JABB’s Official Graffiti Wall

A former JABB member, Doc/Karen, and I once discussed how fun it would be to go around town spray painting Andrew themed messages on buildings. However, law-abiding people that we are, we didn’t feel right doing that. Instead, I made this virtual graffiti wall. You can look at the wall here:

JABB’s Official Graffiti Wall

Want to add a message to the wall?  Email Jenni.
Be sure to include what the message should state and what color of “paint” you’d like used. :-)

Also, please remember this site is accessible to people of all ages. So please keep that in mind and make sure the "graffiti" is appropriate. Goofy? Sure! But appropriate. Don't wanna embarrass Andrew *too* much. :-)

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(Photo Credits: The photograph used on this page is from Touched by an Angel and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  It is not being used to seek profit.)