she could remember all the good times..."

The woman closed her eyes against the scene she was imagining. 

"And I pulled her into a hug and then I knew... I knew I had to let go.  So I did.  And I told her she'd do great and... and I turned around.  And I walked away.  I-I thought maybe I'd go Home and Tess would follow and Gloria would be there already but..."

"But instead you showed up in Dyeland and I bumped into you."  JenniAnn bit her lip and sat up straight, drawing away.  He must have been so disappointed to see only her.

"I wanted to see you, too, JenniAnn.  I missed you and Yva and C.J.  Vincent, Catherine... everyone.  But my heart... my heart was so heavy and I wanted to be where... where I wouldn't feel that anymore but the Father had other ideas and right now... right now I think maybe I'm seeing why I came here."  Andrew smiled through his tears and pulled her back to him.  "You, Yva, and C.J... you have helped.  So much.  Your hugs.  Your coming here."

"But you're still so sad!" JenniAnn cried.  "It's not fair!  You deserve every happiness and..."

Andrew shook his head.  "Many people deserve happiness but still get hurt.  We all learn from the hard times, JenniAnn.  Not just humans.  And this pain that I'm feeling right now... it's taught me something.  I'm not the loner I thought I was.  Yeah, there are times I need to be alone.  Everyone needs some solitude.  Everyone needs time alone with God.  But I'm not meant to be alone as much as I thought I was."

"So you believe that's true and that God's going to have you start working alone, anyway?" the woman asked, trying to keep the edge out of her voice and regretting that she was failing.

"Sometimes.  But not always.  I know He'll provide.  He always does."  Andrew again looked out the window, to the starry sky.  His smile was less tremulous than before.

Looking at the angel, JenniAnn knew he was being truthful.  He had great faith that his Father would not let him go on alone.  But she still hated that he was alone that night, deprived of his friends and the comfort of his Home and...  She paused in her angry musings.  Andrew was very much not alone.  What if the Father had brought Andrew to Dyeland, to her, to their friends because *they* were meant to be the support and the company Monica, Tess, and Gloria had been?  Was that possible?  Even if not, the truth remained that Andrew was there and so was she.  Whatever the future brought, she could be with him in this time of trouble and grief.  But how to tell him that in a way he'd believe and not shrug off as post-adolescent idealism?  The prospect made her feel nervous and jumpy.

As Andrew sat on the couch, mentally replaying the scene in the field, JenniAnn stood up and approached his radio.  She flicked it on then played with the dial, bypassing a country ballad and a hip hop song before being stopped by a haunting melody.  She listened for a few moments then walked back to the couch.

"Dance with me?" she requested, holding her hand out to Andrew.

The angel was surprised but readily nodded. 

They swayed slowly to the music, listening to the lyrics.

We are the lucky ones
We shine like a thousand suns
When all of the color runs together
I'll keep you company
In one glorious harmony
Waltzing with destiny forever

After a few moments, JenniAnn spoke.  "I won't leave you.  I know you think I'm really young and that I'll change and leave you behind.  But... I really don't think I will.  I can't say why but... I just don't.  And I know it won't be the same but after your assignments... if you need to talk or just need company... I'll be here.  And I know our friends feel the same.  I know they do.  I mean, sure, some have drifted b-but... someone will always be here for you, Andrew.  Always."

The angel rested his chin on her hair.  "Always..." he repeated when he found the pressure in his throat had lessened considerably.

JenniAnn smiled up at him.  "Well, on this side or the Other... yes.  Always."

He returned her smile.  "Thank you."

As the song progressed, the two began to waltz properly.  They moved in elegant circles and Andrew spun his partner around.  They laughed when JenniAnn's hair whipped him in the face.

In the doorway, Joshua watched over them.  He closed his eyes, seeing another time, another dance to the same song.

Andrew sat in the Fields of Gold, gazing up at the stars and the full moon.  His face was tense, his eyes wearied.

JenniAnn, now grown into a woman in her thirties but still looking at Andrew with the same love she'd borne for so long, stepped out of a cabin.  She walked across the lawn then paused to pull a small device from her pocket.  A moment later familiar strains issued from it.  Tears trickled down her cheeks as she listened to the words and remembered the first night she had heard them.  She had felt so nervous that evening but it was nothing to the fears that gnawed at her then.

Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Turning me into the light
Time dances whirling past
I gaze through the looking glass
And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven

The angel of death turned towards the woman.  He smiled and held out his hand.

Mirroring their younger selves, they danced slowly and then warmed up to an all-out waltz.  For those precious minutes, their worries and her fears melted away.  It was only them, the music, the moon, the stars, and God until the notes died away and a chill breeze stirred.

"I don't even know what to say," JenniAnn confessed, her voice barely audible.

Andrew pulled her closer.  
"That's okay, Laja.  I know what to say.  Because it's a lot like something you told me years ago, after Monica got promoted.  So here it is: I won't leave you.  I know tomorrow will bring trouble and things... they might look bleak for a while.  And I know you're worried that something might happen that would make me leave here.  But... I really don't think I will.  You know, I *know* I won't.  I'll be here.  I'll be here for you.  Always."

"Always..." JenniAnn echoed.

The angel stroked her hair.  "I know what you can say to me."

JenniAnn stepped away just enough to look into his eyes.  "What is that?"

"Say you'll meet me Saturday for breakfast. Under the willow tree.  Red velvet cupcakes?"

Laughing even as she wept, JenniAnn nodded.  "The willow tree, Saturday, I'll bring the cupcakes."  With a sigh, she nuzzled his shoulder.  "I love you, Andrew."

"I love you, too, Laja."

"We'll pray for you.  All of us."

"Thank you," the angel of death said quietly before kissing her hair and preparing to let her go.

Joshua opened his eyes, lovingly watching the two dancing around the living room.  Now they were laughing near constantly.  He smiled.  Even if he hadn't already known what the future would bring, even if he hadn't known how that fateful Friday years into the future would end... he would surmise that Andrew would triumph.  Love always did.  Andrew loved so greatly and was so greatly loved that no other result was possible.  When the day came for Andrew to meet JenniAnn beneath the willow tree, she would not wait for him alone.  The yard surrounding her would be filled with those who loved Andrew... each with a cupcake, each waiting for a hug.  Monica would glance at her pocket watch... his pocket watch... and remember the good times they had together.  And
with the sound of his footfalls would come the promise of more good times for them all. 

The End

The song lyrics are from "Dark Waltz" from Hayley Westenra's CD Pure.  After writing this, I realized that CD wasn't released until 2004.  Oops.  I spose it's still possible singles from it got radio play in 2003, when JenniAnn tuned into it.  However, I'm also content to cover my lil mistake by saying it was a "God thing."  If God wanted Andrew and LJA to hear that song then, the matter of time wouldn't stop Him.  ;-)

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