1. What is JABB?

JABB was started by Audrey, Barbara, Jarrod, and Jenni one night after a TBAA fan chat.  It's purpose was to "help" Andrew/John Dye fans get over their obsession.  Up until June of 2004, Audrey and Jenni served as co-presidents of the group, sending out newsletters every two weeks, and moderating the now-defunct JABB YahooGroup.  The newsletter is a collection of poems, stories, jokes, games, quizzes, etc. concerning John Dye's work, his fans, or any of his characters (mostly Andrew).  Currently, JABB is run by Jenni and whomever is willing to help!  We remain simply a group of fans who enjoy discussing John Dye's work, life in general, and just enjoying an often light-hearted look at the whole fandom experience.  Welcome Newbies! also has some info on JABB's history.

2. How do I join?

Send an email requesting to receive the newsletter to JenniShould you decide to leave JABB, please email Jenni.

3. How can I meet other fans?

Unfortunately, many TBAA communities on the web have closed or seen a decrease in activity.  Then in 2021, Yahoo shuttered YahooGroups where most of them had been hosted.  JABB still maintains a GoogleGroup and you're welcome to join.  Just contact Jenni at the link above.  Mostly, it's just a daily TBAA quote but discussion is always welcome!

4. Did you know John Dye or was he ever active on JABB?

No, we never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dye and are not even sure if he knew JABB existed.  We hope now he knows just how greatly his work and life were appreciated.

5. What can you tell me about Mr. Dye's life and his death?

JABB has always respected John Dye's privacy and the privacy of his family.  We didn't get any inside info when he was on earth and all we can tell you about his passing is that we were heartbroken and followed the official news sites like everyone else.  At the time of this writing, we do have some articles and remembrances listed on JABB News and Reminders.  Should there be news about DVD releases of Mr. Dye's work, we will mention it there also.

6. Are you guys for real?

Yes.  We are not figments of your imagination. :-)  But I think what this question means is: how much of what you say in JABB is legit?  Answer: not all of it.  Like anything comedic we exaggerate or even outright lie.  We admire Mr. Dye's work but absolutely never attempted to find him nor would we have pestered him with the sometimes over-the-top behavior our fictional counterparts direct towards Andrew.  That being said...  Some of the stuff we say we do, we really do! It's up to you to guess which is which!

7. What the heck is Dyeland?

Like much of JABB, it was a casual joke made by someone that ended up really taking off.  So we made a map and our characters carry on their lives in the stories that make up some of the JABB newsletters and the Author's Cut.  A bit of make-believe for the kids we still are at heart!  Although sometimes (increasingly often) Dyeland can get really serious...  Sigh...  We love Andrew.  In a lot of ways, the Dyeland stories are meant to be a fanfic spin-off of TBAA.

8. Do people really live in Dyeland?

In their day dreams, maybe. :-)  Dyeland is not a physical place.  That we know of, anyway!  We're not geography majors by any means and suppose there could actually be a place called Dyeland out there!  But if the Dyeland we write about existed we'd have immigrated by now!

9. What is a democratic presidentialprincessdom?

That was the term we used for Dyeland's system of governance.  In the beginning, Audrey and JenniAnn were princesses.  But then we got bored and had a fake election where Andrew got elected as president of Dyeland.  But then a few years later JenniAnn decided she didn't want to be a princess and Andrew resigned as president.  So properly speaking, Dyeland would currently be a chaotic resignedpresidentialprincessladydom which I think we all agree is simply ridiculous.  So really, at this point, we have no idea how Dyeland is ruled.  By council apparently but that's never really elaborated on.  Thank goodness it's not real!  Okay, not really...  I wish Dyeland were real no matter its lacking a system of governance!

10. How can I become President of Dyeland?

Haha.  Ambitious, ain't ya?  First ya gotta find it I suppose!

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